47 Facts About Representative Ron Paul

1. Representative Ron Paul came in fifth at the Iowa caucus on January 3, 2018, with approximately 10 percent of the vote, beating out the better-known Rudy Giuliani.

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2. Representative Ron Paul received one electoral vote from a Texas faithless elector, South Texas College political science professor William Greene, in the 2016 presidential election, making Paul the oldest person ever to receive an electoral vote.

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3. Representative Ron Paul endorsed his son, Senator Rand Representative Ron Paul, in the Republican primary and campaigned for him in Iowa.

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4. Representative Ron Paul continued to say it will be produced out of Texas, instead of California.

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5. On March 28, 2017, Representative Ron Paul predicted the markets would lower during the year and said President Trump had taken a risk with crediting himself for the postelection market surge, reasoning Washington was still predominantly unchanged.

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6. In June 2013, Representative Ron Paul criticized the NSA surveillance program and praised Edward Snowden for having performed a "great service to the American people by exposing the truth about what our government is doing in secret".

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7. Representative Ron Paul was critical of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, arguing that it sanctioned federal interference in the labor market and did not improve race relations.

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8. Representative Ron Paul has sought to repeal the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, known as the Motor Voter law.

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9. Representative Ron Paul is an outspoken proponent of increased ballot access for third-party candidates.

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10. Representative Ron Paul has consistently warned of hyperinflation and called for the gold standard as far back as 1981.

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11. Representative Ron Paul has pledged never to raise taxes and states he has never voted to approve a budget deficit.

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12. Representative Ron Paul is a proponent of Austrian School economics; he has authored six books on the subject, and displays pictures of Austrian School economists Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, and Ludwig von Mises on his office wall.

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13. Representative Ron Paul refused to endorse the Republican Party's nominee for president, John McCain, and lent his support to third-party candidates instead.

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14. Representative Ron Paul starts wars, breaks the law, supplies terrorists with guns made at taxpayers' expense and lies about it to the American people.

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15. Representative Ron Paul was one of the first elected officials in the nation to support Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign, and he actively campaigned for Reagan in 1976 and 1980.

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16. Representative Ron Paul said that there was no essential difference between Romney and his Democratic opponent, President Obama, on the most critical policies: "I've been in this business a long time and believe me there is essentially no difference from one administration to another no matter what the platforms.

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17. Representative Ron Paul declined to speak at the Republican National Convention as a matter of principle, saying that the convention planners had demanded that his remarks be vetted by the Romney campaign and that he make an unqualified endorsement of Romney.

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18. Representative Ron Paul's results then declined, despite the withdrawal of candidates Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry.

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19. Out of a turnout of 121,503 votes, Representative Ron Paul took 26,036 of the certified votes.

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20. Representative Ron Paul came in third in the Iowa Republican Caucus held on January 3, 2012.

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21. Representative Ron Paul participated in the first Republican presidential debate on May 5, 2011 and on May 13, 2011, Paul formally announced his candidacy in an interview on ABC's Good Morning America.

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22. Representative Ron Paul won several early straw polls for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination and in late April 2011, he formed an official exploratory committee.

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23. Representative Ron Paul said that each of them had pledged to adhere to a policy of balancing budgets, bringing the troops home, defending privacy and personal liberties, and investigating the Federal Reserve.

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24. On June 12, 2008, Representative Ron Paul finally withdrew his bid for the Republican nomination.

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25. Representative Ron Paul is an initiating member of the Congressional Rural Caucus, which deals with agricultural and rural issues, and the 140-member Congressional Wildlife Refuge Caucus.

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26. Representative Ron Paul was honorary chairman of, and is a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a political action committee that describes its goal as electing "liberty-minded, limited-government individuals".

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27. On July 12, 2011, Representative Ron Paul announced that he would not seek re-election to the House in order to pursue the 2012 presidential election.

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28. In 1998 and 2000, Representative Ron Paul defeated Loy Sneary, a Democratic Bay City, Texas, rice farmer and former Matagorda County judge.

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29. Representative Ron Paul said, "We're just as interested in the future generation as this election.

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30. Representative Ron Paul left the Republican Party in 1987 and launched a bid for the presidency running on the Libertarian Party ticket.

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31. Representative Ron Paul worked with his Foundation for Rational Economics and Education on such projects as establishing the National Endowment for Liberty, producing the At Issue public policy series that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel and CNBC, and continuing publication of newsletters.

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32. Representative Ron Paul spoke multiple times at the American Numismatic Association's 1988 convention.

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33. Representative Ron Paul proposed term-limit legislation multiple times, while himself serving four terms in the House of Representatives.

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34. In 1984, Representative Ron Paul became the first chairman of the Citizens for a Sound Economy, a conservative political group founded by Charles and David Koch "to fight for less government, lower taxes, and less regulation.

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35. Representative Ron Paul spoke against the reinstatement of registration for the military draft in 1980, in opposition to President Jimmy Carter and the majority of his fellow Republican members of Congress.

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36. Representative Ron Paul came to know economists Hans Sennholz and Murray Rothbard well, and credits his interest in the study of economics to them.

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37. Representative Ron Paul served as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force from 1963 to 1965 and then in the United States Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968.

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38. Representative Ron Paul earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Duke University's School of Medicine in 1961, and completed his medical internship at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh.

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39. Representative Ron Paul received one electoral vote from a Texas faithless elector in the 2016 presidential election, making him the oldest person to receive an electoral vote, as well as the second registered Libertarian presidential candidate in history to receive an Electoral College vote after John Hospers.

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40. In January 2013, Representative Ron Paul retired from Congress but still remains active on college campuses, giving speeches promoting his libertarian vision.

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41. At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Representative Ron Paul received 190 delegate votes.

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42. On May 14, 2012, Representative Ron Paul announced that he would not be competing in any other presidential primaries but that he would still compete for delegates in states where the primary elections have already been held.

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43. On July 12, 2011, Representative Ron Paul announced that he would forgo seeking another term in Congress in order to focus on his presidential bid.

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44. Representative Ron Paul is a Senior Fellow of the Mises Institute, and has published a number of books and promoted the ideas of economists of the Austrian School such as Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises during his political campaigns.

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45. Representative Ron Paul became the first Representative in history to serve concurrently with a son or daughter in the Senate when his son, Rand Paul, was elected to the US Senate from Kentucky in 2010.

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46. Representative Ron Paul served as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force from 1963 to 1968, and worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist from the 1960s to the 1980s.

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47. Representative Ron Paul is a critic of the federal government's fiscal policies, especially the existence of the Federal Reserve and the tax policy, as well as the military–industrial complex, and the War on Drugs.

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