21 Facts About County Limerick

1. The University of County Limerick was founded in 1972.

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2. County Limerick benefited from the establishment of the nearby Shannon hydroelectric power station.

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3. Under the Local Government Act of 1888, County Limerick became a county borough with a city council; it has remained administratively independent of the county.

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4. County Limerick played its part in Ireland's fight for freedom in the early 20th century.

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5. From the 1830s, County Limerick experienced substantial emigration to Australia, some government or landlord assisted, some paid.

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6. County Limerick is often referred to as the home of Irish rugby.

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7. County Limerick has won the Irish Senior Cup, the blue riband event of Irish amateur golf, on four occasions and was the first Irish club to win the European Club Championship, in 1980.

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8. County Limerick won the first All-Ireland Senior Football Championship in 1887 when represented by the city's Commercials club and repeated the feat in 1896.

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9. County Limerick is currently represented in the National Leagues by the men's UL Eagles team and the women's UL Aughinish team.

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10. County Limerick is an important centre of higher education in Ireland.

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11. County Limerick is at the heart of the region dubbed "the Midwest".

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12. County Limerick is known to be the antipodes to the Campbell Islands of New Zealand.

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13. County Limerick has long been famous for its passion for arts, culture and heritage and you only have to look at some of its natives, which include Pulitzer Prize winning author, Frank McCourt; novelists Kate O'Brien, Michael Curtin and lately Kevin Barry and Donal Ryan.

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14. County Limerick is well catered for when it comes to literature.

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15. County Limerick is the home of street theatre companies, including "The Umbrella Project".

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16. In 2014, County Limerick became Ireland's inaugural National City of Culture, with a wide variety of artistic and cultural events occurring at various locations around the city throughout the entire year.

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17. The Treaty of County Limerick ended the Williamite war in Ireland which was fought between supporters of the Catholic King James II and the Protestant King William of Orange (Williamites).

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18. County Limerick is located at the head of the Shannon Estuary where the river widens before it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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19. County Limerick got the better of Cork by 38 to 30 in the final of Patrick Horgan was the Rebel County's top scorer with 16 points.

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20. In 2014, County Limerick became Ireland's inaugural National City of Culture, with a wide variety of artistic and cultural events occurring at various locations around the city.

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21. County Limerick borders four other counties: Kerry to the west, Clare to the north, Tipperary to the east and Cork to the south.

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