202 Facts About Trump administration


Trump administration made an unprecedented number of false or misleading statements during his campaign and presidency.

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Trump administration's presidency ended with defeat in the 2020 presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden after one term in office.

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Trump administration was unsuccessful in his efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act but took measures to hinder its functioning and rescinded the individual mandate.

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Trump administration sought substantial spending cuts to major welfare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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Trump administration signed the Great American Outdoors Act, reversed numerous environmental regulations, and withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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Trump administration signed criminal justice reform through the First Step Act and appointed Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

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Trump administration enacted tariffs, triggering retaliatory tariffs from China, Canada, Mexico, and the EU.

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Trump administration withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations and signed the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement, a successor agreement to NAFTA.

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Trump administration implemented a controversial family separation policy for migrants apprehended at the U S –Mexico border.

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Trump administration deployed federal law enforcement forces in response to the racial unrest in 2020.

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The administration implemented a major arms sale to Saudi Arabia; denied citizens from several Muslim-majority countries entry into the U S; recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; and brokered the Abraham Accords, a series of normalization agreements between Israel and various Arab states.

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Trump administration's administration withdrew U S troops from northern Syria, allowing Turkey to occupy the area.

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Trump administration's administration made a conditional deal with the Taliban to withdraw U S troops from Afghanistan in 2021.

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Trump administration reacted slowly to the COVID-19 pandemic, ignored or contradicted many recommendations from health officials in his messaging, and promoted misinformation about unproven treatments and the availability of testing.

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Trump administration had historically low approval ratings, and scholars and historians rank his presidency as one of the worst in American history.

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Trump administration won 304 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 227, though Clinton won a plurality of the popular vote, receiving nearly 2.

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Trump administration thus became the fifth person to win the presidency while losing the popular vote.

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Trump administration was characterized by record turnover, particularly among White House staff.

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The Trump administration had a higher turnover rate in the first two and a half years than the five previous presidents did over their entire terms.

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Trump administration brought on board politicians who had opposed him during the presidential campaign, such as neurosurgeon Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations.

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Days after the presidential election, Trump administration selected RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff.

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In February 2017, Trump administration formally announced his cabinet structure, elevating the Director of National Intelligence and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency to cabinet level.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired via a tweet in March 2018; Trump administration appointed Mike Pompeo to replace Tillerson and Gina Haspel to succeed Pompeo as the Director of the CIA.

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In Comey's memo about a February 2017 meeting with Trump administration, Comey said Trump administration attempted to persuade him to abort the investigation into Flynn.

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Trump administration ultimately appointed 226 Article III federal judges and 260 federal judges in total.

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Trump administration made three nominations to the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett:.

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Trump administration reportedly eschewed reading detailed briefing documents, including the President's Daily Brief, in favor of receiving oral briefings.

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Trump administration reportedly expressed anger if intelligence analyses contradicted his beliefs or public statements, with two briefers stating they had been instructed by superiors to not provide Trump administration with information that contradicted his public statements.

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Trump administration had reportedly fostered chaos as a management technique, resulting in low morale and policy confusion among his staff.

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The most common false or misleading claims by Trump involved the economy and jobs, his border wall proposal, and his tax legislation; he had made false statements regarding prior administrations as well as other topics, including crime, terrorism, immigration, Russia and the Mueller probe, the Ukraine probe, immigration, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Senior Trump administration officials had regularly given false, misleading, or tortured statements to the news media, which made it difficult for the news media to take official statements seriously.

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Many prominent Republicans have expressed similar concerns that Trump administration's perceived disregard for the rule of law betrayed conservative principles.

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Trump administration persistently repeated a variety of allegations, at least some of which had already been investigated or debunked.

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In spring 2018, Trump administration told White House counsel Don McGahn he wanted to order the Department of Justice to prosecute Clinton and Comey, but McGahn advised Trump administration such action would constitute abuse of power and invite possible impeachment.

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Trump administration's senior adviser Kellyanne Conway then defended Spicer when asked about the falsehood, saying it was an "alternative fact, " not a falsehood.

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Trump administration frequently criticized right-wing media outlet Fox News for being insufficiently supportive of him, threatening to lend his support for alternatives to Fox News on the right.

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In October 2018, Trump praised U S Representative Greg Gianforte for assaulting political reporter Ben Jacobs in 2017.

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Trump administration continued his use of Twitter following the presidential campaign.

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Trump administration continued to personally tweet from @realDonaldTrump, his personal account, while his staff tweet on his behalf using the official @POTUS account.

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Trump administration's tweets have been reported as ill-considered, impulsive, vengeful, and bullying, often being made late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

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Trump administration has used Twitter to threaten and intimidate his political opponents and potential political allies needed to pass bills.

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In February 2020, Trump administration tweeted criticism of the prosecutors' proposed sentence for Trump administration's former aide Roger Stone.

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Trump administration announced in his final tweet before the suspension that he would not attend the inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Trump administration provided farmers $12billion in direct payments in July 2018 to mitigate the negative impacts of his tariffs, increasing the payments by $14.

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Trump administration reversed a ban on providing federal military equipment to local police departments and reinstated the use of civil asset forfeiture.

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The Trump administration stated that it would no longer investigate police departments and publicize their shortcomings in reports, a policy previously enacted under the Obama Trump administration.

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Later, Trump falsely claimed that the Obama administration never tried to reform the police.

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Trump administration appeared to advocate police brutality in a July 2017 speech to police officers, prompting criticism from law enforcement agencies.

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In 2020, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice criticized the Trump administration for reducing police oversight and eroding public confidence in law enforcement.

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In December 2018, Trump administration signed the First Step Act, a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill which sought to rehabilitate prisoners and reduce recidivism, notably by expanding job training and early-release programs, and lowering mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

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Trump administration's proposed 2020 budget underfunded the new law; the law mandated $75million annually for five years, but Trump administration's budget proposed only $14million.

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Trump administration circumvented the typical clemency process, taking no action on more than ten thousand pending applications, using the pardon power primarily on "public figures whose cases resonated with him given his own grievances with investigators".

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Trump administration signed into law $15billion in relief for Harvey and Irma, and later $18.

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The Trump administration came under criticism for its delayed response to the humanitarian crisis on Puerto Rico.

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Politicians of both parties had called for immediate aid for Puerto Rico, and criticized Trump administration for focusing on a feud with the National Football League instead.

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Trump administration did not comment on Puerto Rico for several days while the crisis was unfolding.

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Trump administration falsely claimed the official death rate was wrong, and said the Democrats were trying to make him "look as bad as possible".

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Trump administration primarily stuck to or intensified traditional Republican economic policy positions that benefitted corporate interests or the affluent, with the exception of his trade protectionist policies.

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One of Trump's first actions was to indefinitely suspend a cut in fee rates for federally-insured mortgages implemented by the Obama administration which saved individuals with lower credit scores around $500 per year on a typical loan.

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Trump administration sought to compel power grid operators to buy coal and nuclear energy, and sought tariffs on metals to protect domestic metal producers.

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Trump administration publicly attacked Boeing and Lockheed Martin, sending their stocks tumbling.

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Trump administration repeatedly singled out Amazon for criticism and advocated steps that would harm the company, such as ending an arrangement between Amazon and the United States Postal Service and raising taxes on Amazon.

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Trump administration campaign ran on a policy of reducing America's trade deficit, particularly with China.

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In September 2017, Trump administration proposed the most sweeping federal tax overhaul in many years.

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In separate moves, the Trump administration has set and escalated tariffs on goods imported from China, leading to a trade war.

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Trump administration provided $28 billion in cash aid to farmers affected by the trade war.

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That same day, the Trump administration formally initiated the process to seek congressional approval of USMCA.

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Trump administration incorrectly asserted the deal was flawed because it contained a "back door" that would allow China to enter the agreement later.

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Trump administration announced the American withdrawal from the deal days after taking office.

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In 2017, Trump revoked an Obama administration memo which provided protections for people in default on student loans.

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The Trump administration rescinded a regulation restricting federal funding to for-profit colleges unable to demonstrate that college graduates had a reasonable debt-to-earnings ratio after entering the job market.

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Seth Frotman, the CFPB student loan ombudsman, resigned, accusing the Trump administration of undermining the CFPB's work on protecting student borrowers.

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The Trump administration reversed standards put in place to make commonly used lightbulbs more energy-efficient.

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Trump administration rescinded a rule requiring oil, gas and mining firms to disclose how much they paid foreign governments, and withdrew from the international Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative which required disclosure of payments by oil, gas and mining companies to governments.

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In 2017, Trump administration ordered the reversal of an Obama-era ban on new oil and gas leasing in the Arctic Ocean and environmentally sensitive areas of the North Atlantic coast, in the Outer Continental Shelf.

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Trump administration's order was halted by a federal court, which ruled in 2019 that it unlawfully exceeded his authority.

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Trump administration revoked the 2016 Well Control Rule, a safety regulation adopted after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill; this action is the subject of legal challenges from environmental groups.

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In January 2018, the Trump administration singled out Florida for exemption from the Trump administration's offshore drilling plan.

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The move raised ethical questions about the appearance of "transactional favoritism" because Trump administration owns a coastal resort in Florida, and because of the state's status as a crucial "swing state" in the 2020 presidential election.

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Analyses of EPA enforcement data showed that the Trump administration brought fewer cases against polluters, sought a lower total of civil penalties and made fewer requests of companies to retrofit facilities to curb pollution than the Obama and Bush administrations.

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In June 2017, Trump announced U S withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, a 2015 climate change accord reached by 200 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

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Trump administration ordered reviews and possibly modifications to several directives, such as the Clean Power Plan, the estimate for the "social cost of carbon" emissions, carbon dioxide emission standards for new coal plants, methane emissions standards from oil and natural gas extraction, as well as any regulations inhibiting domestic energy production.

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The Trump administration rolled back regulations requiring the federal government to account for climate change and sea-level rise when building infrastructure.

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The Trump administration refused to act on recommendations from EPA scientists urging greater regulation of particulate pollution.

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The Trump administration scaled back the ban on the use of the solvent methylene chloride, and lifted a rule requiring major farms to report pollution emitted through animal waste.

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The Trump administration has actively discouraged local governments and businesses from undertaking preservation efforts.

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In 2019, the Trump administration sped up the process for environmental reviews for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic; experts said the speeding up made reviews less comprehensive and reliable.

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In July 2020, Trump administration moved to weaken the National Environmental Policy Act by limiting public review to speed up permitting.

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In early 2017, Trump administration signed an executive order directing federal agencies to slash two existing regulations for every new one .

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The Trump administration OMB released an analysis in February 2018 indicating the economic benefits of regulations significantly outweigh the economic costs.

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The Trump administration ordered one-third of government advisory committees for federal agencies eliminated, except for committees that evaluate consumer product safety or committees that approve research grants.

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Trump administration ordered a four-month government-wide hiring freeze of the civilian work force at the start of his term.

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The administration ended U S involvement in the UN Arms Trade Treaty to curb the international trade of conventional arms with countries having poor human rights records.

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On taking office, Trump administration promised to pass a healthcare bill that would cover everyone and result in better and less expensive insurance.

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The Trump administration later sided with a lawsuit to overturn the ACA, including protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

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The Trump administration made it easier for businesses to use health insurance plans not covered by several of the ACA's protections, including for preexisting conditions, and allowed organizations not to cover birth control.

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In justifying the action, the Trump administration made false claims about the health harms of contraceptives.

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The Trump administration reduced enforcement of penalties against nursing homes that harm residents.

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Trump administration reinstated the Mexico City policy prohibiting funding to foreign non-governmental organizations that perform abortions as a method of family planning in other countries.

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The Trump administration implemented a policy restricting taxpayer dollars given to family planning facilities that mention abortion to patients, provide abortion referrals, or share space with abortion providers.

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In 2018, the Trump administration prohibited scientists at the National Institutes of Health from acquiring new fetal tissue for research, and a year later stopped all medical research by government scientists that used fetal tissue.

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In October 2017, the Trump administration declared a 90-day public health emergency over the opioid epidemic and pledged to urgently mobilize the federal government in response to the crisis.

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In 2018, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration reorganized the Global Health Security and Biodefense unit at the NSC by merging it with other related units.

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Two months prior to the outbreak in Wuhan China, the Trump Administration had cut nearly $200 million in funding to Chinese research scientists studying animal coronaviruses.

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The Trump administration ignored detailed plans on how to mass-produce protective respirator masks under a program that had been launched by the Obama administration to alleviate a mask shortage for a future pandemic.

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From January to mid-March 2020, Trump administration consistently downplayed the threat posed by COVID-19 to the United States, giving many optimistic public statements.

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Trump administration accused Democrats and media outlets of exaggerating the seriousness of the situation, describing Democrats' criticism of his administration's response as a "hoax".

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Trump administration praised and encouraged protesters who violated stay-at-home orders in Democratic states, as well as praised Republican governors who violated the White House's own COVID-19 guidelines regarding re-opening their economies.

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Previously, in late January 2020, the administration banned travel to the U S from China; prior to the decision, major U S carriers had already announced that they would no longer fly to and from China.

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Trump administration called the IG's report "just wrong", and subsequently Trump administration replaced the Inspector General.

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In May 2020, five months into the pandemic, Trump announced that the U S would withdraw from the WHO.

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In October 2020, after a superspreader event at the White House, Trump administration announced that he and Melania Trump administration had tested positive for COVID-19 and would begin quarantining at the White House.

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Trump administration was criticized for leaving his hospital room at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to go on a joyride to greet his supporters, thus exposing United States Secret Service agents to the disease.

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Trump administration has repeatedly characterized illegal immigrants as criminals, although multiple studies have found they have lower crime and incarceration rates than native-born Americans.

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The administration made it harder non-citizens who served in the military to receive necessary paperwork to pursue U S citizenship.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,919

The Trump administration increased fees for citizen applications, as well as caused delays in the processing of citizen applications.

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In January 2018, Trump administration was widely criticized after referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations in general as "shithole countries" at a bipartisan meeting on immigration.

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In January 2018, the Trump administration proposed spending $18billion over the next ten years on the wall, more than half of the $33billion spending blueprint for border security.

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In July 2019, the Supreme Court in Department of Commerce v New York blocked the administration from including the citizenship question on the census form.

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In May 2018, the Trump administration announced it would separate children from parents caught unlawfully crossing the southern border into the United States.

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Later that month, Trump falsely accused Democrats of creating that policy, despite it originating from his own administration, and urged Congress to "get together" and pass an immigration bill.

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The Trump administration has refused to provide funds to cover the expenses of reuniting families, and volunteer organizations continue to provide both volunteers and funding.

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The Trump administration refused to pay for mental health services for the families and orphaned children traumatized by the separations.

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In January 2017, Trump administration signed an executive order which indefinitely suspended admission of asylum seekers fleeing the Syrian Civil War, suspended admission of all other refugees for 120 days, and denied entry to citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days.

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Later, the Trump administration seemed to reverse a portion of part of the order, effectively exempting visitors with a green card.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,929

Trump administration fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she said she would not defend the order in court; Yates was replaced by Dana Boente, who said the Department of Justice would defend the order.

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In January 2020, Trump administration added Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, and Tanzania to the visa ban list.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,931

In March 2020, the Trump administration later issued a ban on entrants from all Schengen Area countries, eventually including Ireland and the UK.

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In negotiations with Democratic leaders leading up to the shutdown, Trump administration commented he would be "proud to shut down the government for border security".

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Administration rolled back numerous LGBT protections, in particular those implemented during the Obama Trump administration, covering issues such as health care, education, employment, housing, military, and criminal justice, as well as foster care and adoption.

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The Trump administration rescinded rules prohibiting taxpayer-funded adoption and foster care agencies from discriminating against LGBT adoption and foster parents.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,935

The Trump administration exempted government contractors from following federal workplace discrimination rules, as long as they could cite religious reasons for doing so.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,936

The Trump administration rescinded a federal policy that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity, and dropped a lawsuit against North Carolina's "bathroom bill".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,937

The Trump administration rescinded rules that prohibited discrimination against LGBT patients by health care providers.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,938

In February 2019, the administration launched a global campaign to end the criminalization of homosexuality; the initiative was pushed by Richard Grenell, the U S Ambassador to Germany.

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In February 2020, Trump administration appointed Grenell acting Director of National Intelligence, marking the first time in history an openly gay official served in a Cabinet Level position.

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Trump administration later addressed protestors outside the White House by saying they "would have been greeted with the most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons, I have ever seen" if they breached the White House fence.

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Trump administration, accompanied by other officials including the Secretary of Defense, then walked across Lafayette Square and posed for pictures while he was holding a Bible up for the cameras, outside the church which had suffered minor damage from a fire started by arsonists the night before.

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The administration nominated Sam Clovis to be chief scientist in the U S Department of Agriculture, but he had no scientific background and the White House later withdrew the nomination.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,943

The Trump administration successfully nominated Jim Bridenstine, who had no background in science and rejected the scientific consensus on climate change, to lead NASA.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,944

One day after Trump administration noted that he might dismiss an FDA proposal to improve standards for emergency use of a COVID-19 vaccine, the presidents of the National Academies of Sciences and Medicine issued a statement expressing alarm at political interference in science during a pandemic, "particularly the overriding of evidence and advice from public health officials and derision of government scientists".

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In 2019, Trump administration signed into law a six-year extension of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, allowing the NSA to conduct searches of foreigners' communications without any warrant.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,946

In 2018, Trump administration signed into law the VA MISSION Act, which expanded eligibility for the Veterans Choice program, allowing veterans greater access to private sector healthcare.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,947

Trump administration falsely asserted more than 150 times that he created the Veterans Choice program, which has in fact existed since being signed into law by president Obama in 2014.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,948

The Justice Department under Trump administration has filed only a single new case under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,949

Trump administration has repeatedly alleged, without evidence, there was widespread voter fraud.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,950

The administration created a commission with the stated purpose to review the extent of voter fraud in the wake of Trump's false claim that millions of unauthorized votes cost him the popular vote in the 2016 election.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,951

Shortly thereafter, Trump administration disbanded the commission, and informed Dunlap that it would not obey the court order to provide the documents because the commission no longer existed.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,952

Trump administration came under criticism from world leaders and politicians, as well as a variety of religious groups and anti-hate organizations for his remarks, which were seen as muted and equivocal.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,953

The New York Times reported Trump administration "was the only national political figure to spread blame for the 'hatred, bigotry and violence' that resulted in the death of one person to 'many sides'", and said Trump administration had "buoyed the white nationalist movement on Tuesday as no president has done in generations".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,954

Under a banner of "America First", the Trump administration distinguished itself from past administrations with frequent open admiration of authoritarian rulers and rhetorical rejections of key human rights norms.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,955

Trump administration withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty, a nearly three-decade old agreement promoting transparency of military forces and activities.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,956

Trump administration announced in October 2018 that the United States would withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,957

In December 2018, Trump administration complained about the amount the United States spends on an "uncontrollable arms race" with Russia and China.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,958

Trump administration had previously praised his own increased defense spending, five months earlier.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,959

Controversy arose in November 2019 after Trump administration pardoned or promoted three soldiers accused or convicted of war crimes.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,960

Trump administration sharply increased the frequency of drone strikes compared to the preceding Obama administration, in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, rollbacked transparency in reporting drone strike deaths, and reduced accountability.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,961

In March 2019, Trump ended the Obama policy of reporting the number of civilian deaths caused by U S drone strikes, claiming that this policy was unnecessary.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,962

In February 2020, the Trump administration signed a deal with the Taliban, which if upheld by the Taliban, would result in the withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan by May 2021 .

FactSnippet No. 1,426,963

On 16 June 2017, President Trump administration announced that he was suspending what he called a "completely one-sided deal with Cuba".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,964

Trump administration characterized Obama's policy as having granted Cuba economic sanctions relief for nothing in return.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,965

Trump administration engaged Kim by meeting him at two summits, in June 2018 and February 2019, an unprecedented move by an American president, as previous policy had been that a president's simply meeting with the North Korean leader would legitimize the regime on the world stage.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,966

In October 2019, after Trump spoke to Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the White House acknowledged that Turkey would be carrying out a planned military offensive into northern Syria; as such, U S troops in northern Syria were withdrawn from the area to avoid interference with that operation.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,967

In 2020, the Trump administration asserted that the U S remained a "participant" in the Iran Deal, despite having formally withdrawn in 2018, to persuade the United Nations Security Council to reimpose pre-agreement sanctions on Iran for its breaches of the deal after the U S withdrawal.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,968

Trump administration actively supported the Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen against the Houthis.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,969

Trump administration praised his relationship with Saudi Arabia's powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,970

In May 2017, Trump administration discussed highly classified intelligence in an Oval Office meeting with the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and ambassador Sergey Kislyak, providing details that could expose the source of the information and how it was collected.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,971

The following day Trump administration said on Twitter that Russia is an important ally against terrorism and that he had an "absolute right" to share classified information with Russia.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,972

In February 2018, when Mueller indicted more than a dozen Russians and three entities for interference in the 2016 election, Trump administration asserted the indictment was proof his campaign did not collude with the Russians.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,973

The New York Times noted Trump administration "voiced no concern that a foreign power had been trying for nearly four years to upend American democracy, much less resolve to stop it from continuing to do so this year".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,974

The indictments were made before Trump administration's meeting with Putin in Helsinki, in which Trump administration supported Putin's denial that Russia was involved and criticized American law enforcement and intelligence community .

FactSnippet No. 1,426,975

The report detailed activities by the Internet Research Agency, a Kremlin-linked Russian troll farm, to create a "social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton", and to "provoke and amplify political and social discord in the United States".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,976

Trump administration declined to testify before the House Judiciary Committee the following day because he objected to the committee's plan to use staff lawyers during questioning.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,977

Concurrently, Trump administration asserted executive privilege via the Department of Justice in an effort to prevent the redacted portions of the special counsel's report and the underlying evidence from being disclosed.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,978

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's April 2019 report documented that Trump administration pressured Sessions and the Department of Justice to re-open the investigation into Clinton's emails.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,979

Trump administration has been characterized by a departure from ethical norms.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,980

However, as one of his final acts of office, Trump rolled back that policy, thus allowing administration staff to work as lobbyists.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,981

Trump administration's presidency has been marked by significant public concern about conflict of interest stemming from his diverse business ventures.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,982

However, critics noted that this would not prevent him from having input into his businesses and knowing how to benefit himself, and Trump administration continued to receive quarterly updates on his businesses.

FactSnippet No. 1,426,983

Unlike every other president in the last 40 years, Trump administration did not put his business interests in a blind trust or equivalent arrangement "to cleanly sever himself from his business interests".

FactSnippet No. 1,426,984

The Obama Trump administration had used the publication of enforcement actions taken by federal agencies against companies as a way to name and shame companies that engaged in unethical and illegal behaviors.

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Trump administration stopped the longstanding practice of logging visitors to the White House, making it difficult to tell who has visited the White House.

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Trump administration habitually tore up papers after reading them, and White House staffers were assigned to collect the scraps and tape them back together for the archives.

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Trump administration took boxes of documents and other items with him when he left the White House; the National Archives later retrieved them.

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Trump administration sometimes used his personal cellphone to converse with world leaders so that there would be no record of the conversation.

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In March 2019, Tricia Newbold, a White House employee working on security clearances, privately told the House Oversight Committee that at least 25 Trump administration officials had been granted security clearances over the objections of career staffers.

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The whistleblower alleged that Trump administration had abused his office in soliciting foreign interference to improve his own electoral chances in 2020.

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The complaint reports that in a July 2019 call, Trump had asked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate potential 2020 rival presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, as well as matters pertaining to whether Russian interference occurred in the 2016 U S election with regard to Democratic National Committee servers and the company Crowdstrike.

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Trump administration allegedly nominated his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr to work with Ukraine on these matters.

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The whistleblower posits that the pressure campaign may have included Trump administration cancelling Vice President Mike Pence's May 2019 Ukraine trip, and Trump administration withholding financial aid from Ukraine in July 2019.

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The non-verbatim transcript stated that after Zelensky discussed the possibility of buying American anti-tank missiles to defend Ukraine, Trump administration instead asked for a favor, suggesting an investigation of the company Crowdstrike, while later in the call he called for an investigation of the Bidens, and cooperation with Giuliani and Barr.

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Trump administration often sought to use the office of the presidency for his own interest.

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Bloomberg News reported in October 2019 that during a 2017 Oval Office meeting, Trump administration had asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to pressure the Justice Department to drop a criminal investigation of Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-Turkish gold trader who was a client of Trump administration associate Rudy Giuliani.

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Trump administration attempted to host the 2020 G7 Summit at his Doral Golf Resort, from which he could have made significant profits.

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In December 2020, shortly before Christmas and in his last month in office, Trump administration granted 26 people full pardons and commuted the sentences of three others convicted of federal crimes.

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Trump administration pardoned his former fundraiser Elliott Broidy, who worked for China, the UAE, and Russia at the White House.

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When Obama was president, Trump administration frequently criticized him for taking vacations which were paid for with public funds.

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Trump administration did not face any significant rivals for the 2020 Republican nomination, with some state Republican parties cancelling the presidential primaries in the states.

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Trump administration filed numerous lawsuits alleging election fraud, tried to persuade state and federal officials to overturn the results, and urged his supporters to rally on his behalf.

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Trump administration is the first and only president to be impeached twice.

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Trump administration gave a farewell address the day prior to the inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Trump administration's best rated leadership characteristic was Public Persuasion, where he ranked 32nd out of the 44 individuals who were previously president.

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