62 Facts About Mohun Bagan

1. Mohun Bagan is oldest existing club of India having been established in 1889 in the city, then known under its anglicized name, Calcutta and till date one of the two most successful clubs in India, the other being East Bengal Club.

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2. Mohun Bagan went into the break with a lot to work on as East Bengal were the far better side.

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3. Mohun Bagan took time to get going and could have conceded a penalty when goalkeeper Shilton Paul went for a two-footed challenge on Justin.

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4. Mohun Bagan is a football club based in Kolkata, India.

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5. Mohun Bagan dominated the possession and saw a shot from Sony Norde come off the post with Balwant Singh missing a sitter.

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6. Mohun Bagan struggled for supremacy in first five years of the new decade.

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7. Mohun Bagan ended the first decade of the new millennium with a hattrick of Calcutta League titles.

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8. Mohun Bagan was finally able to exact a revenge of their heavy defeat in 1975 IFA Shield final.

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9. Mohun Bagan played host to the 2002 World Cup Golden ball winning former German 'keeper Oliver Kahn on his last match before retirement in 2008.

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10. In 2004, Mohun Bagan became the first Indian club to launch a credit card in association with ICICI Bank.

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11. Mohun Bagan became the first club to win both Federation Cup and National League in the same season.

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12. Mohun Bagan began strongly winning their first two matches, including a derby victory thanks to a goal from Jose Barreto.

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13. Mohun Bagan captured the Federation Cup in 2001 thanks to heroics of Jose Ramirez Barreto and goalkeeper Bibhas Ghosh.

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14. Mohun Bagan won the IFA Shield in 1999 but had to surrender the National League title to Salgaocar.

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15. In 1991 Mohun Bagan won three trophies including the Rovers Cup.

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16. Mohun Bagan invested significantly in early 1990s bringing in Krishanu Dey, Bikash Panji and Babu Mani along with Chima.

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17. Mohun Bagan became the first club to be honoured by a postage stamp from the Indian Government on their centenary year.

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18. Mohun Bagan celebrated their 100th anniversary in style in 1989.

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19. Mohun Bagan failed to win any matches in the second group stage.

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20. Mohun Bagan became the first club to complete a hattrick of Federation Cup titles in 1982.

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21. Mohun Bagan lost the first derby that season but eventually started to meet their potential.

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22. Mohun Bagan won their first Calcutta League and IFA Shield titles since 1969 and added the third major trophy by defeating Mafatlal Mills in Rovers Cup final.

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23. Mohun Bagan fans were irate after the match and laid siege to the club tent.

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24. Mohun Bagan struggled to assert their dominance in the first half of the 1970s.

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25. In 1967 and 1968, Mohun Bagan won just 2 trophies, Shield and Rovers Cup, respectively.

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26. Mohun Bagan reached finals of all three major trophies in 1965 but lost the Rovers and Shield finals.

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27. Mohun Bagan left Kolkata on 12 February 1961 and played a total of 19 games on their tour, against teams from Uganda, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

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28. Mohun Bagan captured Calcutta League, IFA Shield as well as the Durand Cup, losing just once in 42 matches played in these three tournaments.

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29. Mohun Bagan went on a tour of South East Asia on the request of Indian Government.

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30. In 1951, Mohun Bagan ended a seven-year wait for the Calcutta league by piping rivals East Bengal and Mohammedan for the title.

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31. Mohun Bagan turned 60 years in 1949 and yet again a glittering ceremony took place.

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32. Mohun Bagan became the first Indian club to successfully defend IFA Shield title by defeating Bhawanipore in the 1948 final.

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33. In 1947, Mohun Bagan ended their 36-year-old wait for IFA Shield defeating East Bengal in the final by a solitary goal.

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34. Mohun Bagan had faced British teams in past but those were teams based in India.

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35. Mohun Bagan continued their strong performances in Calcutta League, finishing in top-3 in almost every season till 1928.

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36. Mohun Bagan would create yet another piece of history in 1923 by becoming the first Indian club to participate in Rovers Cup, one of the three major tournaments in the country.

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37. Mohun Bagan won three trophies that year, including the first Coochbehar Cup since 1908.

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38. Mohun Bagan went all out in attack in second half and Kanu Roy scored the vital equalizer with a brilliant long-ranger.

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39. Mohun Bagan was first allowed to participate in 1909, winning their first round debut against YMCA.

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40. Four years after their birth, Mohun Bagan participated in their first tournament—the 1893 edition of Coochbehar Cup, making their debut against "C Company of Sussex Regiment".

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41. Mohun Bagan started the game on the ascendancy and could have drawn first blood in the 10th minute when Henry Kisekka set up Pintu Mahata inside the box.

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42. Mohun Bagan got a major reprieve in the 74th minute when Mohaideen's cross found Sandro, whose header came off the upright.

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43. Towards the end of the first half, Mohun Bagan were dealt a blow when the impressive Pintu Mahata injured his hamstring and had to be replaced by Amey Ranawade.

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44. Mohun Bagan made three changes with Shilton Paul, Dalraj Singh and the misfiring Aser Dipanda not featuring in the team.

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45. Mohun Bagan will get a couple of weeks' time in their hand before the all-important match against East Bengal and coach should address this problem.

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46. Mohun Bagan looked like a depleted side in their last match against Churchill Brothers.

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47. Mohun Bagan holds the record of scoring the fastest goal in a derby.

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48. Mohun Bagan had a keen rivalry with Mohammedan SC till 2000s but the importance of this match has fizzled out in past one and half decades due to the fact that the teams only meet once a year in the Calcutta Football League.

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49. Mohun Bagan fans have provided financial help to the club during times of struggles.

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50. Mohun Bagan have historically enjoyed the privilege of possessing the biggest fan base in India and one of the biggest, globally.

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51. In 1977 Mohun Bagan became the first club in maidan to have floodlights installed in their stadium.

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52. Mohun Bagan became the first Indian club to qualify to the second round of AFC Champions League qualifiers when they defeated Singapore based club Tampines Rovers on 27 January 2016.

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53. In 1998 Mohun Bagan won the treble by winning the IFA Shield, Federation Cup and the National Football League for the first time in one football season.

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54. In 1977 Mohun Bagan played a friendly match against the famous North American Soccer League club New York Cosmos which featured the legendary Brazilian footballer, Pele.

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55. In 1977 Mohun Bagan became the first ever Indian football club to win the triple crown in the same year.

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56. In 1947 Mohun Bagan became the first Indian club to win the IFA Shield post independence.

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57. Mohun Bagan got incredible success from 1933 to 1939 where they won 29 trophies.

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58. Mohun Bagan played their first match in first division of Calcutta Football League on 15 May 1915 against Calcutta Club.

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59. Mohun Bagan was established in 1889 by three famous aristocratic Bengali families of North Kolkata.

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60. Mohun Bagan have won the top-flight football league in India 4 times, the National Football League 3 times and the I-League once.

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61. Mohun Bagan will be bolstered by the return on Haitian winger Sony Norde and Japanese midfielder Yuta Kinowaki to the squad.

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62. Mohun Bagan will be eager to register their first win in the ongoing I-League when they face the likes of Aizawl FC at the Salt Lake Stadium on Saturday evening.

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