27 Facts About Sergei Fedorov

1. Sergei Fedorov was one of the first hockey players to defect from his native Soviet Union in order to play in the National Hockey League.

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2. In 2017, Sergei Fedorov was named one of the "100 Greatest NHL Players" in history.

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3. Sergei Fedorov was an ambassador for Russia at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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4. Sergei Fedorov was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on November 9, 2015, and to the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame in 2016.

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5. When he was just 16, Sergei Fedorov was already playing for CSKA Moscow in the Soviet Union with future NHL Hall-of-Famer Pavel Bure and Alexander Mogilny, among others.

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6. Former Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman said Sergei Fedorov was the "best skater I've ever seen".

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7. Sergei Fedorov is different than Wayne and Mario because he dominates with his speed, and unbelievable one-on-one moves.

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8. Sergei Fedorov's got the greatest leg strength I've seen in a player.

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9. Sergei Fedorov finished in the top five for Hart Trophy voting and led Detroit in scoring, and helped them win the Presidents' Trophy.

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10. Sergei Fedorov signed a four-year deal that season to become the first non-North American spokesman for Nike, in which he made the "white skates" famous.

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11. Sergei Fedorov is only the third player in NHL history to have four consecutive 20+ point playoffs, along with Mike Bossy and Bryan Trottier.

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12. Sergei Fedorov led the NHL in plus-minus in the 1990s with a +221.

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13. Sergei Fedorov is currently fourth all-time in many offensive categories in Red Wings history, behind Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman and Alex Delvecchio.

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14. Brian Burke, who had just joined the team as general manager, found that Sergei Fedorov was less interested in contributing to the team, as he had with the Red Wings, than he was enjoying the nightlife in Los Angeles where he would be riding back in limos at 3 to 4am even on game days.

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15. Approaching the NHL trade deadline in 2008, Sergei Fedorov was traded to the Washington Capitals in exchange for prospect Theo Ruth.

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16. Sergei Fedorov knew what he had to do, when to do it, and that's what makes him one of the greatest players, ever.

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17. Early in the season, Sergei Fedorov scored his 1,500th point in official games.

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18. Sergei Fedorov announced he would be returning to CSKA Moscow as a player on October 9, 2013.

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19. Sergei Fedorov played again with CSKA Moscow teammate Alexander Mogilny in the 1988 World Junior Championships; both made the tournament All-Star Team, finishing with a silver medal.

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20. On December 27, 2013, Sergei Fedorov played for CSKA Moscow in the 2013 Spengler Cup—in two games, he scored one goal.

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21. On November 9, 2015, Sergei Fedorov was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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22. On July 14, 2021, Sergei Fedorov was named head coach of CSKA.

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23. Sergei Fedorov was born to Viktor and Natalia Sergei Fedorov in Pskov.

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24. Sergei Fedorov claimed he and tennis star Anna Kournikova were married in 2001.

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25. Sergei Fedorov was romantically linked to actress Tara Reid in 2004.

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26. In 2006, Sergei Fedorov appeared in Soccer Aid, a football game that takes place in England pitting celebrities against each other to benefit UNICEF UK.

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27. Sergei Fedorov competed for the "rest of the world" squad.

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