46 Facts About Nico Hulkenberg

1. Nico Hulkenberg contested the Spa-Francorchamps round of the World Endurance Championship as preparation.

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2. Nico Hulkenberg bounced back with a 6th place finish at the United States Grand Prix.

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3. Nico Hulkenberg achieved his best ever result for Renault at his home grand prix in Germany with 5th place, overtaking Kevin Magnussen late on when the rain started to fall.

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4. Nico Hulkenberg went out in Q1 for the first time in 59 races due to a fuel pressure problem with his car.

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5. Nico Hulkenberg ended up builiding enough of a gap to Perez that the time penalty did not affect his position.

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6. Nico Hulkenberg qualified 'best of the rest' in Abu Dhabi with 7th place.

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7. Nico Hulkenberg looked set to take his long-awaited first podium finish in Formula 1, until Daniil Kvyat crashed and brought out the Safety Car and a blunder in strategy by Renault left him in 5th place.

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8. Nico Hulkenberg returned from the summer break in Belgium in good form as he qualified 7th and finished 6th in the race.

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9. Nico Hulkenberg confronted Magnussen while he was interviewed by Danish TV in the media pen, labelling him 'nasty' and the 'most unsporting driver of the whole grid' and Magnussen replied with a "Suck my balls" response.

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10. Nico Hulkenberg scored 72 points in the season, finishing ninth in the Drivers' Championship and helping Force India finish the Constructors' Championship in fourth.

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11. Nico Hulkenberg capped off his season in Abu Dhabi by outqualifying Perez again to seventh place and finishing in the same position, having survived a collision with Max Verstappen on the first lap.

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12. Nico Hulkenberg qualified seventh in the USA, before retiring after being squeezed in between Valtteri Bottas and Sebastian Vettel.

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13. Nico Hulkenberg eventually finished sixth, passing the eventual World Champion Nico Rosberg, who had struggled throughout the race, just before the finish line on the last lap.

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14. Nico Hulkenberg would finish the next two races in 15th position with the Force India being uncompetitive.

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15. Nico Hulkenberg would retire from the next race with an oil leak.

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16. At the Chinese Grand Prix Nico Hulkenberg took sixth place, taking eight points.

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17. Nico Hulkenberg put in his best qualifying performance of the season to date at the Italian Grand Prix to put himself 3rd on the grid.

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18. At the Malaysian Grand Prix, Nico Hulkenberg qualified in twelfth, but finished the race in eighth place.

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19. Nico Hulkenberg failed to start the Australian Grand Prix due to a leak in the fuel system of his Sauber C32; he had qualified eleventh for the race, but was withdrawn for safety reasons.

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20. Nico Hulkenberg finished the year 17 points ahead of his teammate Paul di Resta and he out-qualified him 12 times, to di Resta's eight.

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21. Nico Hulkenberg still led until he was passed by Hamilton, after sliding at the entry of Turn 8 on lap 49.

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22. Nico Hulkenberg moved into second position when McLaren's Lewis Hamilton pitted on lap 11.

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23. Nico Hulkenberg achieved his best Formula One finish with a fourth place at the Belgian Grand Prix.

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24. Nico Hulkenberg competed in the first practice sessions of all the races apart from Monaco, Hungary, Korea, India and Abu Dhabi.

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25. Nico Hulkenberg replaced Paul di Resta, who was promoted to a race position in the team.

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26. On 26 January 2011, Nico Hulkenberg was confirmed as Force India's reserve driver for the 2011 season, where he would drive for the team in the Friday practice sessions.

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27. Nico Hulkenberg picked up points finishes in Italy, Singapore, and Korea.

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28. Nico Hulkenberg was tenth again at Silverstone, and at the Hungarian Grand Prix he finished sixth, a career best.

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29. At the third round in Malaysia, Nico Hulkenberg made it to Q3 for the first time, qualifying in fifth place; out-qualifying teammate Barrichello for the first time.

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30. Nico Hulkenberg made his debut at the Bahrain Grand Prix, recovering from an early spin to finish in fourteenth position.

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31. On 2 November 2009, Nico Hulkenberg was confirmed to race for Williams in 2010.

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32. Nico Hulkenberg clinched the title with two races to spare, after a third-place finish in the Monza sprint race, shadowing Brazilians Luiz Razia and Lucas di Grassi home.

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33. Nico Hulkenberg won the sprint race as well, becoming the first driver to do the weekend double since Giorgio Pantano at Monza in the 2006 season.

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34. Nico Hulkenberg won the Formula 3 Euro Series championship in 2008.

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35. Nico Hulkenberg won the non-championship Masters of Formula 3 race at Zolder from teammate Romain Grosjean after Grosjean stalled at the start.

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36. Nico Hulkenberg finished fifth in the German Formula Three Championship in 2006.

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37. Nico Hulkenberg finished first in the Formula BMW world final but was stripped of the win after it was claimed he had brake-tested his rivals during a safety car period.

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38. Nico Hulkenberg made his German Formula BMW debut in 2005, dominating the championship and winning the title comfortably.

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39. Nico Hulkenberg praised Hulkenberg as an "unbelievable talent" and said he reminded him of Schumacher as a young driver.

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40. Nico Hulkenberg was previously managed by Willi Weber, the long-time manager of Michael Schumacher.

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41. Nico Hulkenberg made his karting debut in 1997, at the age of 10.

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42. Nico Hulkenberg trained as a freight forwarding agent at his father's company.

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43. Nico Hulkenberg was promoted to a race seat with the team for the 2012 season, joining Paul di Resta.

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44. Nico Hulkenberg raced in Formula One in 2010 with the Williams team.

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45. Nico Hulkenberg is one of three drivers since 2005 to win the GP2 series championship in his debut season, the others being Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

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46. Nico Hulkenberg was the 2009 champion of the GP2 Series, and is a previous champion of both the Formula 3 Euro Series and A1 Grand Prix, as part of A1 Team Germany.

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