8 Facts About McLaren

1. In 2015 McLaren were without a title sponsor, and set to lose a further £20m in sponsorship in 2016.

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2. In 2007, McLaren signed a seven-year contract with telecommunications company Vodafone, and became known as "Vodafone McLaren Mercedes".

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3. In 1997, Philip Morris parted ways with McLaren, moving to Ferrari, instead.

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4. In 2007, McLaren were involved in an espionage controversy after their chief designer Mike Coughlan obtained confidential technical information from Ferrari.

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5. On 10 November 2018, McLaren announced that they would participate in the 2019 Indianapolis 500 with Fernando Alonso again at the wheel, using Chevrolet engines.

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6. The next points for McLaren came at the 2016 Russian Grand Prix with Alonso and Button finishing sixth and 10th respectively.

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7. That year, McLaren experimented with four-wheel drive in the M9A, but the car had only a single outing driven by Derek Bell at the British Grand Prix; Bruce described driving it as like "trying to write your signature with somebody jogging your elbow".

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8. In 1981, McLaren merged with Ron Dennis' Project Four Racing; Dennis took over as team principal and shortly after organised a buyout of the original McLaren shareholders to take full control of the team.

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