74 Facts About James Wilson

1. James Wilson was back in action after playing two games Friday, an afternoon game in the SJIT and then a DCIAA game against Dunbar, which it won, with an immediate return to Hagerstown and their hotel.

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2. James Wilson had 14 points, JaMier Fletcher scored 12 and Roesing and Gordan had 11 each.

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3. James Wilson held a big margin at the foul line, going 15 for 21 while National was 3 for 8.

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4. James Wilson was the fourth of the seven children of Alison Landall and William Wilson, a Presbyterian farming family.

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5. James Wilson emigrated from Scotland in the mid 1760s, studied law, and quickly gained prominence and success in Philadelphia.

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6. James Wilson was buried in the Johnston cemetery on Hayes Plantation near Edenton, but was reinterred in 1906 at Christ Churchyard, Philadelphia.

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7. James Wilson was again briefly imprisoned, but continued his duties on the Federal judicial circuit.

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8. James Wilson became the first professor of law at the College of Philadelphia in 1790—only the second at any academic institution in the United States—in which he mostly ignored the practical matters of legal training.

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9. James Wilson understood clearly the central problem of dual sovereignty and held a vision of an almost limitless future for the United States.

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10. James Wilson proposed the Three-Fifths Compromise at the convention, which made only three-fifths of the South's slave population total to be counted for purposes of distributing taxes and apportioning representation in the House and Electoral College.

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11. James Wilson wanted senators and the president to be popularly elected.

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12. James Wilson became involved with the Illinois-Wabash Company during the War for Independence and was made its president in 1780.

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13. James Wilson attained the bar in Philadelphia in 1767, and established a practice in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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14. James Wilson studied at the Universities of St Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh, but never obtained a degree.

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15. James Wilson became a professor of law at the College of Philadelphia.

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16. James Wilson played a major role in drafting the 1790 Pennsylvania Constitution.

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17. James Wilson put the first Jewish justice on the Supreme Court.

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18. James Wilson faced off against competitor George Brown for the top slot.

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19. James Wilson made his debut in parliament at the age of 29 as the representative of Ormskirk.

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20. In some ways James Wilson was the first sociologist of American law; his legacy lingers in his admonition to view law as a system of social adaptation.

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21. In the end, the real wealth and fame that James Wilson sought eluded him.

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22. James Wilson confronted financial ruin and, even more tragically for a judge, arrest and imprisonment.

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23. James Wilson seemed a likely possibility, but because of his preoccupation with land and business ventures, Washington ultimately turned to Oliver Ellsworth, a Connecticut Federalist, a member of the Philadelphia Convention, and the principal framer of the Judiciary Act of 1789.

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24. James Wilson was vain enough to believe that of the members of the Court, he was the one best versed in the law.

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25. James Wilson wanted to be Chief Justice, a position that he believed he had earned for his resolute support of the new national government.

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26. James Wilson argued strongly in the Lectures for the importance of federal judicial review.

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27. James Wilson agreed with Locke that the consent of the people was essential to create and maintain the state.

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28. At the same time, James Wilson was busy becoming a justice of the Supreme Court and managing his increasingly chaotic business affairs.

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29. James Wilson used his university position to deliver his Lectures on Law.

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30. At the same time James Wilson agreed to give a series of law lectures at the College of Philadelphia.

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31. James Wilson advocated for federalism and the related concept of dual sovereignty.

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32. James Wilson took the young boy with him as he went about Philadelphia doing business and conferring on matters of politics and law.

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33. James Wilson was a dominant figure in the founding of the American nation, not just in politics and law, but in personal ambition.

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34. James Wilson was briefly imprisoned for a small debt in Burlington, New Jersey.

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35. James Wilson was elected twice to the Continental Congress, and was a major force in drafting the United States Constitution.

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36. James Wilson was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence.

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37. James Wilson believed that good government could be secured through a separation of powers.

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38. James Wilson is well known for his focus on Shaun from the Deceased, The Lovely Bone fragments (2009) and Beneath the Skin (2013).

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39. James Wilson helped to draft the US Constitution during the Constitutional Convention in 1787, and then he led the fight for ratification in Pennsylvania.

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40. James Wilson was born on Sept 14, 1742, in Fife, Scotland, and studied at Scottish universities before immigrating to America in 1765.

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41. James Wilson wrote to President Washington asking him to appoint him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but Washington instead appointed him an Associate Justice in 1791.

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42. James Wilson went down fighting, maintaining that equality in the Senate was a fundamental and a perpetual error.

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43. James Wilson was opposed to the Pennsylvania constitution because of its provision for a unicameral legislature, and because of this was removed from Congress in 1777.

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44. James Wilson served on the United States Supreme Court from 1789 to 1798.

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45. James Wilson was one of the main political economists at the Constitutional Convention.

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46. James Wilson continued to practice law, and was France's lawyer in the US.

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47. James Wilson was born in Scotland, but lived most of his life in Pennsylvania.

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48. James Wilson was elected two times to the Continental Congress, and was a major force in drafting the United States Constitution.

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49. James Wilson was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

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50. James Wilson sought the office of chief justice of the United States in 1789, writing to President George Washington to apply for the position.

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51. James Wilson modeled Pennsylvania's state constitution of 1790, which he largely wrote, on the federal constitution.

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52. James Wilson sought a strong central government that could promote national economic development.

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53. James Wilson borrowed heavily from the bank to finance his other investments, particularly in land.

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54. In the last years of the Revolution, James Wilson took part in many speculative schemes, and he became legal adviser to Robert Morris in the formation of the Bank of America in 1780.

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55. James Wilson compounded this negative image by defending Loyalists in court.

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56. James Wilson wrote a number of pamphlets, addresses, treatises, and lectures on law.

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57. James Wilson is especially known for his part in the Constitutional Convention of 1787, where he was a proponent of a strong executive.

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58. James Wilson enjoyed the thrill of speculation but was ultimately unsuccessful at it.

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59. James Wilson started his patriotic career in 1774 as head of the Carlisle Committee of Correspondence.

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60. James Wilson was born on Sept 14, 1742, on a farm in Fifeshire, Scotland.

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61. James Wilson was a patriot leader during the American Revolution and an influential delegate at the Federal Convention of 1787.

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62. James Wilson served on the Supreme Court from 1789 to 1798, but the latter years of his life ended in disgrace.

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63. At the Constitutional Convention of 1787 James Wilson tried to make these ideas the intellectual framework for the Constitution.

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64. James Wilson stars in the Hotwives series, a Hulu original comedy, taking place in a different city each season.

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65. James Wilson is a former county sheriff in Williamson County, Texas.

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66. James Wilson was banned by the NHL Department of Player Safety for a hit to the head on St Louis Blues forward Oskar Sundqvist during a preseason game played on Sept 30.

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67. James Wilson played right wing on the first line with captain Alex Ovechkin and center Evgeny Kuznetsov.

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68. James Wilson picked up a goaltender interference penalty while scoring a goal, a rare combination.

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69. In 2007, James Wilson opened City House in Germantown, way before that area was hip.

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70. James Wilson will be playing the role of The Old Gumbie Cat, Jennyanydots.

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71. James Wilson is joining a wide cast of A-listers in Tom Hooper's version of the West End classic, which will feature Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and James Corden among others.

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72. James Wilson was a delegate to the 1787 Philadelphia Convention, and served on the Committee of Detail, which produced the first draft of the United States Constitution.

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73. James Wilson was elected twice to the Continental Congress, where he represented Pennsylvania, and was a major force in drafting the United States Constitution.

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74. James Wilson was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

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