16 Facts About The Who

1. The Who influenced hard rock bands such as Guns N' Roses.

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2. The Who are one of the most influential rock bands of the 20th century.

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3. The Who experimented with an in-ear monitoring system that was recommended by Neil Young and his audiologist.

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4. The Who announced in 2005 that they were working on a new album.

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5. The Who played concerts in the UK in early 2002 in preparation for a full US tour.

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6. The Who was again at odds with Daltrey and Entwistle, who merely wanted to tour and play hits and thought Townshend had saved his best songs for his solo album, Empty Glass.

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7. The Who released two studio albums with Jones as drummer, Face Dances and It's Hard (1982).

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8. The Who discovered that former Beatles and Rolling Stones manager Allen Klein had bought a stake in his publishing company.

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9. The Who believed them to be no longer effective managers, which Townshend and Moon disputed.

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10. The Who developed ideas in his home studio, creating layers of synthesizers, and the Young Vic theatre in London was booked for a series of experimental concerts.

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11. The Who brought hired equipment to the festival; Hendrix shipped over his regular touring gear from Britain, including a full Marshall stack.

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12. The Who were signed to Robert Stigwood's label, Reaction, and released "Substitute".

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13. The Who were not close friends either, apart from Moon and Entwistle, who enjoyed visiting nightclubs together in the West End of London.

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14. The Who signed them to his production company, and sold the recording to the US arm of Decca Records, which meant that the group's early singles were released in Britain on Brunswick Records, one of UK Decca's labels for US artists.

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15. The Who was expelled at 15 and found work on a building site.

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16. The Who was unable to afford a bass and built one at home.

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