86 Facts About PM Modi

1. PM Modi will be addressing 15,000 ex-servicemen at the National Stadium, New Delhi before the inauguration of war memorial.

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2. PM Modi will be addressing 15,000 ex-servicemen at the National Stadium in New Delhi before inauguration.

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3. PM Modi invoked the Hindu nationalist theme of "Mother India", which nationalists say included present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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4. PM Modi reviewed developmental projects in the city amid a massive security blanket around a lakeside convention center.

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5. In October 2018, PM Modi received UN's highest environmental award, the 'Champions of the Earth' for policy leadership by "pioneering work in championing" the International Solar Alliance and "new areas of levels of cooperation on environmental action".

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6. PM Modi was declared winner of the Time magazine reader's poll for Person of the Year in 2014 and as well as in 2016.

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7. PM Modi was engaged at age 13 to Jashodaben, marrying her when he was 18.

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8. PM Modi launched the Digital India programme, with the goal of ensuring that government services are available electronically, building infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet access to rural areas, boosting manufacturing of electronic goods in the country, and promoting digital literacy.

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9. PM Modi started a monthly radio programme titled "Mann Ki Baat" on 3 October 2014.

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10. PM Modi was the first Indian prime minister to do so.

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11. PM Modi became the first Prime Minister born after India's independence from the British Empire.

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12. PM Modi projected himself as a person who could bring about "development", without focus on any specific policies.

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13. PM Modi had published a Gujarati book titled Jyotipunj in 2008, containing profiles of various RSS leaders.

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14. PM Modi won the Maninagar constituency, receiving 1,13,589 of 1,54,981 votes and defeating INC candidate Yatin Oza by 75,333 votes.

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15. PM Modi became involved in printing pamphlets opposing the government, sending them to Delhi and organising demonstrations.

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16. PM Modi has begun a high-profile sanitation campaign, and weakened or abolished environmental and labour laws.

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17. PM Modi left home after graduating from school, partly because of an arranged marriage which he rejected.

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18. PM Modi was introduced to the RSS at the age of eight, beginning a long association with the organisation.

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19. PM Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014, and is the Member of Parliament for Varanasi.

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20. In the three years that PM Modi has been in power 78,220 gram panchayats received internet connection.

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21. PM Modi loves writing poetry during his leisure time and has published some of books written by him.

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22. PM Modi is both an 'enigma' and an 'open book' for his supporters as well as his detractors.

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23. PM Modi is fond of cleanliness and he has launched a mission—"Swacch Bharat Mission" to spread the awareness of cleanliness among the masses.

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24. In 2007, while PM Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the investors' summit called 'Vibrant Gujarat' was held and it saw the investment of 6.6 trillion in real-estate sector.

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25. PM Modi has his own style statement and teamed up with several brands that custom make his daily attire.

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26. PM Modi began as a member of BJP, and rose to the position of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, retained office for four terms and thus proving his efficiency as a leader.

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27. Prime Minister Narendra PM Modi has made half sleeves kurta quite popular.

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28. Prime Minister Narendra PM Modi would often use his foreign visits to learn best practices adopted in the host country that could be replicated in India as well.

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29. Prime Minister Narendra PM Modi is widely known for his impeccable administrative capabilities, persona and statesmanship.

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30. PM Modi landing in the Maldives is a sign that years of cold ties with the Maldives because of Mr Yameen's closeness to China is behind now.

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31. Prime Minister PM Modi welcomed the expanding opportunities for Indian companies to invest in the Maldives in different sectors for the mutual benefit of both countries.

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32. PM Modi walked into a meeting with Solih immediately after the ceremony, while he met Nasheed and Gayoom afterwards as well.

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33. On Friday, PM Modi took to Twitter to inform that he will be attending the inauguration ceremony of Maldives President-elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

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34. PM Modi leaves for home after talks with Maldives' new Prez Solih.

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35. Prime Minister Narendra PM Modi will share his thoughts with the people in India and abroad in the 50th edition of the Mann Ki Baat programme of All India Radio this Sunday.

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36. PM Modi will address a rally in Lunglei and meet with various NGO and civil.

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37. PM Modi said India had begun the bidding process for a tenth round of CGD which will mean 400 districts or 70 percent of the country's population is covered in the next two to three years.

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38. PM Modi said that from 66 district districts under CGD coverage till 2014, the work has now expanded to 174 districts and in next two-to-three years, city gas would be available in over 400 districts.

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39. PM Modi said the first Sikh Guru taught the path of truth, righteousness and compassion.

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40. On October 3, 2018, PM Modi received UN's highest environmental award, the 'Champions of the Earth award', for his "pioneering work in championing" the International Solar Alliance and "new areas of levels of cooperation on environmental action".

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41. In 2016, a wax statue of PM Modi was unveiled at Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in London.

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42. PM Modi was ranked fifth on Fortune Magazines first annual list of the "World's Greatest Leaders" in 2015.

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43. PM Modi was named the Best Chief Minister in a 2007 nationwide survey by India Today.

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44. PM Modi has relied upon his reputation as a politician able to bring about economic growth and "development".

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45. PM Modi has been called a fashion-icon for his signature crisply ironed, half-sleeved kurta, as well as for a suit with his name embroidered repeatedly in the pinstripes that he wore during a state visit by US President Barack Obama, which drew public and media attention and criticism.

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46. PM Modi maintains a close relationship with his mother, Hiraben and often visits her on his birthday to seek her blessings.

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47. PM Modi launched the Digital India programme, which has the goal of ensuring that government services are available electronically, building infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet access to rural areas, boosting manufacturing of electronic goods in the country, and promoting digital literacy.

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48. On 31 December 2014, PM Modi announced that the Planning Commission had been scrapped.

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49. PM Modi relaxed or abolished a number of other environmental regulations, particularly those related to industrial activity.

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50. PM Modi has repeatedly stated that Pakistan was an exporter of terrorism.

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51. As of July 2016, PM Modi had made 51 trips to 42 countries with the intent of strengthening diplomatic relations.

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52. PM Modi made several overtures to the United States, including multiple visits to that country.

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53. PM Modi invited all the other leaders of SAARC countries to his swearing in ceremony as prime minister.

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54. PM Modi has generally emphasised his government's efforts at sanitation as a means of ensuring good health.

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55. PM Modi initially appointed Harsh Vardhan, a doctor and an advocate of tobacco control, as minister of health.

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56. In his first year as prime minister, PM Modi reduced the amount of money spent by the central government on healthcare.

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57. In his first cabinet decision, PM Modi set up a team to investigate black money.

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58. In June 2015, PM Modi launched the "Housing for All By 2022" project, which intends to eliminate slums in India by building about 20 million affordable homes for India's urban poor.

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59. On 25 June 2015, PM Modi launched a programme intended to develop 100 smart cities.

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60. In September 2014, PM Modi introduced the Make in India initiative to encourage foreign companies to manufacture products in India, with the goal of turning the country into a global manufacturing hub.

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61. PM Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India on 26 May 2014 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

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62. PM Modi projected himself as a person who could bring about "development", without focus on any specific policies.

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63. In September 2013 PM Modi was named the BJP's candidate for prime minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

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64. PM Modi authored eight other books, mostly containing short stories for children.

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65. In 2008 PM Modi offered land in Gujarat to Tata Motors to set up a plant manufacturing the Nano after a popular agitation had forced the company to move out of West Bengal.

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66. In July 2007 PM Modi completed 2,063 consecutive days as chief minister of Gujarat, making him the longest-serving holder of that post, and the BJP won 122 of 182 state-assembly seats in that year's election.

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67. In 2007 PM Modi authored Karmayog, a 101-page booklet discussing manual scavenging.

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68. PM Modi was barred from entering the United States by the State Department, in accordance with the recommendations of the Commission on International Religious Freedom formed under the aegis of the International Religious Freedom Act, the only person denied a US visa under this law.

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69. PM Modi wrote a foreword to a textbook by Dinanath Batra released in 2014, which stated that ancient India possessed technologies including test-tube babies.

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70. When the BKS staged a farmers' demonstration PM Modi ordered their eviction from state-provided houses, and his decision to demolish 200 illegal temples in Gandhinagar deepened the rift with the VHP.

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71. PM Modi framed the criticism of his government for human rights violations as an attack upon Gujarati pride, a strategy which led to the BJP winning two-thirds of the seats in the state assembly.

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72. PM Modi submitted his resignation at the April 2002 BJP national executive meeting in Goa, but it was not accepted.

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73. Contrary to the SIT's position, he said that PM Modi could be prosecuted based on the available evidence.

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74. On 7 October 2001, PM Modi was administered the oath of office.

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75. In his travels during the Emergency, PM Modi was often forced to move in disguise, once dressing as a monk, and once as a Sikh.

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76. PM Modi was forced to go underground in Gujarat and frequently travelled in disguise to avoid arrest.

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77. PM Modi was appointed general secretary of the "Gujarat Lok Sangharsh Samiti", an RSS committee coordinating opposition to the Emergency in Gujarat.

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78. In 1978 PM Modi received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from School of Open Learning at University of Delhi, graduating with a third class.

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79. PM Modi remained only a short time at each, since he lacked the required college education.

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80. PM Modi spent the ensuing two years travelling across Northern and North-eastern India, though few details of where he went have emerged.

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81. PM Modi preferred playing larger-than-life characters in theatrical productions, which has influenced his political image.

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82. PM Modi had an early gift for rhetoric in debates, and his teachers and students noted this.

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83. PM Modi completed his higher secondary education in Vadnagar in 1967, where a teacher described him as an average student and a keen debater, with interest in theatre.

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84. PM Modi has attempted to improve efficiency in the bureaucracy, and centralised power by abolishing the planning commission and replacing it with the NITI Aayog.

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85. PM Modi led the BJP in the 2014 general election, which gave the party a majority in the Lok Sabha, the first time a single party had achieved this since 1984.

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86. PM Modi travelled around India for two years and visited a number of religious centres.

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