25 Facts About Santa Ana

1. Santa Ana is a major coffee-processing centre, having one of the world's largest coffee mills.

2. Santa Ana is situated in a basin between mountains at an elevation of 2,182 feet.

3. Santa Ana is the County Seat and second largest city in Orange County, and eleventh largest in California.

4. Santa Ana is the financial and governmental center of Orange County and a major city in the state.

5. Santa Ana experiences the warm sunny weather that Southern California is famous for.

6. Santa Ana is home to the famous guitar manufacturer Rickenbacker International Corporation.

7. Santa Ana is located in Southern California on the Santa Ana River, ten miles away from the California coast.

8. Santa Ana is located in the Santa Ana Valley in southwestern California.

9. Santa Ana receives broadcasts from more than 60 AM and FM radio stations; two FM stations broadcast there.

10. Santa Ana became a commercial center; because of its central location in the valley, it was a natural marketplace for crops produced in the surrounding region that is Orange County.

11. Santa Ana is within easy driving distance of Beverly Hills' famous Rodeo Drive, which is lined with luxury and designer shops.

12. Santa Ana has a young, well-trained work force that comprises over 10 percent of Orange County's labor pool.

13. Santa Ana was the only town west of the Rockies to receive such a designation.

14. Santa Ana was the recipient of California's largest commercial loan program, which contributed to redevelopment of the downtown district.

15. Santa Ana is a financial center, with 25 banks and 57 savings and loan associations.

16. Santa Ana has two main markets: the Colon and Central Markets, only a few streets from one another, offering a great variety of products.

17. City of Santa Ana has 183 schools according to statistics from the Salvadoran Ministry of Education, out of those 53 are private.

18. City of Santa Ana is located on a meseta about 665 meters above sea level.

19. Santa Ana is the third largest city in El Salvador, after San Salvador and San Miguel.

20. Santa Ana commanded in the Mexican War, but his defeats at Buena Vista, Cerro Gordo, and Puebla and the loss of Mexico City sent him again into exile.

21. Santa Ana went to Texas to crush the revolution there and became a sort of ogre in American eyes because of the slaughter at the Alamo and the brutality of the massacre at Goliad, which was carried out under his orders.

22. Santa Ana spent 2 years in Venezuela, devoting his time to farming while Mexico sank further into chaos.

23. Santa Ana apparently began to see the possibilities of a monarchy as the solution to Mexico's problems.

24. Santa Ana raised revenue by taxation but spent lavishly on festivals and a private army.

25. Santa Ana fought against Miguel Hidalgo, the priest and original leader of the independence movement, in Texas and distinguished himself in battle.