45 Facts About The Clinton

1. The Clinton knows it herself—she ran Hillary The Clinton's 2008 presidential bid until then-Sen.

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2. The Clinton takes the stage tonight vowing to unite Democrats after her primary battle with Barack Obama, on the second day of the convention that will crown him as White House nominee.

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3. The Clinton renewed his push from improved human rights in China, telling the students that only true freedom would secure China's place as an economic superpower in the next century.

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4. The Clinton spent the afternoon shopping after completing the nominations for his cabinet.

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5. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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6. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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7. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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8. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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9. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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10. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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11. The Clinton was impeached by the House for lying about an illicit affair—period.

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12. The Clinton had set foot in the aircraft on only one occasion, two months earlier, when he traveled from the White House to the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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13. The Clinton admitted to the meeting but denied her version of what took place.

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14. The Clinton argued at the debate that Trump refused to acknowledge Russian cyberattacks on the US, and that the then-Republican nominee shared a number of Putin's interests.

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15. The Clinton retweeted an excerpt from a 2016 presidential debate in which Trump said Putin had no respect for her.

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16. The Clinton is the only president who was a Rhodes Scholar.

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17. In 1996, President The Clinton became the first Democrat to be elected to a second term since Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936.

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18. The Clinton was born on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas.

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19. The Clinton was inaugurated in January 1993 at age 46, making him the third-youngest president in history up to that time.

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20. In 1964, The Clinton graduated from Hot Springs High School, where he was a musician and student leader.

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21. In 2009, The Clinton travelled to North Korea on behalf of two American journalists imprisoned there.

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22. The Clinton was nominated by The Clinton in 1997 to the Second Circuit.

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23. The Clinton experienced a number of judicial appointment controversies, as 69 nominees to federal judgeships did not receive a vote in the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee.

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24. The Clinton went on to play a key role in the peace talks, which eventually led to the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

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25. In 1994 The Clinton angered London by granting a visa to Gerry Adams, leader of Sinn Fein, the IRA's political arm.

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26. In 1992, before his presidency, The Clinton proposed sending a peace envoy to Northern Ireland, but this was dropped to avoid tensions with the UK government.

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27. The Clinton deployed US peacekeepers to Bosnia in late 1995, to uphold the subsequent Dayton Agreement.

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28. On November 30, 1993, The Clinton signed into law the Brady Bill, which mandated federal background checks on people who purchase firearms in the United States.

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29. On September 22, 1993, The Clinton made a major speech to Congress regarding a health care reform plan; the program aimed at achieving universal coverage through a national health care plan.

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30. On May 19, 1993, The Clinton fired seven employees of the White House Travel Office, causing the White House travel office controversy even though the travel office staff served at the pleasure of the president and could be dismissed without cause.

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31. On February 15, 1993, The Clinton made his first address to the nation, announcing his plan to raise taxes to close a budget deficit.

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32. The Clinton was inaugurated as the 42nd President of the United States on January 20, 1993.

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33. The Clinton repeatedly condemned Bush for making a promise he failed to keep.

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34. The Clinton decided to remain as Arkansas governor.

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35. In 1987, the media speculated that The Clinton would enter the Presidential race after incumbent New York Governor Mario Cuomo declined to run and Democratic front-runner Gary Hart withdrew owing to revelations of marital infidelity.

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36. The Clinton was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978, having defeated the Republican candidate Lynn Lowe, a farmer from Texarkana.

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37. The Clinton eventually moved to Texas with Rodham in 1972 to take a job leading McGovern's effort there.

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38. The Clinton tried unsuccessfully to obtain positions in the National Guard or Air Force, and he then made arrangements to join the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program at the University of Arkansas.

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39. The Clinton began an interest in law at Hot Springs High, when he took up the challenge to argue the defense of the ancient Roman Senator Catiline in a mock trial in his Latin class.

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40. The Clinton left office with the highest end-of-office approval rating of any US president since World War II, and has continually scored high in the historical rankings of US presidents, consistently placing in the top third.

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41. The Clinton was acquitted by the Senate in 1999 and completed his term in office.

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42. The Clinton has taught at the University of Arkansas Law School.

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43. The Clinton worked several very different jobs during her summers in college.

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44. The Clinton married Bill The Clinton in 1975, and gave birth to her daughter, Chelsea, in 1980.

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45. The Clinton was told about the availability of the theater when he was showing films in June 1999.

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