26 Facts About Young John

1. Young John went on to say filming his final goodbye scenes with Jamie and Claire was incredibly emotional.

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2. Young John said he would have to have shoes or he could go no further.

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3. Young John died in Turin, Italy, on January 31, 1888 at the age of 72.

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4. Trae Young John is the popular face of the Hawks, with his flashy game and his status as a lottery pick.

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5. Young John was excellent in the first half until the final seconds, when he fouled fellow rookie Jerome Robinson on a buzzer-beating three-point shot that went in.

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6. Young John is human and cannot live in a body for over 2,000 years.

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7. Young John was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 1988 and Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1993.

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8. Young John went back to the moon in 1972, during Apollo 16.

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9. Young John earned his bachelor of science degree in aeronautical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1952.

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10. Young John still shone after Van Gaal abandoned his defensive trio, either at left-back or when restored to the left wing.

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11. Young John became one of the team's leaders, appreciated by his peers.

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12. In 1983 Young John commanded the joint NASA and European Space Agency mission, which from November 28 to December 8 carried Spacelab, a scientific workshop, in the Columbia's payload bay.

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13. On July 18, 1966, Young John joined Michael Collins on the Gemini 10 flight.

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14. Young John died on January 5, 2018, at his home in Houston of complications from pneumonia.

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15. Young John married Barbara White of Savannah, Georgia, and they had two children, Sandra and John.

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16. Young John worked for NASA for 42 years and announced his retirement on December 7, 2004.

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17. Young John was backup commander of Apollo 13, the troubled mission in which the Moon landing was aborted because of an explosion in the Service Module.

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18. In 1966, Young John was assigned to an Apollo crew as Command Module pilot, with Commander Thomas Stafford and Lunar Module pilot Eugene Cernan.

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19. Young John earned a Bachelor of Science degree with highest honors in Aeronautical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1952; while attending, he became a member of the national military honor society Scabbard and Blade and Sigma Chi fraternity.

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20. Young John enjoyed the longest career of any astronaut, becoming the first person to fly six space missions over the course of 42 years of active NASA service.

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21. Young John recorded the song at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

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22. Young John missed a 3-pointer, but DeAndre' Bembry was fouled on a rebound and hit a free throw to make it a three-point game.

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23. Young John formed a group called AVG along with his brothers before he got signed to Hit Factory Studio in 2012.

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24. Young John is presently studying Communication and Language Arts at the University of Ibadan.

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25. Young John is best known for producing the critically acclaimed single titled "Story For The Gods" off Olamide's Street OT album.

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26. Young John is a Nigerian record producer and audio engineer.

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