30 Facts About Jim Palmer

1. Jim Palmer is well known for his focus on The Dark Knight Goes up, Titanic (1997) and Thor (2011).

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2. Jim Palmer tried to help the birth mother regain custody, when Nancy was little, but the woman just stopped coming to court.

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3. In 2006, Jim Palmer acquired a penthouse condominium in Little Italy, Baltimore, which he uses while in Baltimore for Orioles' broadcasts.

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4. Jim Palmer is currently a spokesman for the national "Strike Out High Cholesterol" campaign.

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5. Jim Palmer donated all proceeds from the sale of his underwear poster to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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6. Jim Palmer has periodically appeared in ads and commercials for vitamins and other health-related products.

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7. Jim Palmer won spots on six All-Star teams, received four Gold Glove Awards and won three Cy Young Awards.

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8. Jim Palmer is the only pitcher in big-league history to win World Series games in three decades.

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9. In July 2012, Jim Palmer put up for auction his three Cy Young Award trophies and two of his four Gold Glove Awards.

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10. Jim Palmer is currently a color commentator on MASN's television broadcasts of Oriole games.

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11. Jim Palmer wrote that "it is fair to suspect that a certain vanity is involved.

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12. Jim Palmer said he would sign a one-year contract for less pay, but ESPN refused.

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13. Jim Palmer had earned $350,000 from ABC that year for appearing on around ten regular season broadcasts and making a few postseason appearances.

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14. Jim Palmer was present at San Francisco's Candlestick Park on October 17, 1989, when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit prior to Game 3 of the World Series.

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15. Jim Palmer was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1990, his first year of eligibility.

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16. Jim Palmer retired after being released by Baltimore during the 1984 season.

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17. Jim Palmer was the only Orioles player on the 1983 championship team to have previously won a World Series.

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18. Jim Palmer became the only pitcher in major league baseball history to have won World Series games in three decades.

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19. Jim Palmer won his second Cy Young Award, and repeated his feat in 1976.

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20. Jim Palmer was at his peak again in 1975, winning 23 games, throwing 10 shutouts, and fashioning a 2.09 ERA—all tops in the American League.

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21. In 1969, Jim Palmer returned healthy, rejoining an Orioles rotation that included 20-game winners Dave McNally and Mike Cuellar.

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22. Jim Palmer regained his form after undergoing surgery, working in the 1968 Instructional League and playing winter baseball.

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23. Jim Palmer hit the first of his three career major-league home runs, a two-run shot, in the fourth inning of that game off of Yankees starter Jim Bouton.

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24. Jim Palmer formally changed his last name upon his mother's marriage to actor Max Palmer in 1956.

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25. Two days after his birth, Jim Palmer was adopted by Moe Wiesen and his wife Polly, a wealthy Manhattan dress designer and a boutique owner respectively who both lived on Park Avenue.

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26. Jim Palmer was nicknamed Cakes in the 1960s because of his habit of eating pancakes for breakfast on the days he pitched.

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27. Jim Palmer is the youngest to pitch a complete-game shutout in a World Series, doing so nine days before his 21st birthday in 1966.

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28. Jim Palmer is the only pitcher in the history of the Fall Classic with a win in each of three decades.

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29. Jim Palmer appeared in the postseason eight times and was a vital member of three World Series Champions, six AL pennant winners and seven Eastern Division titleholders.

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30. Jim Palmer won at least twenty games in each of eight seasons and received three Cy Young Awards and four Gold Gloves during the decade.

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