18 Facts About Phoenix Technologies


Phoenix Technologies Ltd is an American company that designs, develops and supports core system software for personal computers and other computing devices.

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Phoenix Technologies was incorporated in Massachusetts in September 1979, and its headquarters are in Campbell, California.

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Phoenix Technologies developed customized versions of 86-DOS for various microprocessor platforms.

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Phoenix Technologies provided PMate as a replacement for Edlin as the DOS file editor.

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In 1987, Phoenix Technologies began the first of many expansion, acquisition, and collapse cycles.

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Phoenix Technologies tripled the number of employees from late 1986 to 1989.

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Phoenix Technologies launched an IPO in June 1988 and made the founder and early employees instant millionaires on paper.

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The original ROM BIOS code base was used on a joint development effort with David Keenan at IBM, but Phoenix Technologies did no further development work on the original code.

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In 1994, Phoenix Technologies acquired Guildford, Surrey, UK-based DIP Research Ltd.

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In 1996, Phoenix Technologies acquired Virtual Chips, Inc, a maker of synthesizable cores for PC peripherals, and Mountain View, California-based Award Software in 1998.

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Phoenix Technologies continued to grow steadily from the late 1990s, and saw a significant increase in revenues from the Y2K product refreshes in the PC industry.

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However, by mid-2001, the PC industry suffered another downturn, and Phoenix Technologies was forced to reduce the less profitable product lines, such as the IA-64 effort, and close a number of redundant offices.

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Phoenix Technologies again focused on the core BIOS business for the next few years.

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Phoenix Technologies announced some of the largest losses in the company history, and went through another consolidation cycle.

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In 2009, Phoenix Technologies shut down their Engineering and Sales offices in Shanghai and Nanjing, China.

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Phoenix Technologies laid off most of the staff in those offices, although some of the managers were moved to other offices in Taiwan.

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Phoenix Technologies opened a new office in Bangalore, India and closed its office in Hyderabad, India.

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In late Q4 2009, Phoenix Technologies began exploring strategic alternatives for the products it had developed and purchased in its prior acquisition phase.

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