37 Facts About Trevor Bauer

1. Trevor Bauer realizes that he must make some concessions before then.

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2. Trevor Bauer is part of a broad movement, but he has the biggest platform.

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3. Trevor Bauer graduated early and enrolled at UCLA at the start of 2009, where his routine stayed the same, only he was not ostracized for it.

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4. Trevor Bauer was the recipient of the Golden Spikes Award, [7] and the National Pitcher of the Year Award.

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5. Trevor Bauer has helped Clevinger fine-tune his mechanics and throwing program.

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6. Trevor Bauer rolled his eyes when noting that Clevinger came out on top by "point two or something", but that was enough.

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7. Trevor Bauer was 21 years old when he broke into the big leagues on June 28, 2012, with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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8. Trevor Bauer was born on Thursday, January 17, 1991, in North Hollywood, California.

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9. Trevor Bauer totaled 21 pitches in the American League Championship Series.

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10. Trevor Bauer is currently single, although he hasn't referenced his relationship status publicly.

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11. Trevor Bauer felt good after a simulated game Tuesday and is nearly ready to return to game action, Jordan Bastian of MLB.

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12. Trevor Bauer is expected to start Tuesday against the White Sox and could return to the rotation for the playoffs if all goes well.

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13. Trevor Bauer was activated off the 10-day disabled list ahead of Friday's start against the Red Sox.

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14. Trevor Bauer is the Cleveland Indians starter for Game 2 of the World Series.

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15. Trevor Bauer joked in September 2016 that if The Players Tribune wanted him to write a piece about his life, he'd ask his sister to ghostwrite it for him.

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16. Trevor Bauer ended up with the Indians in a three-team trade that involved the Cincinnati Reds.

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17. Trevor Bauer said that it was a ritual he started at UCLA.

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18. In an interview with Arizona Sports, Trevor Bauer said that he planned to eat a piece of a cherry pie made by his sister Gracie before each start.

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19. Trevor Bauer made his debut with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2012, when he was just 21.

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20. Trevor Bauer is pitching for the Cleveland Indians in Game 2 of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs.

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21. Trevor Bauer moved a little closer to pitching in the postseason, throwing 40 pitches off the mound inside an empty Progressive Field on Saturday.

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22. With the help of Driveline's technology, Trevor Bauer discovered that using a knuckle-curve grip allowed him to add more revolutions per minute to his curveball, enhancing its movement.

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23. Over the course of his career, Trevor Bauer has put together a decent resume as a starting pitcher.

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24. Trevor Bauer pointed out that he ranked better or the same as Snell at a handful of advanced metrics, including FIP, FanGraphs WAR, Skill-Interactive ERA, and xFIP, as well as total strikeouts, and strikeout and walk rates.

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25. Trevor Bauer tried to spin away from it, but it was hit way too fast.

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26. Trevor Bauer criticised American media for a liberal bias in its coverage of Donald Trump.

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27. Trevor Bauer is an active Twitter user and has voiced his support of conspiracy theories such as climate change denial and the birther movement associated with Barack Obama.

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28. Trevor Bauer had to leave after the first inning of Game 3 when the stitches used to treat his cut opened up.

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29. Trevor Bauer suffered an injury to his right pinky finger while repairing a drone in October 2016.

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30. Trevor Bauer is known to study his pitching mechanics using high-speed cameras.

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31. Trevor Bauer said he has patterned his overhand delivery after his role model two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum.

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32. On October 17, 2016, Trevor Bauer left Game 3 of the 2016 American League Championship Series due to being cut by a drone on October 14, 2016.

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33. On June 16, 2015, Trevor Bauer got his first hit as a batter against the Chicago Cubs' pitcher Jake Arrieta in the top of the 5th inning at Wrigley Field.

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34. Trevor Bauer made his major league debut for the Diamondbacks on June 28, 2012, against the Atlanta Braves.

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35. In the game, Trevor Bauer pitched two innings, allowing one hit, striking out three batters and walked one.

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36. Trevor Bauer was selected third overall in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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37. Trevor Bauer was the recipient of the Golden Spikes Award, and the National Pitcher of the Year Award.

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