58 Facts About Jim Palmer


Jim Palmer won at least 20 games in eight different seasons and won three Cy Young Awards and four Gold Gloves during the decade.

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Jim Palmer appeared in the postseason eight times and was a vital member of three World Series Champions, six AL pennant winners and seven Eastern Division titleholders.

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Jim Palmer is the only pitcher in history to earn a win in a World Series game in three different decades.

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Jim Palmer is the youngest to pitch a complete-game shutout in a World Series, doing so nine days before his 21st birthday in 1966, in which he defeated Sandy Koufax in Koufax's last appearance.

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Jim Palmer was one of the starters on the last rotation to feature four 20-game winners in a single season in 1971.

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Jim Palmer has been a popular spokesman, most famously for Jockey International for almost 20 years.

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Jim Palmer was nicknamed "Cakes" in the 1960s because of his habit of eating pancakes for breakfast on the days he pitched.

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James Alvin Jim Palmer was born in Manhattan, New York City on October 15,1945.

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Moroney gave up her infant for adoption and concealed information in the New York City birth registry, where Jim Palmer is listed as Baby Boy Kennedy, whose father was Maroney and mother was Kennedy.

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Two days after his birth, Jim Palmer was adopted by Moe Wiesen and his wife Polly, a wealthy Manhattan dress designer and a boutique owner respectively, who lived on Park Avenue.

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In 1956, his mother married actor Max Palmer, but Jim continued to go under the name Jim Wiesen until a year later.

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Jim Palmer was Jewish, and he earned a living by selling shoes.

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Jim Palmer played baseball for the Beverly Hills Yankees, where he pitched and hit home runs as an outfielder.

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The family eventually moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where Jim Palmer played baseball, basketball, and football at Scottsdale High School.

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Jim Palmer earned All-State honors in each of these sports, graduating with a 3.

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Bobby Winkles of Arizona State suggested that Jim Palmer get more experience playing collegiate summer baseball, so Jim Palmer went to South Dakota to join the Winner Pheasants of the Basin League.

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High-kicking pitcher known for an exceptionally smooth delivery, Jim Palmer picked up his first major-league win on May 16,1965, beating the Yankees in relief at home.

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Jim Palmer hit the first of his three career major-league home runs, a two-run shot, in the fourth inning of that game, off Yankees starter Jim Bouton.

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Jim Palmer won his final game, against the Kansas City Athletics, to clinch the AL pennant.

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Jim Palmer had injured his arm in 1966 while using a paint roller in his new house in Baltimore.

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Jim Palmer only pitched three more games for the Orioles in 1967.

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The outlook on his career was so bleak, Jim Palmer considered quitting baseball to attend college or trying to be a position player.

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Jim Palmer had been placed on waivers in September 1968 and was left unprotected for the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Pilots in the expansion draft one month later, but was not claimed.

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Jim Palmer returned healthy in 1969, rejoining an Orioles rotation that included 20-game winners Dave McNally and Mike Cuellar.

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Jim Palmer's success was interrupted in 1974 when his arm started giving him trouble in spring training.

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Jim Palmer was diagnosed with an ulnar nerve injury and orthopedic surgeon Robert Kerlan prescribed rest, hot and cold water therapy and medication.

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Jim Palmer was at his peak again in 1975, winning 23 games, throwing 10 shutouts, and fashioning a 2.

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Jim Palmer said it was in retaliation for Dock Ellis hitting Reggie Jackson with a pitch earlier in the game, then complained when Ellis was not fined.

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From 1980 through 1985, Jim Palmer was hampered by arm fatigue and myriad minor injuries.

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In 1981, Jim Palmer got into a feud with Doug DeCinces after DeCinces missed a line drive hit by Alan Trammell in a game against the Tigers.

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Jim Palmer became the only pitcher in major league baseball history to have won World Series games in three decades.

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Also, Jim Palmer became the only player in Orioles history to appear in all six of their World Series appearances to date.

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Jim Palmer was the only Orioles player on the 1983 championship team to have previously won a World Series.

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Jim Palmer retired after being released by Baltimore during the 1984 season.

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Jim Palmer was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1990, his first year of eligibility.

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From 1985 to 1989, Jim Palmer formed an announcing team with Al Michaels and Tim McCarver at ABC.

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Jim Palmer announced the 1985 World Series, where he was supposed to team with Michaels and Howard Cosell, whom Jim Palmer had worked with on the previous year's ALCS.

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Jim Palmer was present at San Francisco's Candlestick Park on October 17,1989, when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit prior to Game 3 of the World Series.

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Jim Palmer had earned $350,000 from ABC that year for appearing on around ten regular season broadcasts and making a few postseason appearances.

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In 1990, the Los Angeles Times reported that Jim Palmer was thinking of pursuing work as a major league manager.

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Jim Palmer said he would sign a one-year contract for less pay, but ESPN refused.

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Jim Palmer said that he tore his hamstring while warming up for the game, commenting, "I'm not saying I wouldn't like to continue, but I can't", he said.

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From 1994 to 1995, Jim Palmer returned to ABC to broadcast with Tim McCarver and Al Michaels.

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Jim Palmer is currently a color commentator on MASN's television broadcasts of Oriole games.

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In July 2012, Jim Palmer put up for auction his three Cy Young Award trophies and two of his four Gold Glove Awards.

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Jim Palmer has been considered one of the best pitchers in major-league history.

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Jim Palmer is the only pitcher in big-league history to win World Series games in three decades.

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Jim Palmer was a mainstay in the rotation during Baltimore's six pennant-winning teams in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

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Jim Palmer won spots on six All-Star teams, received four Gold Glove Awards and won three Cy Young Awards.

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Jim Palmer led the league in ERA twice and in wins three times.

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Jim Palmer appeared in the company's national print and television advertisements as well as on billboards at Times Square in New York City and other major cities.

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Jim Palmer donated all proceeds from the sale of his underwear poster to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Jim Palmer has periodically appeared in ads and commercials for vitamins and other health-related products.

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Jim Palmer represents Cosamin DS, a joint health supplement made by Nutramax Laboratories in Edgewood, Maryland.

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Jim Palmer is currently a spokesman for the national "Strike Out High Cholesterol" campaign.

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Additionally, Jim Palmer serves as a member of the advisory board of the Baseball Assistance Team, a 501 non-profit organization dedicated to helping former Major League, Minor League, and Negro league players through financial and medical difficulties.

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In 2007, Jim Palmer married the former Susan Earle, who has an adult son with autism.

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In 2006, Jim Palmer acquired a penthouse condominium in Little Italy, Baltimore, which he uses while in Baltimore for Orioles' broadcasts.

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