16 Facts About Angelo

1. San Angelo has become widely known as a retirement center.

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2. San Angelo had become a highly rated medical center by 1989.

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3. San Angelo has one of the most diverse industrial bases in Texas.

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4. San Angelo became a shipping center with the coming of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1888 and the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient in 1909.

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5. San Angelo was located at the juncture of the North, South, and Middle Concho rivers and was surrounded by farms on the east and ranches on the west.

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6. As an early frontier town, San Angelo was characterized by saloons, prostitution, and gambling.

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7. San Angelo is home to a branch of American Commercial College, a private for-profit career college.

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8. San Angelo has a branch of Howard College, which is based in Big Spring, Texas.

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9. San Angelo serves as the regional medical center for west-central Texas.

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10. San Angelo has a diverse economy for a city of its size.

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11. San Angelo falls near the boundary between the subtropical semiarid steppe and mid-latitude steppe climates (Koppen BSk).

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12. San Angelo falls on the southwestern edge of the Edwards Plateau and the northeastern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert at the junction of the North and South Concho Rivers.

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13. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, San Angelo was the center of the Jumano people.

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14. In 2017, Angelo was asked to write a song about togetherness for the Hatfield's and McCoy's Foundation, a nonprofit organization to benefit unemployed coal miner families in Kentucky and West Virginia who are struggling with depression and opioid addiction.

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15. In 1955, D'Angelo got a job as an ad salesman for Columbus AM radio station WTVN, rose to sales manager and then general manager.

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16. In the magazine, D'Angelo does not identify himself as regional CAO but as \"an advance care paramedic with many years experience in senior management positions.

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