26 Facts About Polish American


Polish American Heritage Month is an event in October by Polish American communities, first celebrated in 1981.

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One of the most notable in size of the urban Polish American communities is in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

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Chicago's Polish American community was concentrated along the city's Northwest and Southwest Sides, along Milwaukee and Archer Avenues, respectively.

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However, within New Jersey, Polish American populations are additionally increasing rapidly in Clifton, Passaic County as well as in Garfield, Bergen County.

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LOT Polish American Airlines provides non-stop flight service between JFK International Airport in the Queens borough of New York City, Newark and Warsaw.

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Milwaukee's Polish population has always been overshadowed by the city's more numerous German American inhabitants.

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Nevertheless, the city's once numerous Polish American community built a number of Polish American Cathedrals, among them the magnificent Basilica of St Josaphat and St Stanislaus Catholic Church.

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Polonia in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul is centered on Holy Cross Church in the Northeast Neighborhood of Minneapolis, where a vibrant Polish American ministry continues to care for the Polish American Roman Catholic Faithful.

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Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Nebraska represent a different type of settlement with significant Polish American communities having been established in rural areas.

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The city of Detroit has a very large Polish American community, which historically settled in Poletown and Hamtramck on the east side of Detroit, the neighborhoods along Michigan Avenue from 23rd street into east Dearborn, the west side of Delray, parts of Warrendale and several sections of Wyandotte downriver.

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Cleveland's other Polish American section is in Tremont, located on Cleveland's west side.

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Polish American influences are still common today, in the form of church bazaars, polka music, and Polish American cuisine.

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Visitors can do an entire day's business completely in Polish American including banking, shopping, dining, legal consultations, and even dance lessons.

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Also, the Polish American Community created the Our Lady of Czestochowa Shrine on the campus of Marymount Hospital.

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The veneration of the Virgin Mary in Polish parishes is a significant difference between Polish Catholicism and American Catholicism; Polish nuns in the Felician Order for instance, took to Marianism as the cornerstone of their spiritual development, and Polish churches in the U S were seen as "cult-like" in their veneration of Mary.

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Polish American churches featured replicas of the Lady of Czestochowa, which was on feature at the Jasna Gora Monastery and holds national and religious significance because of its connection to a victorious military defense in 1655.

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Polish American parishioners founded the church to assert independence from the Catholic Church in America.

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Typical Polish American male was born in the United States, spoke Polish in his home when he was a child, but speaks English now, is 38.

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Polish American community was long the subject of anti-Polish American sentiment in America.

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Many popular Polish foods became a fixture in the American cuisine of today, including kielbasa, babka cake, kaszanka, pierogi, and, especially around the time of Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, paczki doughnuts.

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Equally ambitious is the Polish American Museum located in Port Washington, New York, founded in 1977.

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The Polish American Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is a popular annual festival, takes place at the Henry Maier Festival Park.

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Polish American culture left culinary marks in the United States – the inclusion of traditional Polish American cuisine such as pierogi, kielbasa, golabki.

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Some Polish foods were tweaked and reinvented in the new American environment, such as Chicago's Maxwell Street Polish Sausage.

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Early Polish American immigrants built houses with high-pitched roofs in the United States.

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Those who contributed to the Polish American military created Polish American Army Veterans' Association in America.

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