31 Facts About Huawei

1. Huawei is already under intense scrutiny from US and other western governments about its ties to the Chinese government, driven by concerns it could be used by the state for spying.

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2. Huawei is already under intense scrutiny from Washington and other western governments over its ties to the Chinese government, driven by concerns it could be used by Beijing for spying.

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3. Huawei is the crown jewel of Chinese tech and Ms Meng is effectively its princess.

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4. In December 2010, Huawei opened a Cyber Security Evaluation Centre to test its hardware and software to ensure they can withstand growing cyber security threats.

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5. In January 2011, Huawei filed a lawsuit against Motorola to prevent its intellectual property from being illegally transferred to Nokia Siemens Networks as part of NSN's US$1.2 billion acquisition of Motorola's wireless network business.

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6. In June 2011, Huawei signed a five-year agreement to contribute donated services, equipment and technical expertise worth over US$1.4 million to Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to establish a research lab dedicated to cloud computing technology and services.

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7. On 2 September 2016, Huawei was announced as the official sponsor of the Serbian national football team.

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8. In 2016, Huawei announced a sponsorship deal with Argentine Primera Division team, Boca Juniors, for the next two years.

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9. In 2015, Huawei supported the largest extreme sports event in the world: the FISE World Montpellier with the loop promoting the Talkband B2.

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10. The first event Huawei supported was the FISE World Chengdu where the mountain bike competition was called the Honor Mountain Bike Slopestyle Pro contest.

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11. On 4 January 2015 Huawei was announced as the main sponsor of the current champion of the Colombian First Division Tournament, Independiente Santa Fe, for the next two years.

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12. In March 2014, Huawei becomes the shirt sponsor of Rayo Vallecano for two La Liga matches against Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

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13. On October 2013, Huawei became a partner of AC Milan for three years.

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14. On 15 September 2013, Huawei were announced as the new shirt sponsors of A-League club Wellington Phoenix FC.

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15. In 2012, Huawei became major sponsors of Australian National Rugby League team the Canberra Raiders.

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16. In 2014, Huawei was the first Chinese company to join Interbrand's "Best Global Brands" at the 94th most valuable brand at $4.3 billion.

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17. In 2017, Huawei created the first specialized marketing team outside China of digital marketers to boost its awareness in Europe.

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18. In 2014, Huawei became the world's No 1 applicant for international patents in 2014, with 3,442 patents.

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19. In 2009, Huawei was ranked No 2 in global market share for radio access equipment.

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20. In March 2018, Huawei announced its new flagship smartphone, the P20 Pro, which will be the world's first smartphone with three rear cameras.

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21. In January 2015, Huawei announced that they'll be dropping the Ascend name in future phones.

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22. In May 2011 Huawei won a contract with EE Limited, the UK's biggest telecom company, to enhance its 2G network.

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23. In 2017, Huawei began helping BYD build a standardized, smart factory.

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24. In 2008, Huawei launched a joint venture with UK-based marine engineering company, Global Marine Systems, to deliver undersea network equipment and related services.

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25. In September 2017, Huawei created an NarrowBand IOT city-aware network using a "one network, one platform, N applications" construction model utilizing IoT, cloud computing, big data, and other next-generation information and communications technology, it aims to be one of the world's five largest cloud players in the near future.

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26. In 2014, Huawei recorded a profit of 34.2 billion CNY.

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27. Huawei is the number one Telecom Vendor in the world as of 2018.

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28. In October 2012, it was announced that Huawei would move its UK headquarters to Green Park, Reading, Berkshire.

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29. In July 2010, Huawei was included in the Global Fortune 500 2010 list published by the US magazine Fortune for the first time, on the strength of annual sales of US$21.8 billion and net profit of US$2.67 billion.

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30. In 2004 Huawei continued its overseas expansion with a contract to build a third-generation network for Telfort, the Dutch mobile operator.

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31. In 1997, Huawei won a contract to provide fixed-line network products to Hong Kong company Hutchison Whampoa.

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