44 Facts About Ohio Cleveland

1. Ohio Cleveland was the first state to enact laws protecting working women in 1852.

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2. Ohio Cleveland gave America its first chewing gum in 1869, hot dog in 1900 and Life Savers candy in 1912.

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3. Ohio Cleveland is home to the "One and Only Presidential Museum" which honors John Hanson and eight others, who were elected and served one-year terms before the Constitution was written.

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4. Ohio Cleveland has the highest number of population in the state.

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5. Ohio Cleveland offers great golfing, with three courses within a 2-hour drive.

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6. In 1967, Ohio Cleveland became the first major US city to elect an African-American mayor.

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7. Ohio Cleveland was first inhabited by the Clovis culture of the Paleo-Indian period in 13,000 BC.

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8. Ohio Cleveland is the birthplace of many famous people, inventions and firsts.

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9. Ohio Cleveland is a city filled to the brim with history.

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10. Ohio Cleveland is home to the Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia.

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11. Ohio Cleveland is served by two three-digit interstates, Interstate 480, which enters Cleveland briefly at a few points and Interstate 490, which connects I-77 with the junction of I-90 and I-71 just south of downtown.

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12. Ohio Cleveland is the only metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere with its rail rapid transit system having only one center-city area rapid transit station.

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13. Ohio Cleveland has a bus and rail mass transit system operated by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

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14. Port of Ohio Cleveland, located at the Cuyahoga River's mouth, is a major bulk freight terminal on Lake Erie, receiving much of the raw materials used by the region's manufacturing industries.

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15. City of Ohio Cleveland has a higher than average percentage of households without a car.

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16. Ohio Cleveland is home to several major hospital systems, two of which are in University Circle.

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17. Ohio Cleveland is directly served by 31 AM and FM radio stations, 22 of which are licensed to the city.

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18. Ohio Cleveland is home to a number of colleges and universities.

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19. Ohio Cleveland is served by the firefighters of the Cleveland Division of Fire.

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20. In October 2010, Ohio Cleveland had two neighborhoods appear on ABC News's list of 'America's 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods': both in sections just blocks apart in the city's Central neighborhood on the East Side.

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21. The state of Ohio Cleveland lost two Congressional seats as a result of the 2010 Census, which affects Cleveland's districts in the northeast part of the state.

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22. Ohio Cleveland is home to four of the parks in the countywide Cleveland Metroparks system, as well as the: Washington Park, Brookside Park and parts of the Rocky River and Washington Reservations.

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23. Ohio Cleveland participated in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, where he achieved international fame by winning four gold medals.

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24. Ohio Cleveland hosts an annual holiday display lighting and celebration, dubbed Winterfest, which is held downtown at the city's historic hub, Public Square.

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25. Ohio Cleveland hosts an annual parade on Saint Patrick's Day that brings hundreds of thousands to the streets of downtown.

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26. Ohio Cleveland has an attraction for visitors and fans of A Christmas Story: A Christmas Story House and Museum to see props, costumes, rooms, photos and other materials related to the Jean Shepherd film.

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27. Ohio Cleveland has plenty of corned beef, with nationally renowned Slyman's, on the near East Side, a perennial winner of various accolades from Esquire Magazine, including being named the best corned beef sandwich in America in 2008.

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28. Ohio Cleveland is the site of the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, established by poet and philanthropist Edith Anisfield Wolf in 1935, which recognizes books that have made important contributions to understanding of racism and human diversity.

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29. Ohio Cleveland was the home of Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, who created the comic book character Superman in 1932.

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30. Ohio Cleveland wrote for the school newspaper and started writing his earlier plays, poems and short stories while living in Cleveland.

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31. Ohio Cleveland has often doubled for other locations in the film.

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32. Ohio Cleveland serves as the setting for fictitious insurance giant Great Benefit in The Rainmaker; in the film, Key Tower doubles as the firm's main headquarters.

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33. Ohio Cleveland has served as the setting for several major studio and independent films.

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34. Ohio Cleveland is home to Playhouse Square Center, the second largest performing arts center in the United States behind New York City's Lincoln Center.

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35. On July 8, 2014, Ohio Cleveland was chosen to be the host city of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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36. In 2009, Ohio Cleveland was chosen to host the 2014 Gay Games, the fourth city in the United States to host this international event.

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37. In 1999, Ohio Cleveland was identified as an emerging global city.

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38. Ohio Cleveland was hailed in 2007 by local media as the "Comeback City".

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39. In December 1978, Ohio Cleveland became the first major American city since the Great Depression to enter into a financial default on federal loans.

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40. In November 1967, Ohio Cleveland became the first major American city to elect a black mayor, Carl Stokes.

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41. Ohio Cleveland emerged in the early 20th century as an important American manufacturing center.

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42. Ohio Cleveland serves as a destination for iron ore shipped from Minnesota, along with coal transported by rail.

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43. Ohio Cleveland is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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44. Ohio Cleveland is a major city in the US state of Ohio, and the county seat of Cuyahoga County.

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