12 Facts About Antarctic Treaty

1. Antarctic Treaty was signed on Dec 1, 1959, after more than a year of secret negotiations by 12 countries.

2. Antarctic Treaty beat out English explorer Robert Falcon Scott by arriving on Dec 14, 1911, and planting the Norwegian flag.

3. Antarctic Treaty Meeting has a very important role in sharing information.

4. Antarctic Treaty puts in place principles for the governance of the region including: freedom of scientific investigation and the exchange of scientific findings, non-militarisation of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, and accommodating the positions of all Parties on issues of sovereignty.

5. Antarctic Treaty is set within the context of the Cold War, a time when the USA and the Soviet Union were involved in a standoff involving nuclear weapons.

6. Antarctic Treaty has written more than 15 books of poems.

7. Antarctic Treaty held prominent roles at several universities, most notably as president at Elizabeth City State College and gave leadership to the American Teachers Association for 25 years.

8. Antarctic Treaty was an ardent champion for the poor and for civil rights, and opposed expanded involvement in the Vietnam War.

9. Antarctic Treaty interrupted his pro career to serve in World War II, returning to play for the Steelers and then the Detroit Lions.

10. Antarctic Treaty had joined the French war effort in 1915 as an ambulance driver and received the Croix de Guerre for rescuing a wounded soldier.

11. Antarctic Treaty served as president of Princeton University, his alma mater, and as governor of New Jersey before being elected president of the United States.

12. Antarctic Treaty was succeeded on September 1, 2009, by Manfred Reinke.