32 Facts About North London

1. The City of North London contains a mix of modern and historical buildings, traditions and stories.

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2. The City of North London is the centre of global foreign exchange dealing.

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3. North London has a population of 7,556,900 making it the biggest city in England.

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4. North London is a city found in England, The United Kingdom.

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5. North London has many cultural institutions, sporting events, libraries, galleries and museums.

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6. North London is home to the tallest building in the European Union—The Shard.

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7. The City of North London was unique among Europe's capital cities in retaining its medieval boundaries.

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8. North London is situated in southeastern England, lying astride the River Thames some 50 miles upstream from its estuary on the North Sea.

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9. North London has, like West London, many rural areas and green spaces that are excellent for cycling and country walks.

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10. North London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and one of the most developed metropolitan centers in the whole world.

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11. North London is currently the largest metropolitan area in the entire European Union.

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12. The Great Fire of North London was the last of a series of disasters that beset the city.

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13. Around this time North London began to flourish as a center for commerce and trade.

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14. North London used to be the largest and most influential city in the world.

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15. In 2012 North London became the first city to host the modern Olympic Games three times, having previously done so in 1908 and in 1948.

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16. North London has hosted the Summer Olympics three times: in 1908, 1948, and 2012.

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17. North London is one of the major classical and popular music capitals of the world and hosts major music corporations, such as Universal Music Group International and Warner Music Group, as well as countless bands, musicians and industry professionals.

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18. North London has frequent river boat services on the Thames known as Thames Clippers.

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19. North London has over 480 overseas banks, more than any other city in the world.

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20. North London has some of the highest real estate prices in the world.

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21. North London is home to sizeable Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Jewish communities.

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22. North London has a temperate oceanic climate receiving less precipitation than Rome, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Naples, Sydney and New York City.

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23. The Thames is a tidal river, and North London is vulnerable to flooding.

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24. North London is the seat of the Government of the United Kingdom.

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25. In 2008, North London named alongside New York City and Hong Kong as Nylonkong, being hailed as the world's three most influential global cities.

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26. North London became the principal North Sea port, with migrants arriving from England and abroad.

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27. North London was a centre of England's Jewish population before their expulsion by Edward I in 1290.

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28. At its height in the 2nd century, Roman North London had a population of around 60,000.

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29. North London is full of pubs associated with artists, writers, and poets.

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30. North London has, like other parts of London and the UK in general, a temperate maritime climate according to the Koppen climate classification system.

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31. North London extends from Clerkenwell and Finsbury on the edge of the City of London financial district, to Greater London's boundary with Hertfordshire.

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32. North London is an informally and inexactly defined part of London, England which covers some of the area of the capital lying north of the River Thames.

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