56 Facts About Princess Anne


Anne, Princess Royal is a member of the British royal family.

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Princess Anne is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the only sister of King Charles III.

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Princess Anne became a respected equestrian, winning one gold medal in 1971 and two silver medals in 1975 at the European Eventing Championships.

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In 1988, the Princess Anne Royal became a member of the International Olympic Committee.

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Princess Anne holds patronage in over 300 organisations, including WISE, Riders for Health, and Carers Trust.

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Princess Anne has been associated with Save the Children for over fifty years and has visited a number of their projects.

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Princess Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973; they separated in 1989 and divorced in 1992.

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Princess Anne was christened in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace on 21 October 1950, by the Archbishop of York, Cyril Garbett.

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Princess Anne rose to second after her mother's accession; she is currently 16th in line.

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Princess Anne was active until 1963, when Anne went to boarding school.

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Princess Anne began to undertake royal engagements in 1969, at the age of 18.

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At age 21, Princess Anne won the individual title at the European Eventing Championship and was voted the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1971.

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Princess Anne rode winners in horse racing, competing in the Grand Military Steeplechase in Sandown Park Racecourse and Diamond Stakes at Royal Ascot.

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The following year, Princess Anne participated in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal as a member of the British team, riding the Queen's horse, Goodwill, in Eventing.

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Princess Anne suffered a concussion halfway through the course but remounted and finished the event; she has stated she cannot remember making the rest of the jumps.

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Princess Anne finished sixth at the Badminton Horse Trials in 1979.

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Princess Anne assumed the Presidency of the Federation Equestre Internationale from 1986 until 1994.

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Princess Anne met Mark Phillips, a lieutenant in the 1st Queen's Dragoon Guards, in 1968 at a party for horse lovers.

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Princess Anne met Timothy Laurence, a commander in the Royal Navy, while he was serving on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

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Wedding ceremony, Princess Anne wore a white jacket over a "demure, cropped-to-the-knee dress" and a spray of white flowers in her hair.

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Princess Anne visited Beaton in hospital and thanked him for his assistance.

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Princess Anne undertakes a number of duties and engagements on behalf of the sovereign.

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Princess Anne began to undertake overseas visits upon leaving secondary school, and accompanied her parents on a state visit to Austria in the same year.

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Princess Anne is involved with over 200 charities and organisations in an official capacity.

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Princess Anne has visited the organisation's projects in Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Princess Anne initiated The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in 1991.

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Princess Anne is the patron of Transaid, a charity founded by Save the Children and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport which aims to provide safe and sustainable transport in developing countries.

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Princess Anne is the royal patron of WISE, an organisation that encourages young women to pursue careers in science, engineering and construction.

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Princess Anne is a British representative in the International Olympic Committee as an administrator, and was a member of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games.

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Princess Anne serves as president of the British Olympic Association.

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Princess Anne maintains a relationship with student sport and is the patron of British Universities and Colleges Sport.

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Princess Anne has been patron of the Royal National Children's Foundation since 2002 and the industrial heritage museum, Aerospace Bristol, since 2016.

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Princess Anne is a Royal Fellow of the Royal Society and the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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Princess Anne is the Academy of Medical Sciences' first Royal Fellow.

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Princess Anne was elected Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh effective 31 March 2011, succeeding her father, who stepped down from the role in 2010.

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Princess Anne has been the president of the Commonwealth Study Conference, an initiative founded by her father.

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Princess Anne is patron of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, Royal College of Midwives, Magpas Air Ambulance, Edinburgh University's Royal School of Veterinary Studies, Royal Holloway, University of London, International Students House, London, Acid Survivors Trust International, Townswomen's Guilds, Citizens Advice, and the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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Princess Anne represented Great Britain in the International Olympic Committee at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia.

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In September 2016, the Princess Anne had a chest infection and was required to cancel official engagements.

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On 12 September 2022, in St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, Princess Anne became the first woman to participate in a Vigil of the Princes, guarding her mother's coffin.

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Princess Anne has been called the royal family's "trustiest anchor" and a "beacon of good, old-fashioned public service", having carried out over 20,000 engagements since her 18th birthday.

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Princess Anne spurred controversy for telling photographers to "naff off" at the Badminton Horse Trials in 1982.

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Vanity Fair wrote that Princess Anne "has a reputation for having inherited her father's famously sharp tongue and waspish wit".

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Tominey wrote that Princess Anne's public role is a "contradiction of both protocol taskmaster and occasional rule-breaker".

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Reportedly, Princess Anne "insists on doing her own make-up and hair" and drives herself to engagements, having pleaded guilty to two separate speeding fines on account of being late.

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Princess Anne's reputation is coupled with her advocacy for causes out of the mainstream, such as Wetwheels Foundation's commitment to accessible sailing and the National Lighthouse Museum.

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British Vogue editor Edward Enninful has said that "Princess Anne is a true style icon and was all about sustainable fashion before the rest of us really knew what that meant".

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Princess Anne's style has been noted for its timelessness; she relies almost solely on British fashion brands, with tweed and tailored suits as her hallmarks.

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Princess Anne is known for recycling outfits, such as her floral-print dress worn both to the wedding of the Prince of Wales in 1981 and the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor in 2008.

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Princess Anne is the patron of UK Fashion and Textile Association.

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Princess Anne has been noted for wearing "bold patterns and vibrant pops of colour".

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Princess Anne is one of the few women in the royal family to wear a military uniform.

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Princess Anne presented the Queen Elizabeth II award for British design at London Fashion Week in 2020.

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Princess Anne has appeared on three British Vogue covers; after first appearing on the 1971 September issue at age 21, she featured in the May and November 1973 issues, commemorating her engagement to Mark Phillips.

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Princess Anne was featured in the cover story for the May 2020 issue of Vanity Fair.

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Princess Anne is the first member of the royal family to have been convicted of a criminal offence.

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