11 Facts About Mexicans


That discovery led to the Manila galleon trade route and those "Mexicans" referred to Criollos, Mestizos, and Amerindians alluding to a plurality of persons who participated for a common end: the conquest of the Philippines in 1565.

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Large majority of Mexicans have varying degrees of Spanish and Native Meso-American ancestry and have been classified as "Mestizos".

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Recent research based on self-identification indeed, observing that many Mexicans do not actually identify as mestizos and would not agree to be labeled as such, with "static" racial labels such as White, Indian, Black etc.

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White Mexicans are Mexican citizens who trace all or most of their ancestry to Europe.

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The majority of Arab-Mexicans are Christians who belong to the Maronite Church, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Rite Catholic Churches.

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Afro-Mexicans are an ethnic group that predominate in certain areas of Mexico.

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For two and a half centuries, between 1565 and 1815, many Filipinos and Mexicans sailed to and from Mexico and the Philippines as sailors, crews, slaves, prisoners, adventurers and soldiers in the Manila-Acapulco Galleon assisting Spain in its trade between Asia and the Americas.

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Mexicans's arrived in New Spain and eventually she gave rise to the "China Poblana".

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Afro-Mexicans are an ethnic group that predominate in certain areas of Mexico.

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However, the authors of this study state that the majority of African ancestry in Mexicans is of North African origin and was brought by the Spaniards themselves as a diluted part of their genetic ancestry.

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Mexicans are linguistically diverse, with many speaking European languages as well as various Indigenous Mexican Languages.

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