27 Facts About Rangers

1. The Rangers are already on the lookout for another middle infielder.

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2. The Rangers had mild, at most, interest in bringing back Perez.

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3. The Rangers picked up Patrick Wisdom from St Louis for third.

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4. NBC Sports Bay Area has learned the Rangers had interest in him in a possible reliever role, but bowed out in the end.

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5. Rangers were seeded in pot two of the UEFA Champions League group stage for the first time.

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6. At the start of 2010, Rangers sat at the top of the league.

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7. John Greig was that man, and though Rangers would play out the decade in the shadow of their European Cup—winning neighbours, the foundations were being laid for future success.

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8. The Rangers have lost six of their last seven games.

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9. The Rangers wore the jerseys at home on Saturdays and when they played against Original Six teams.

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10. On June 14, 2017, the Rangers announced a buyout of the remaining three years on Dan Girardi's contract.

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11. On June 25, 2016 the Rangers acquired Nick Holden from the Colorado Avalanche for a 2017 fourth-round draft pick.

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12. On January 8, 2016 the Rangers traded Emerson Etem to the Vancouver Canucks for Nicklas Jensen and a sixth-round pick in the 2017 NHL draft.

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13. The Rangers finished the season ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning and the New York Islanders, finishing in third place in the Atlantic Division and sixth place in the Eastern Conference for the second straight year.

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14. On February 5, 2007 the Rangers acquired agitating forward Sean Avery in a trade with the Los Angeles Kings.

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15. The next season, the Rangers defeated the Canadiens in six games but lost their second round series to the Penguins in five games.

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16. The Rangers bounced back and they won the next three games, allowing the Canucks just four goals.

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17. The next year, the Rangers acquired superstar center Marcel Dionne after almost 12 years as a Los Angeles King.

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18. The Rangers spent the rest of the 1930s playing close to 0.500 hockey until their next Cup win.

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19. The Rangers won the American Division title their first year but lost to the Boston Bruins in the playoffs.

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20. The Rangers are one of three NHL franchises in the New York metropolitan area, along with the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders.

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21. New York Rangers are a professional ice hockey team based in New York City.

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22. The Rangers have added additional cameras to further enhance the "in-park show" at Globe Life Park.

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23. In 1989, Rangers signed Mo Johnston, "their first major Roman Catholic signing".

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24. Rangers were awarded associate membership and placed in the lowest division, the Third, rather than the First Division as the SPL and SFA had sought.

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25. In 1972, Rangers emerged from the tragedy of the previous year to finally achieve success on the European stage.

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26. The Rangers will have a home-and-home set of two-game series with designated "natural" NL rival Arizona.

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27. The Rangers are hoping that two years out from Tommy John and with his velocity at a career high, that he can be primed for a big comeback.

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