49 Facts About Stern Show


Howard Stern Show is an American radio show hosted by Howard Stern that gained wide recognition when it was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from WXRK in New York City, between 1986 and 2005.

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In 2004, Stern Show signed the first of several five-year contracts with Sirius; the first was reportedly worth $500 million.

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Stern Show landed his first professional radio job while at Boston University, performing on-air skits, news casting and production duties at 1550 WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts, from August to December 1975.

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Stern Show hosted a show with three fellow students on WTBU, campus radio station, named The King Schmaltz Bagel Hour which was cancelled during its first broadcast for a sketch called "Godzilla Goes to Harlem".

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Stern Show produced a more outrageous audition tape, playing Robert Klein and Cheech and Chong records mixed with flatulence routines and one-liners.

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Stern Show was hired for the job, his first in a large radio market.

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Stern Show would ask more unusual type questions to his guests, such as their dating habits.

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Stern Show held a two-day boycott of Shell Oil Company during the summer of the 1979 energy crisis, which put Stern Show and the station into the national news.

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Stern Show began a new morning shift at WWWW, a struggling rock outlet in Detroit, Michigan, on April 21,1980.

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Stern Show made a brief, half-hearted attempt to be a country radio DJ but realized it wasn't to his liking.

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Stern Show left the station soon after and declined offers to work at CHUM in Toronto, WXRT in Chicago and WPLJ in New York City.

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On March 2,1981, Stern Show began his third morning job, this time at WWDC-FM, a rock station in Washington, DC He was determined to become a success, and noticed the importance of news segments for satire.

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Stern Show requested for a news person to riff with him in the studio and not just deliver news briefs, returning to the newsroom when they were finished.

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Stern Show formed the Think Tank, a cohesive trio of male listeners who conversed with Stern and played along with quizzes and routines, which helped the show sound more natural.

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Stern Show had more than tripled the station's ratings during his stay.

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Stern Show continued to break out of the station's strict format.

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Stern Show had a naked woman on the show for the first time and attempted to make another reach orgasm through her radio speaker, both of which were reenacted in his film Private Parts.

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Stern Show began a rivalry with the number one host John DeBella of WMMR, and was determined to beat him in the ratings.

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Stern Show achieved his goal in April 1990, and held a celebratory "funeral" for DeBella on May 10 in Rittenhouse Square which aired live.

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Between September 1986 and February 1987, Stern Show hosted a three-hour Saturday morning program with a live audience which was syndicated to 45 markets across the country by DIR Broadcasting.

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That year, Stern Show returned to the Washington, DC, market after a six-year absence when he was syndicated on WJFK, his third affiliate.

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Stern Show rivaled with the KLOS morning team of Mark and Brian, who for three years had the area's top-rated program.

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In January 1992, Stern Show reached the number one spot in New York by overtaking the news station WINS, who had enjoyed a ten-year reign.

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Stern Show was reaching over one million listeners a week there, and hosted a live victory parade in Times Square to celebrate.

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In October 1992, Stern became the first person to have the number one show in New York and Los Angeles simultaneously, as he acquired a 9.

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In January 1993, Stern Show overtook Philadelphia news station KYW-AM in the morning ratings which ended the station's 14-year run at number one.

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Howard Stern Show ran for 11 years until the last original episode aired on July 8,2005.

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In conjunction with his move to satellite radio, Stern Show launched Howard Stern Show on Demand, a subscription-based video-on-demand service, on November 18,2005.

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On December 7,1994, Stern Show made national news by preventing a man from committing suicide who was to jump off the George Washington Bridge.

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Stern Show responded to the reaction with a statement in Spanish, arguing that his comments were not intended to cause pain to her family, friends and loved ones.

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In February 1996, Stern Show announced the Howard Stern Show Radio Network, an agreement that let him form a network consisting of radio personalities that he approved.

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Stern Show aired on Canadian airwaves for the first time on September 2,1997, to CHOM in Montreal and CILQ in Toronto.

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Day after the Columbine High School massacre in Littleton, Colorado, on April 20,1999, Stern Show's comments regarding the incident drew criticism from some listeners.

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Stern Show argued his comments were taken out of context, and accused critics of being overly sensitive.

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At some point Stern Show suggested that Plato do a urinalysis to prove them wrong, while Plato agreed to give a hair sample for analysis.

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In December 2000, Stern renewed his contract with Infinity Broadcasting to continue the radio show for five years.

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In March 2001, Stern Show announced the departure of Martling, who was unable to reach an agreement over a new contract with WXRK.

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Stern Show aired live during the terrorist attacks on September 11,2001, and continued to broadcast with most of his staff until around 12:15 pm.

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On October 6,2004, Stern Show announced his five-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio, a subscription-based satellite radio service, free from the FCC's regulations.

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Promotion of Sirius met with controversy as Stern Show mentioned the service on air, instructing listeners in purchasing receivers and subscriptions.

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When off the air, Stern Show traveled to the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square on an open-top bus and met Martha Stewart, who was broadcasting on her own Sirius channel, Martha Stewart Living Radio.

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Howard Stern Show made its debut broadcast on Sirius on January 9,2006.

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In May 2006, Stern Show claimed he had received offers from three major companies to return to terrestrial radio.

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Rumors arose in September 2006 that Stern Show would be returning, and were denied by Stern Show and Sirius.

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Stern Show announced on June 7,2006, that the lawsuit settlement with CBS Radio finally gave Sirius the exclusive rights to his entire back catalog of broadcasts from WXRK, totalling almost 23,000 hours.

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On December 9,2010, Stern Show announced the signing of a new five-year contract with Sirius XM which ended in December 2015.

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On December 15,2015, Stern announced he signed a new deal with SiriusXM to continue his radio show until December 2020.

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In June 2020, Stern Show faced criticism for a 1993 sketch from his New Year's Rotten Eve Pageant special in which he appeared in blackface.

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Stern Show had previously denied having used the n-word during an interview on The View, but used the word several times in the segment.

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