30 Facts About Dereck Chisora

1. At a court hearing in January 2017, Dereck Chisora avoided a driving ban by claiming he thought he was insured after a payment had left his account, paying for two drivers.

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2. In September 2016, it was reported that Dereck Chisora was driving without a valid driving licence, insurance and MOT certificate.

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3. In November 2015, Dereck Chisora was stopped in his Bentley near Hyde Park in London.

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4. In November 2010, Dereck Chisora was found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend after finding text messages from another man on her phone.

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5. Dereck Chisora spent most of the rounds against the ropes looking for counters.

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6. Dereck Chisora became more active after round 6, but failed to bustle the attack on Kabayel, who moved well with his feet.

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7. On 24 March 2017, it was announced that Dereck Chisora would get his much awaited rematch against Finnish boxer Robert Helenius at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland.

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8. In March 2017, in an interview, Dereck Chisora claimed he offered Whyte £1.1 million for a rematch, which Whyte declined.

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9. Dereck Chisora failed to land any telling punches, and due to Fury's awkward fighting style, end up hitting him below the belt.

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10. Dereck Chisora struggled with the ever improving Fury's height, reach and movement, with Fury winning the rounds comfortably until trainer Don Charles had seen enough and pulled Chisora out at the end of the tenth round.

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11. On 27 January 2014, it was announced that Dereck Chisora would fight American boxer Kevin Johnson at the Copper Box in London on 15 February 2014.

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12. Dereck Chisora fought four times in 2013, winning all inside the distance.

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13. Dereck Chisora was then replaced with Italian Matteo Mudugno, who pulled out injured.

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14. Dereck Chisora was scheduled to fight Arnold Gjergjaj, who broke his ribs in sparring.

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15. Dereck Chisora controlled the fight from the opening bell, eventually drawing blood from Gerber after three rounds.

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16. Dereck Chisora told ESPN that he would dedicate his victory to late former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who he found was an MP for Finchley.

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17. Dereck Chisora made his ring return on 20 April 2013 at the Wembley Arena in London.

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18. Dereck Chisora said, "I'm glad that this whole episode is finally behind me and I can carry on with my boxing career in my own country and with a British Boxing Board of Control licence.

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19. In March 2013, Dereck Chisora was issued a new British Boxing Board of Control license.

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20. Dereck Chisora said, "If you look at fights from the golden era there wasn't the same level of disrespect that you get now.

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21. Dereck Chisora got to his feet only for Haye to connect again with a series of punches that put Chisora down for second time.

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22. Dereck Chisora challenged Haye to a fight and taunted Haye over the toe injury he had suffered prior to his loss to Wladimir Klitschko, to which Haye responded that Chisora had lost his three previous fights.

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23. Dereck Chisora is quoted as saying after the slap "I ain't come here to play games I come here to fight.

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24. Dereck Chisora slapped Klitschko at the weigh in for the heavyweight title fight and was widely criticised.

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25. On 15 May 2010, Dereck Chisora fought Danny Williams for the British heavyweight title which he won after stopping Williams in the second round.

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26. Dereck Chisora welcomed the chance, saying, "It was my own fault the fight with Williams didn't go ahead, and I've been kicking myself ever since.

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27. Dereck Chisora turned professional on 17 February 2007, scoring a second round TKO against Istvan Kecskes.

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28. Dereck Chisora was born in Mbare, a suburb of the Zimbabwean capital Harare.

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29. Dereck Chisora is currently the WBA International champion, having held the title since 2018.

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30. Dereck Chisora was born on 29 December 1983 and is a British professional boxer.

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