32 Facts About Shane McMahon

1. On July 19, 2017, Shane McMahon was involved in a helicopter crash, but was relatively unharmed.

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2. Shane McMahon stated in the WWE press release, "Having been associated with this organization for the majority of my life, I feel this is the opportune time in my career to pursue outside ventures.

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3. Shane McMahon posted the below message to his Instagram account: "Thank you everyone for the get well wishes.

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4. Shane McMahon was then taken to a local medical facility.

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5. On March 11, 2018 at Fastlane, Shane McMahon pulled the referee out of the ring when Kevin Owens covered Dolph Ziggler and pulled Sami Zayn out of the ring when he covered Kevin Owens.

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6. Shane McMahon made himself referee after seeing the poor officiating from guest referee Baron Corbin, which caused a confrontation from Owens.

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7. In October 2009, Shane McMahon announced his resignation from WWE which went into effect at the end of the year.

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8. Shane McMahon was injured after Michaels elbow dropped a chair which was around Shane's neck.

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9. At the 2006 Royal Rumble, Shane McMahon eliminated Michaels by throwing him over the top rope.

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10. Shane McMahon turned heel in the process for the first time since mid-2001 by again siding with his father to help in the feud with Shawn Michaels.

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11. Shane McMahon can be seen on the DVD extra backstage talking to Theodore Long, when The Boogeyman tried to scare off McMahon, who made no deal about it.

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12. Shane McMahon appeared at Survivor Series, though he did not appear on television.

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13. At WrestleMania XX, Shane McMahon appeared briefly on camera during the opening of the event with Vince and his newborn son, Declan.

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14. Shane McMahon got involved in a bitter rivalry with Kane after Kane gave Linda a Tombstone Piledriver because she did not name him the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

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15. Shane McMahon turned face once more in the summer of 2003 for the first time since early 2001 by getting involved in a feud with Eric Bischoff, who had made improper remarks and gestures to Shane's mother Linda.

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16. The match had Shane McMahon missing a shooting star press and ended with Angle performing the Angle Slam off the top rope before scoring the victory over a bloodied McMahon.

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17. Shane McMahon performed the Leap of Faith, knocking himself and Show out.

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18. Shane McMahon climbed up the set and tried to run away from Blackman, who gave chase and hit Shane with a Singapore cane, knocking him off.

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19. Shane McMahon met Blackman in a rematch at SummerSlam, losing the title after falling 50 feet through the stage.

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20. Shane McMahon was thrown off the stage in a gang style attack, in which Billy Gunn and Road Dogg prevented members of the Corporation from saving Shane.

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21. In 1999, Shane McMahon was awarded the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year award but he declined to accept it stating "These are for the boys, not me".

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22. In February 1999, Shane McMahon moved away from the commentary role on Heat and became a key component in the Corporation angle, winning the European Championship from X-Pac.

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23. Shane McMahon became a recurring part of his father's on-air feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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24. Shane McMahon made his first appearances as a regular on-air character in early 1998, when he was one of the main WWF executives negotiating with Mike Tyson during Tyson's heavily-hyped involvement in WrestleMania.

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25. Shane McMahon would then mainly work behind the scenes, launching WWF.

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26. Shane McMahon was born on January 15, 1970, in Gaithersberg Maryland.

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27. On July 12, 2013, Shane McMahon voluntarily stepped down as CEO of YOU On Demand and appointed Weicheng Liu as his successor, while remaining the company's principal executive officer and Vice Chairman of the Board.

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28. In 2009, Shane McMahon announced his resignation from WWE which went into effect January 1, 2010.

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29. Shane McMahon has wrestled in the main event of multiple WWE pay per views.

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30. Shane McMahon was a referee, producer, announcer, and eventually a wrestler on-screen, while becoming WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Media behind the scenes.

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31. Shane McMahon began working in WWE at age 15, starting in their warehouse, where he filled merchandise orders.

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32. Shane McMahon is a fourth generation wrestling promoter as a member of the McMahon family.

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