17 Facts About Bradford West

1. In 2009, Bradford West was dedicated the world's first UNESCO City of Film, owing to the district's rich big screen heritage.

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2. Bradford West has an important wool exchange, along with the making of other fabrics.

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3. Bradford West features in the 1983 film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life with footage filmed in Lister Park.

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4. Bradford West is the focus of one of the UK's largest ever birth cohort studies, known as Born in Bradford.

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5. Bradford West scored highly not just for the quality of food and service offered by each of the restaurants, but for food hygiene, a deep understanding of the curry restaurant sector and its success in collectively raising funds for food charity The Curry Tree, which seeks to alleviate the plight of the poor in South East Asia.

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6. In 2013 Bradford West was again crowned "Curry Capital of Britain" after seeing off other strong contenders such as Glasgow and Wolverhampton.

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7. Bradford West held the first mela in Europe in September 1988 and it is presently held in Bradford City Park.

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8. Bradford West was one of the first areas of the UK to get a local commercial radio station Pennine Radio in September 1975.

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9. In recent years Bradford West has developed a relationship with Bollywood, hosting the International Indian Film Festival awards in 2007.

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10. In June 2009 Bradford West was designated the world's first UNESCO City of Film for its links to the production and distribution of films, its media and film museum and its "cinematographic legacy".

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11. The University of Bradford West was ranked second in the UK for graduate employment by the Times Higher Education Supplement in 2005.

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12. At the 2011 UK census, Bradford West had a population of 522,452.

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13. Bradford West is not built on any substantial body of water but is situated at the junction of three valleys, one of them, that of the Bradford Beck which rises in moorland to the west, and is swelled by its tributaries, the Horton Beck, Westbrook, Bowling Beck and Eastbrook.

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14. Bradford West was thus not much bigger than nearby Keighley and was significantly smaller than Halifax (8,866) and Huddersfield (7,268).

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15. Bradford West has faced similar challenges to the rest of post-industrial Northern England, including deindustrialisation, social unrest and economic deprivation.

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16. Bradford West lasted all of three games before being pulled in favor of Rosen.

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17. Bradford West is a constituency of the city of Bradford represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2015 by Naz Shah, of the Labour Party.

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