24 Facts About The Rangers

1. The Rangers have been the recipient of the Medal of Honor for heroism 23 times since its creation during the Civil War.

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2. The Rangers have seen action in all of the major conflicts since Vietnam: Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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3. The Rangers have retired eight numbers for ten players in their history, and the NHL retired Wayne Gretzky's No 99 for all its member teams at the 2000 NHL All-Star Game.

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4. The Rangers wore the jerseys at home on Saturdays and when they played against Original Six teams.

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5. The Rangers previously had a navy alternate jersey featuring the head of the Statue of Liberty with the team abbreviation below in a futuristic script.

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6. The Rangers finished the season ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Islanders, finishing in third place in the Atlantic Division and sixth place in the Eastern Conference for the second straight year.

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7. The Rangers bounced back and they won the next three games, allowing the Canucks just four goals.

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8. The Rangers successfully made it past the first two rounds of the playoffs, sweeping the New York Islanders, and then defeating the Washington Capitals in five games.

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9. The Rangers stayed competitive through the 1980s and early 1990s, making the playoffs each year.

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10. The Rangers spent the rest of the 1930s playing close to 0.500 hockey until their next Cup win.

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11. The Rangers won the American Division title their first year but lost to the Boston Bruins in the playoffs.

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12. The Rangers are one of three NHL franchises in the New York metropolitan area, along with the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders.

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13. New York The Rangers are a professional ice hockey team based in New York City.

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14. The Rangers have a lease with the City of Arlington, and the club maintains and operates the entire facility.

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15. The Rangers have added additional cameras to further enhance the "in-park show" at Globe Life Park.

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16. The Rangers have made significant improvements in the video, technology, and audio systems at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

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17. The Rangers dominated the American League standings for much of the 2012 season, but floundered in September, culminating in a sweep by the Oakland Athletics in the final series.

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18. The Rangers successfully defended their AL West Division title in 2011, making the club's second-straight division title and postseason appearance.

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19. The Rangers began the 2008 season exceptionally well, headlined by newcomer Josh Hamilton who looked to be a threat to win the Triple Crown, before fading off as the season wore on.

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20. The Rangers battled with the Anaheim Angels and Oakland Athletics for first place in the AL West for much of the 2004 season.

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21. The Rangers came very close to clinching a playoff spot in 1981, but wound up losing the first half of the AL West by one-and-a-half games to Oakland at the time of the players' strike.

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22. The Rangers are hoping that two years out from Tommy John and with his velocity at a career high, that he can be primed for a big comeback.

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23. The Rangers signed Lance Lynn to a deal earlier this offseason.

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24. The Rangers signed righty Shelby Miller on a one-year deal on Wednesday.

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