6 Facts About Oxfam

1. In 2012, Oxfam became one of the humanitarian groups that comprise the UK's Rapid Response Facility to ensure clean water in the wake of humanitarian disasters.

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2. In 1981, an invitation from Oxfam took her to the sand-swept town of Tindouf, Algeria, to conduct research among Sahrawi refugees.

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3. In January 2013, Oxfam was nominated for the Charity of the Year award at the British Muslim Awards.

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4. In May 2013 Oxfam demanded Dole remove its 'Ethical Choice' labels from its bananas in New Zealand until it improved treatment of its workers in the Philippines.

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5. As of 2013 Oxfam endorsed the two-state solution and wants Israel to lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip and dismantle all of the Israeli settlement infrastructure.

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6. In November 2000, Oxfam adopted the rights-based approach as the framework for all the work of the Confederation and its partners.

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