56 Facts About Lincoln

1. Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860.

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2. Abraham Lincoln is considered by many scholars to have been the best President.

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3. Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, 1809.

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4. Lincoln was considered by historians to be one of the top three greatest presidents in US history, along with George Washington and Franklin D Roosevelt.

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5. Abraham Lincoln kept the country together during the Civil War and he ended slavery in the United States.

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6. Abraham Lincoln put blockades on all the ports of the Confederate states.

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7. Lincoln was the first President of the United States to take control of the armed forces in this way.

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8. Lincoln was the postmaster in New Salem, Illinois, and served as surveyor for the county.

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9. Abraham Lincoln was a hard-working man who brought the same diligence to every position that he held, including the Office of the President of the United States.

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10. Abraham Lincoln was born in a one-room cabin in Kentucky.

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11. Abraham Lincoln became President during one of our nation's most difficult periods.

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12. Lincoln was the tallest President at six feet four inches.

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13. Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at the Ford Theater in Washington DC while attending a play.

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14. Lincoln was a huge fan of Shakespeare and used to quote him frequently.

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15. Lincoln was passionate for gadgetry and had a keen interest in the artillery used by the Union troops during the Civil War.

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16. Abraham Lincoln was the very first American president to have an inaugural photo taken.

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17. In the two world wars, Lincoln switched to war production.

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18. Lincoln was hit by a major typhoid epidemic between November 1904 and August 1905 caused by polluted drinking water from Hartsholme Lake and the River Witham.

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19. Lincoln was home to one of the five most important Jewish communities in England, well established before it was officially noted in 1154.

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20. Lincoln was born on Feb 12, 1809, in Kentucky; he was professionally successful in Illinois.

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21. Abraham Lincoln is both the most criticized as well as the most cherished President of United States.

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22. Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to be killed while in office.

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23. Lincoln was president from 1861 until his death on April 15, 1865.

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24. Abraham Lincoln is well known for his very characteristic and recognizable appearance.

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25. Lincoln was close to his stepmother, and actually referred to her as "Mother" as opposed to calling her "Stepmother" or "Sarah.

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26. Lincoln was born in a backwoods cabin 3 miles south of Hodgenville, Kentucky, and was taken to a farm in the neighbouring valley of Knob Creek when he was two years old.

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27. Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 in a backwoods cabin in Kentucky.

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28. In 1863, Lincoln declared the final Thursday in November of that year to be a day of Thanksgiving.

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29. On March 4, 1865, Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address.

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30. Lincoln was a master politician, bringing together—and holding together—all the main factions of the Republican Party, and bringing in War Democrats such as Edwin M Stanton and Andrew Johnson as well.

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31. While the war was still being waged, Lincoln faced reelection in 1864.

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32. In that month, Lincoln discussed a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation with his cabinet.

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33. Lincoln was supported by Congress and the northern public for these actions.

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34. On November 6, 1860, Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States, beating Douglas, Breckinridge, and Bell.

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35. As the 1856 elections approached, Lincoln abandoned the defunct Whig Party in favor of the Republicans.

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36. In the 1854 elections, Lincoln was elected to the Illinois legislature but declined to take his seat.

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37. The idea was never commercialized, but Lincoln is the only president to hold a patent.

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38. From the early 1830s, Lincoln was a steadfast Whig and professed to friends in 1861 to be "an old line Whig, a disciple of Henry Clay".

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39. Late in 1836, Lincoln agreed to a match with Mary if she returned to New Salem.

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40. In 1860, Lincoln noted that the family's move to Indiana was "partly on account of slavery"; but mainly due to land title difficulties in Kentucky.

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41. In 1860, Lincoln secured the Republican Party presidential nomination as a moderate from a swing state, though most delegates originally favored other candidates.

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42. On October 16, 1854, Lincoln went before a large crowd in Peoria to debate the merits of the Kansas-Nebraska Act with Douglas, denouncing slavery and its extension and calling the institution a violation of the most basic tenets of the Declaration of Independence.

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43. Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a one-room log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky; his family moved to southern Indiana in 1816.

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44. Lincoln was born in a Kentucky log cabin in 1809, and in 1816 his father, Thomas, moved the family across the Ohio River to a 160-acre plot in southern Indiana.

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45. Lincoln was a hands-on commander-in-chief who, given his passion for gadgetry, was keenly interested in the artillery used by his Union troops during the Civil War.

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46. In the general election, Lincoln faced his friend and rival, Stephan Douglas, this time besting him in a four-way race that included John C Breckinridge of the Northern Democrats and John Bell of the Constitution Party.

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47. Abraham Lincoln served as a lobbyist for the Illinois Central Railroad as its company attorney.

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48. Abraham Lincoln served a single term in the US House of Representatives from 1847 to 1849.

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49. Abraham Lincoln was married to Mary Todd on November 4, 1842.

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50. On January 1, 1863, Lincoln delivered the Emancipation Proclamation, reshaping the cause of the Civil War from saving the Union to abolishing slavery.

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51. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky, on February 12, 1809.

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52. Lincoln was part of seances after his son died in the White House.

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53. Lincoln was photographed with John Wilkes Booth at his second inauguration.

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54. Lincoln was a simple man of tastes, and he never drank in the White House.

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55. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has its first vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion.

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56. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has named Dr Marco Barker its inaugural vice chancellor for diversity and inclusion, effective April 1, 2019.

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