35 Facts About Cincinnati Ohio

1. Cincinnati Ohio is served by Amtrak's Cardinal, an intercity passenger train which makes three weekly trips in each direction between Chicago and New York City through Cincinnati Union Terminal.

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2. City of Cincinnati Ohio has a higher than average percentage of households without a car.

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3. Cincinnati Ohio had a vibrant jazz scene from the 1920s to today.

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4. Cincinnati Ohio was a major early music recording center, and was home to King Records, which helped launch the career of James Brown, who often recorded there, as well as Jewel Records, which helped launch Lonnie Mack's career, and Fraternity Records.

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5. Cincinnati Ohio is the main scenario for the international music production of Italian artist and songwriter Veronica Vitale called "Inside the Outsider".

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6. Cincinnati Ohio is the subject of a Connie Smith song written by Bill Anderson, called Cincinnati, Ohio.

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7. Cincinnati Ohio has its own chapter of The Sons of the Desert (The Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), which meets several times per year.

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8. In 2015, Cincinnati Ohio held the USITT 2015 Conference and Stage Expo at the Duke Energy Convention Center, bringing 5,000+ students, university educators, theatrical designers and performers, and other personnel to the city.

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9. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati Ohio operates 16 high schools in Cincinnati, ten of which are single-sex.

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10. Cincinnati Ohio is home to the first Kindergarten—12th grade Arts School in the country, the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

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11. University of Cincinnati Ohio, called Cincinnati Ohio or nicknamed UC, is a public institution of learning.

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12. Cincinnati Ohio had numerous stations on the Underground Railroad, but there were runaway slave catchers active in the city, who put escaping slaves at risk of recapture.

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13. Cincinnati Ohio is home to the first American based Australian rules football team, The Cincinnati Dockers, established in 1996.

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14. Cincinnati Ohio is home to three other professional soccer teams: two outdoor teams, the Cincinnati Kings and Cincinnati LadyHawks (women's), and one indoor team, the Cincinnati Excite.

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15. FC Cincinnati Ohio was awarded an MLS bid on May 29, 2018, and will open a new stadium in the West End neighborhood just northwest of downtown by 2021.

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16. FC Cincinnati Ohio has since broken the USL attendance record on several additional occasions, and will move to Major League Soccer starting with the 2019 season.

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17. FC Cincinnati Ohio made its home debut on April 9, 2016, before a crowd of more than 14,000 fans.

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18. Cincinnati Ohio is home to two men's college basketball teams: The Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Musketeers.

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19. Cincinnati Ohio is at the southern limit of the humid continental climate zone.

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20. Downtown Cincinnati Ohio is protected from flooding by the Serpentine Wall at Yeatman's Cove and another flood wall built into Fort Washington Way.

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21. Cincinnati Ohio rests along 22 miles of riverfront about northern banks of the Ohio, stretching from California to Sayler Park, giving the mighty Ohio and its movements a prominent place in the life of the city.

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22. Downtown Cincinnati Ohio towers about Fountain Square, the public square and event locale.

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23. Cincinnati Ohio is midway by river between the cities of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cairo, Illinois.

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24. Unlike the rest of the Midwest, Southwest Cincinnati Ohio shares some aspects of its vowel system with northern New Jersey English.

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25. Cincinnati Ohio has a great preservative quality, which despite fierce sugarcoating of late, piques interest throughout United States as a great city of the North, South, East, and West.

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26. Cincinnati Ohio was influenced by Irishmen, and Prussians and Saxons, seeking to emigrate away from crowding and strife.

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27. Cincinnati Ohio has many nicknames, including Cincy, "The Queen City", "The Queen of the West", "The Blue Chip City", and "The City of Seven Hills", These are more typically associated with professional, academic, and public relations references to the city, including restaurant names such as Blue Chip Cookies, and are not commonly used by locals in casual conversation.

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28. Cincinnati Ohio weathered the Great Depression better than most American cities of its size, largely due to a resurgence in river trade, which was less expensive than transporting goods by rail.

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29. The Cincinnati Ohio Inclined Plane Company began transporting people to the top of Mount Auburn that year.

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30. Cincinnati Ohio acted as a "border town" during the slave-owning period between 1810 and 1863.

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31. Cincinnati Ohio was incorporated as a city on March 1, 1819.

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32. Cincinnati Ohio began in 1788 when Mathias Denman, Colonel Robert Patterson and Israel Ludlow landed at a spot at the northern bank of the Ohio opposite the mouth of the Licking and decided to settle there.

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33. Cincinnati Ohio is the birthplace of William Howard Taft, the 27th President of the United States.

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34. Cincinnati Ohio developed with fewer immigrants and less influence from Europe than east coast cities in the same period.

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35. Cincinnati Ohio is a major city in the US state of Ohio and is the government seat of Hamilton County.

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