33 Facts About Sierra Leone

1. Sierra Leone is the first African country to join the International Floorball Federation.

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2. Sierra Leone is home to about sixteen ethnic groups, each with its own language.

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3. Sierra Leone has a vibrant Ahmaddiya Muslim population, and there are five hundred Ahmaddiyya Mosque across Sierra Leone.

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4. The constitution of Sierra Leone provides for freedom of religion and the Sierra Leone Government generally protects it.

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5. Sierra Leone appears on the EU list of prohibited countries with regard to the certification of airlines.

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6. Sierra Leone has the largest natural harbour on the African continent, allowing international shipping through the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in the Cline Town area of eastern Freetown or through Government Wharf in central Freetown.

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7. Law enforcement in Sierra Leone is primarily the responsibility of the Sierra Leone Police.

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8. President of Sierra Leone is the Commander in Chief of the military, with the Minister of Defence responsible for defence policy and the formulation of the armed forces.

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9. Republic of Sierra Leone is composed of four regions: the Northern Province, Southern Province, the Eastern Province, and the Western Area.

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10. Sierra Leone has good relations with the West, including the United States, and has maintained historical ties with the United Kingdom and other former British colonies through membership in the Commonwealth of Nations.

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11. Sierra Leone has diplomatic relations that include China, Russia, Libya, Iran, and Cuba.

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12. Sierra Leone has a dominant unitary central government and a weak local government.

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13. Sierra Leone is located on the west coast of Africa, lying mostly between latitudes 7° and 10°N, and longitudes 10° and 14°W.

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14. In early August 2014 Sierra Leone cancelled league football matches because of the Ebola epidemic.

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15. In 2014 an Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone began, which had widespread impact on the country, including forcing Sierra Leone to declare a state of emergency.

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16. Sierra Leone was Major General Joseph Saidu Momoh, the head of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces and Stevens' own choice to succeed him.

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17. Sierra Leone built several government institutions that are still in use today.

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18. Sierra Leone cancelled Juxon-Smith's construction of a church and mosque on the grounds of Victoria Park.

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19. Sierra Leone was a close ally of Albert Margai, who had appointed him to the position in 1964.

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20. Sierra Leone appointed government officials to represent various ethnic groups.

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21. In May 1962, Sierra Leone held its first general election as an independent nation.

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22. In May 1957, Sierra Leone held its first parliamentary election.

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23. In 1953, Sierra Leone was granted local ministerial powers and Margai was elected Chief Minister of Sierra Leone.

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24. In 1924, the UK government divided Sierra Leone into a Colony and a Protectorate, with different political systems constitutionally defined for each.

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25. Sierra Leone developed as the educational centre of British West Africa.

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26. Sierra Leone is a member of many international organisations, including the United Nations, the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States, the Mano River Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Development Bank and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

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27. Sierra Leone is home to the third-largest natural harbour in the world.

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28. Sierra Leone has relied on mining, especially diamonds, for its economic base.

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29. Sierra Leone has had an uninterrupted democracy since 1998 to present.

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30. In May 1962, Sierra Leone held its first general elections as an independent nation.

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31. Sierra Leone became independent from the United Kingdom on 27 April 1961, led by Sir Milton Margai.

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32. Sierra Leone was a British Colony from 1806 to 1961.

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33. Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic with a directly elected president and a unicameral legislature.

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