8 Facts About Undertaker

1. In 2010, The Undertaker married Michelle McCool, a former professional wrestler.

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2. The Undertaker was the only one to make it onto the DVD cover of that film.

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3. The Undertaker has a relatively minor part, but he does get to battle it out with Hulk Hogan in one scene.

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4. The Undertaker promised to make someone famous and did so when he performed a chokeslam on Rikishi from the roof of the cell.

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5. The Undertaker demanded and was awarded a spot in the six-man Hell in a Cell match for the WWF Championship at Armageddon.

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6. At WrestleMania XI, while The Undertaker was facing King Kong Bundy, Kama stole the urn and antagonized him by melting it into a large gold necklace.

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7. The Undertaker is known for The Streak, a series of 21 straight victories at WWE's flagship annual event, WrestleMania.

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8. The Undertaker became one of the most prominent figures of the Attitude Era, featuring in various pivotal storylines and matches as WWF sustained a boom period in business in the latter 1990s.

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