63 Facts About Orel Hershiser


Orel Hershiser later became a broadcast color analyst for the Dodgers.

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Orel Hershiser helped lead the Dodgers to a championship in the 1988 World Series, and was named the National League Championship Series Most Valuable Player and the World Series MVP.

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Orel Hershiser later pitched in two more World Series and earned the American League Championship Series MVP Award.

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At age eight, Orel Hershiser was the third-place finisher in a national hit, run, and throw competition.

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Orel Hershiser's father was a coach and league administrator and his mother ran the snackbar.

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Orel Hershiser's family moved again and he attended Cherry Hill High School East in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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Orel Hershiser did not make the varsity team until his junior year as he spent his first year on the freshman team and his second year on the junior varsity.

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Orel Hershiser set the single-game strikeout record for his high school in 1976 when he retired 15 batters in a game against Deptford, a record that stood for 21 years.

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Orel Hershiser remains on the school's leaderboards in career winning percentage, strikeouts and earned run average.

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Orel Hershiser received only a partial scholarship from Bowling Green State University.

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Orel Hershiser left school and hitchhiked home, where his parents convinced him to return to school.

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Orel Hershiser enrolled in summer school to bring his grades up and worked at his father's paper company during the summer.

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Orel Hershiser made the all-Mid-American Conference All-Star team his junior year, during which he pitched a no-hitter against Kent State on May 4,1979.

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Orel Hershiser was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

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Orel Hershiser was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 17th round of the 1979 Major League Baseball draft.

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Orel Hershiser spent the next two seasons in AA with the San Antonio Dodgers of the Texas League.

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Orel Hershiser was leading the league in saves at one point but then gave up 20 runs in seven innings on a road trip.

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Orel Hershiser wanted to quit but the manager and pitching coach talked him out of it.

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Orel Hershiser was promoted to the Triple-A Albuquerque Dukes of the Pacific Coast League in 1982.

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Orel Hershiser was almost included in a trade with the Texas Rangers that season, but catcher Jim Sundberg wanted his contract re-written before agreeing to the deal and the Dodgers backed out of the transaction.

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Orel Hershiser won the Mulvey Award as the Dodgers top rookie in spring training in 1983 and expected to make the club but was sent back to Albuquerque where he was briefly reunited with pitching coach Rocky Giordani.

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Orel Hershiser was called up to the Dodgers for the first time on September 1,1983, and made his debut the same day, against the Montreal Expos.

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Orel Hershiser came into the game in the seventh inning and retired all three batters he faced on two ground outs and a strikeout.

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Orel Hershiser played winter ball in the Dominican Republic after the season and worked with pitching coach Dave Wallace on his delivery.

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Orel Hershiser was almost arrested when some fireworks his friends were setting off for a New Year's party hit a Dominican General's house, but Dodger coach Manny Mota intervened on his behalf.

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Orel Hershiser made the Dodgers Opening Day roster for the 1984 season as the last man in the bullpen and was mostly used as a long reliever early on.

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Orel Hershiser gave him the nickname "Bulldog" so that he would have a tougher attitude in games.

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Orel Hershiser saw his first post-season action, pitching in two games in the 1985 National League Championship Series.

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Orel Hershiser started to feel sick playing golf a week before pitchers and catchers reported, and it was discovered he needed an emergency appendectomy.

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Orel Hershiser was selected to his second all-star game and was a unanimous selection for the National League Cy Young Award.

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Orel Hershiser won the Gold Glove Award for the best fielding pitcher in the National League.

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Orel Hershiser then pitched a complete-game shutout in Game 7 and was selected as the NLCS MVP.

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Orel Hershiser then pitched a shutout in Game 2 of the World Series and allowed only two runs in a complete game in the clinching victory in Game 5, winning the World Series MVP Award.

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Orel Hershiser is the only player to receive the Cy Young Award, the Championship Series MVP Award, and the World Series MVP Award in the same season.

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Orel Hershiser later received both The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year and Sports Illustrated magazine's Sportsman of the Year award for his accomplishments in 1988.

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Orel Hershiser was determined to stay in until his team took the lead, no matter what the manager wanted.

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Orel Hershiser won his last six decisions and was selected as the UPI Comeback Player of the Year.

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Orel Hershiser's numbers were not what they were before the surgery, but he was still effective.

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Orel Hershiser was involved in the negotiations as part of the Major League Baseball Players Association but the strike signaled the end of his time with the Dodgers and he became a free agent.

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Orel Hershiser signed a three-year contract with the Cleveland Indians on April 8,1995.

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Orel Hershiser won the two games he pitched in the 1995 American League Championship Series against the Seattle Mariners and was selected as the ALCS MVP, the first player to have won the LCS MVP Award in both leagues.

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Orel Hershiser pitched effectively in the 1995 World Series against the Atlanta Braves, though the Indians would lose the series in six games.

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Orel Hershiser pitched out of the bullpen in the playoffs as the Mets lost to the Braves in the 1999 National League Championship Series.

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Orel Hershiser signed a one-year contract to return to the Dodgers on December 17,1999.

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Orel Hershiser started the home opener on April 14,2000, against the Reds and allowed only one run in six strong innings.

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Orel Hershiser struggled after that, allowed 36 runs on 42 hits, 14 walks and 11 hit batters.

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Orel Hershiser was not an overpowering pitcher, but he developed a variety of pitches and outthought hitters.

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Orel Hershiser remained with the Dodgers briefly as a player-personnel consultant.

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Orel Hershiser worked on Wednesday Night Baseball for ESPN during the 2001 season.

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Orel Hershiser left that position to join the Texas Rangers as a special assistant to General Manager John Hart in fall of 2001 and was named as the Rangers pitching coach on June 22,2002.

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In October 2005 Orel Hershiser was mentioned as a candidate to replace Jim Tracy as manager of the Dodgers, but the position went to Grady Little.

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Orel Hershiser was mentioned as a possible replacement for Ken Macha of the Oakland Athletics; however, he was ultimately passed over for Bob Geren.

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Orel Hershiser left his position of Rangers pitching coach after the 2005 season to become an executive director of the Rangers, reporting to Club President Jeff Cogen.

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Orel Hershiser did not last long in that position as he quit on February 3,2006.

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On February 13,2006, Orel Hershiser rejoined ESPN as an analyst for Baseball Tonight, Sunday Night Baseball, and the Little League World Series.

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Orel Hershiser's group did not make it past the first round of the bidding.

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In 2014, Orel Hershiser left ESPN and rejoined the Dodgers as a television analyst for their new regional sports network SportsNet LA.

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Orel Hershiser became a regular at Red Rock's poker room in Summerlin, playing $2–$5 No Limit Hold'em.

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Orel Hershiser signed with Poker Royalty to represent his poker career.

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Orel Hershiser was invited to participate in the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

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Orel Hershiser has played in a number of events, including the 2008 World Series of Poker and the 2009 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

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Orel Hershiser won $54,570 on September 7,2008, by taking ninth place in the $10,000 Pokerstars World Championship of Online Poker Event 5.

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Orel Hershiser has made a tradition of giving an autographed baseball to the poker player who eliminates him.

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