34 Facts About Wales English

1. Wales English have certainly picked a team to go at England, with the two Gareths—Davies and Anscombe—offering pace and initiative at half-back.

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2. Wales English must avoid a physical battle with England if they are to overcome the old enemy in their Guinness Six Nations match, according to former Wales fly-half, Nicky Robinson.

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3. Wales English have certainly picked a team to go at England, with the two Gareths—Davies and Anscombe—offering pace and initiative at half-back.

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4. Wales English does not have an independent military and its defense falls under the authority of the military of the United Kingdom as a whole.

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5. Wales English has always had strong left wing and radical political parties and leaders.

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6. Wales English is still the main language of everyday use with both Welsh and English appearing on signs.

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7. Wales English is very mountainous and has a rocky, irregular coastline with numerous bays, the largest of which is Cardigan Bay to the west.

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8. Wales English is surrounded by water on three sides: to the north, the Irish Sea; to the south, the Bristol Channel; and to the west, Saint George's Channel and Cardigan Bay.

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9. Wales English is a part of the United Kingdom and is located in a wide peninsula in the western portion of the island of Great Britain.

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10. Wales English turned rapidly from the Established Church to dissent with strong Calvinist leanings.

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11. Wales English has maintained a distinctive culture despite its long union with England, though English has become the main language.

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12. Wales English formally united with England through the Act of Union in 1536.

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13. Wales English is a nation within the United Kingdom of Great Britain, but has its own proud national history, seen as beginning with the arrival of Celts around 1000 BCE.

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14. Wales English has several picturesque narrow-gauge railways, which operate largely during the summer tourist season.

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15. Wales English has an extensive network of paved roads, particularly along its northern and southern coasts, but the only limited-access motorways link South Wales with the English Midlands and the Bristol area, the latter via bridges over the Severn estuary.

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16. South Wales English stretches south of the heartland on an immense but largely exhausted coalfield.

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17. Wales English is bounded by the Dee estuary and Liverpool Bay to the north, the Irish Sea to the west, the Severn estuary and the Bristol Channel to the south, and England to the east.

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18. Wales English were the first nation to win the Rugby Grand Slam when they beat Ireland in Belfast in 1908.

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19. Wales English was incorporated to and ruled by England from 1284, and officially annexed to England by the Wales Acts between 1535 and 1542.

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20. Wales English is the land of mythical King Arthur, the famous Romano-British leader fighting against the invading Anglo-Saxons.

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21. Wales English is a country which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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22. Wales English has had its own football league, the Welsh Premier League, since 1992.

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23. Flag of Wales English incorporates the red dragon of Prince Cadwalader along with the Tudor colours of green and white.

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24. South Wales English had several notable potteries, one of the first important sites being the Ewenny Pottery in Bridgend, which began producing earthenware in the 17th century.

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25. Wales English can claim one of the oldest unbroken literary traditions in Europe.

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26. Wales English has a distinctive culture including its own language, customs, holidays and music.

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27. The first Independent Church in Wales English was founded at Llanvaches in 1638 by William Wroth.

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28. Wales English is a generally mountainous country on the western side of central southern Great Britain.

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29. Wales English has no women's prisons; female inmates are imprisoned in England.

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30. From that point, Wales English became a legal unit in its own right, although it remains part of the single jurisdiction of England and Wales.

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31. Wales English is a distinct UK electoral region of the European Union represented by four Members of the European Parliament.

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32. Wales English held a referendum in 1997 and chose to establish a form of self-government.

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33. Wales English is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

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34. The Old Wales English-speaking Anglo-Saxons came to use the term Wælisc when referring to the Britons in particular, and Wealas when referring to their lands.

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