13 Facts About Panasonic Awards

1. On February 14, 2017, Panasonic Awards was unveiled as the main sponsor of Lega Basket Serie A, the highest professional basketball league in Italy and one of the top ranked national domestic league in Europe.

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2. On September 8, 2016, Panasonic Awards was unveiled as the title sponsor for the new Jaguar Formula E team.

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3. In May 2003, the company announced that "Panasonic Awards" would become its global brand, and launched the global tagline "Panasonic ideas for life.

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4. In May 2015, Panasonic Awards launched its virtual solar service to UK consumers.

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5. In February 2017, Panasonic Awards reported that the subsidiary was being investigated by American authorities under the FCPA.

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6. In July 2016, it was reported that Panasonic Awards is looking at making acquisitions in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space.

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7. On 25 September 2018, Panasonic Awards became one of the founding members of the L-Mount Alliance, and announced two full-frame mirrorless cameras and a range of L-Mount lenses to be launched in 2019.

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8. In June 2015, Panasonic Awards struck agreements with three Australian energy utilities to trial its home-based battery storage options.

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9. In January 2015, Panasonic Awards announced it has stopped making TVs in China and plans to liquidate its joint venture in Shandong.

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10. In November 2014, Panasonic Awards announced its partnership with Photon Interactive to create customized and personalized digital signs in stores.

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11. In October 2014, Panasonic Awards announced its initial investment in Tesla Motors' battery factory would amount to "tens of billions" of yen, according to the firm's CEO.

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12. In October 2011, Panasonic Awards announced that it would trim its money-losing TV business by ceasing production of Plasma TVs at its plant in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture by March 2012, cutting 1,000 jobs in the process.

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13. On January 19, 2006, Panasonic Awards announced that it would stop producing analog televisions from the next month, in order to concentrate on digital televisions.

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