16 Facts About Radiohead

1. In 2008, Radiohead planned to tour Europe, North America, and South America in support of In Rainbows.

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2. That year, Radiohead were nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the first time they had been eligible.

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3. In February 2014, Radiohead released the Polyfauna app for smartphones, a collaboration with the British digital arts studio Universal Everything using music and imagery from The King of Limbs.

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4. In May 2016, XL reissued Radiohead's back catalogue on vinyl.

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5. In October 2015, Radiohead sued Parlophone for deductions made from downloads of their back catalogue.

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6. In February 2013, Parlophone, along with Radiohead's back catalogue, was bought by Warner Music Group.

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7. In September 2010, Radiohead released the soundboard recording of their 2009 Prague performance for use in a fan-made concert video, Live in Praha.

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8. In January 2010, Radiohead played their only full concert of the year in the Los Angeles Henry Fonda Theater as a benefit for Oxfam.

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9. In May 2009, Radiohead began new recording sessions with Godrich.

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10. In September 2005, Radiohead contributed "I Want None of This", a piano dirge, for the War Child charity album Help: A Day in the Life.

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11. In May 2003, Radiohead embarked on a world tour and headlined Glastonbury Festival for the second time.

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12. At the 2003 Grammy Awards, Radiohead were again nominated for Best Alternative Album, and producer Godrich and engineer Darrell Thorp received the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album.

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13. In July and August 2002, Radiohead toured Portugal and Spain, playing a number of new songs.

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14. In October 2000 Radiohead released their fourth album, Kid A, the first of two albums from these recording sessions.

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15. In early 1999, Radiohead began work on their next album.

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16. In August 1996, Radiohead toured as the opening act for Alanis Morissette.

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