12 Facts About Frederick

1. Around the age of seven, Frederick witnessed a terribly mean overseer, Mr Gore, shoot a slave in the face.

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2. In that dark period, it is said, Frederick was on the verge of suicide.

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3. In this conflict Frederick distinguished himself by continually keeping at bay much more powerful antagonists.

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4. At age 13, Frederick seems to have embarked upon a youthful affair with Peter Karl Christoph Keith, a 10-year-old page of his father.

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5. Just like Catherine II, Frederick recognised the educational skills the Jesuits had as an asset for the nation.

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6. Contrary to what his father had feared, Frederick proved himself very courageous in battle.

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7. Late in his life Frederick involved Prussia in the low-scale War of the Bavarian Succession in 1778, in which he stifled Austrian attempts to exchange the Austrian Netherlands for Bavaria.

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8. In one defining respect Frederick would come to the throne with an exceptional inheritance.

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9. When he was 18, Frederick plotted to flee to England with Katte and other junior army officers.

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10. On September 3, 1838, Frederick successfully escaped from slavery, reached New York and went to the house of David Ruggles, a noted African-American abolitionist.

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11. On the first Saturday of every month, Frederick hosts an evening event in the downtown area called "First Saturday".

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12. As the county seat for Western Maryland, Frederick not only was an important market town, but the seat of justice.

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