34 Facts About Mike Elias

1. Michael Mike Elias was the third credited writer.

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2. Mike Elias was among a group of candidates that included front-office minds Ben Cherington, Ned Colletti and Ned Rice, along with Major League Baseball officials Peter Woodfork and Tyrone Brooks.

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3. Mike Elias is currently the assistant general manager for the Houston Astros.

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4. Mike Elias came to Houston with Luhnow in 2011, after having served together with the St Louis Cardinals, and oversaw the Astros' amateur scouting his entire time there, getting promoted to assistant GM in 2016, when the team added oversight of player development and minor league operations to his list of responsibilities.

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5. Mike Elias could be joined in Baltimore by Sig Mejdal, the former NASA engineer who spearheaded the Astros' vast analytics operation but who resigned two weeks ago and has said he wants to remain in baseball.

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6. Mike Elias will earn a contract extension if he pulls that off.

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7. Mike Elias had previously been reported to be among the top candidates in the search.

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8. Mike Elias will be faced with a long road back to contention with the Orioles, but he's deeply familiar with such an arc.

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9. Mike Elias is a Yale graduate who started out as a scout in the Cardinals' front office.

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10. Mike Elias is expected to be named the Orioles' new head of baseball operations.

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11. Mike Elias was slick enough not to get tied to a rebuild timeframe.

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12. Mike Elias seemed comfortable with the new leadership of the Orioles.

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13. Mike Elias said that he's seen the system work in Houston and St Louis, where he worked before joining his mentor, Jeff Luhnow, with the Astros.

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14. Mike Elias was chosen after a six-week search, and the Angelos brothers estimated they had spent 25 to 30 hours speaking with their new GM.

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15. Mike Elias graduated from Yale University where he was a pitcher on the baseball team.

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16. Mike Elias joined the Astros in 2012 and played a role in assembling a roster that won the World Series in 2017.

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17. Mike Elias will have to help reload the roster to help the squad compete in the AL East before too long.

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18. Mike Elias is currently the Houston Astros assistant general manager, in charge of scouting and player development.

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19. Mike Elias says all the right things as his new era of the Orioles begins.

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20. Mike Elias said Monday that the mountain might not be quite as high as everybody thinks and promised to make the Orioles competitive again "as soon as possible.

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21. Mike Elias was a young teenager when the brand-new Oriole Park was in full bloom.

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22. Mike Elias wore a bright orange tie to his introductory news conference as the new general manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

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23. Mike Elias was formally introduced Monday in Baltimore as the Orioles' new executive vice president and general manager.

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24. Mike Elias was asked to provide some background to his draft strategy.

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25. Mike Elias spoke on a couple of other topics that fall under player development.

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26. Mike Elias had some props for the current minor league system.

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27. Mike Elias was in the Astros front office at the 2017 non-waiver trade deadline when a deal for Orioles closer Zach Britton collapsed at the last instant.

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28. Mike Elias noted how the Angelos brothers did their homework on him, but it was a two-way street.

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29. Mike Elias got the job by impressing the Angelos brothers with his enthusiasm, knowledge of analytics and his blueprint to get the Orioles closer toward earning their first World Series title since 1983.

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30. Mike Elias arrived in Houston in 2012, when the Astros were in the midst of three straight 100-loss seasons.

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31. Mike Elias figures that saved him the trouble of dealing veterans himself.

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32. Mike Elias is credited with the Astros' selection of Carlos Correa in the 2012 MLB draft.

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33. Mike Elias graduated from the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia, where he was born.

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34. Michael Mike Elias is an American baseball executive.

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