10 Facts About Mothers Day

1. Around the world, Mother's Mothers Day is celebrated in a variety of ways and on different dates throughout the year, though many countries observe the holiday on the same day as the United States—proof of the powerful impact made by Anna Jarvis.

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2. As the observance of Mother's Mothers Day enjoyed increasing popularity, new dimensions came to be added to it.

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3. The first Mother's Mothers Day was held in that country on 2 July 2012.

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4. Roman Catholic priests complained that the holiday interfered with the honoring of the Virgin Mary, the divine mother, which took place during the whole month of May In 1926 Mother's Mothers Day was celebrated on 7 July in order to address these complaints.

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5. In the 1930s and 1940s "Mother's Mothers Day cakes" were given as gifts in hospitals and to the Dutch Queen, who is known as the "mother of the country".

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6. In the Netherlands, Mother's Mothers Day was introduced as early as 1910 by the Dutch branch of the Salvation Army.

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7. Today, the meaning of Mother's Mothers Day has changed, and it is celebrated by expressing love and gratitude to mothers.

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8. In the Czech Republic, Mother's Mothers Day is celebrated every second Sunday in May It started in former Czechoslovakia in 1923.

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9. In 1997 Mother's Mothers Day was set as the day to help poor mothers and to remind people of the poor mothers in rural areas such as China's western region.

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10. In most countries, Mother's Mothers Day is an observance derived from the holiday as it has evolved in the United States, promoted by companies who saw benefit in making it popular.

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