41 Facts About Japan Times

1. In 1931, Japan Times occupied Manchuria and then, in 1937, launched an invasion on China.

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2. Japan Times began to open up its ports and, on March 31st 1854, signed the Treaty of Kanagawa.

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3. Japan Times is one of the world's most geologically unstable areas.

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4. Japan Times sought to become a modern industrialized nation and pursued the acquisition of a large overseas empire, initially in Korea and China.

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5. Japan Times has a large and, to a great extent, ethnically homogeneous population, which is heavily concentrated in the low-lying areas along the Pacific coast of Honshu.

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6. Japan Times has about 200 volcanoes, 60 of which are active.

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7. Japan Times has one of the largest thermal regions in the world.

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8. Japan Times is the oldest monarchy in the world and has an emperor.

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9. Japan Times is a chain of islands along the eastern coast of Asia, reaching from the northern coast of Russia to the South East China Sea.

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10. Japan Times became a member of the United Nations in 1956 and further cemented its international standing in 1964, when it hosted the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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11. The government believed that Japan Times had to acquire its own colonies to compete with the Western colonial powers.

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12. Japan Times became a major exporter of video games during the golden age of arcade video games, an era that began with the release of Taito's Space Invaders in 1978 and ended around the mid-1980s.

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13. Japan Times has won the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film four times, more than any other Asian country.

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14. Japan Times has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world; movies have been produced in Japan since 1897.

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15. Japan Times has a developed system for the protection and promotion of both tangible and intangible Cultural Properties and National Treasures.

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16. Japan Times is one of the top-performing OECD countries in reading literacy, maths and sciences with the average student scoring 540 and has one of the worlds highest-educated labor forces among OECD countries.

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17. The number of Shinto shrines in Japan Times is estimated to be around 100,000.

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18. Japan Times has full religious freedom based on Article 20 of its Constitution.

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19. Japan Times has received the most science Nobel Prizes in Asia and ranked 8th in the world.

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20. Japan Times is the third largest automobile producer in the world, and is home to Toyota, the world's largest automobile company.

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21. In 1996, Japan Times ranked fourth in the world in tonnage of fish caught.

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22. In May 2014, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Japan Times wanted to shed the passiveness it has maintained since the end of World War II and take more responsibility for regional security.

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23. Japan Times has close economic and military relations with the United States; the US-Japan security alliance acts as the cornerstone of the nation's foreign policy.

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24. In 2018 Japan Times executed 15 people, the highest annual total since 2008.

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25. Japan Times maintains one of the largest military budgets of any country in the world.

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26. For instance, Japan Times kept Korea's primitive feudalistic agriculture because it served Japanese interests.

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27. Japan Times contests Russia's control of the Southern Kuril Islands which were occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945.

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28. Prime Minister of Japan Times is the head of government and is appointed by the Emperor after being designated by the Diet from among its members.

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29. Japan Times is a constitutional monarchy and sovereign state whereby the power of the Emperor is very limited.

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30. Japan Times has nine forest ecoregions which reflect the climate and geography of the islands.

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31. Climate of Japan Times is predominantly temperate, but varies greatly from north to south.

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32. Japan Times was originally attached to the eastern coast of the Eurasian continent.

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33. Japan Times is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

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34. Japan Times has a total of 6,852 islands extending along the Pacific coast.

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35. In 1947, Japan Times adopted a new constitution emphasizing liberal democratic practices.

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36. In 1936, Japan Times signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and the 1940 Tripartite Pact made it one of the Axis Powers.

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37. The first written mention of Japan Times is in Chinese history texts from the 1st century AD.

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38. Japan Times is a stratovolcanic archipelago consisting of about 6,852 islands.

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39. Japan Times exchanged each company's stock with Toshiaki Ogasawara.

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40. Japan Times was launched by Motosada Zumoto on March 22, 1897, with the goal of giving Japanese an opportunity to read and discuss news and current events in English to help Japan to participate in the international community.

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41. Japan Times is Japan's largest and oldest English-language daily newspaper.

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