38 Facts About Terry Doran


Terence James Doran was an English luxury car dealer, pop music manager and music publishing executive, best known for his association with the Beatles.

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Terry Doran was a personal assistant to John Lennon and then George Harrison.

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Terry Doran first met the Beatles in Liverpool, through Epstein, and sold the band their first car, as well as the van in which they travelled to gigs around the North of England.

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Terry Doran relocated to London in 1963 when they moved south to capitalise on their national breakthrough.

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Terry Doran remained among the group's inner circle, along with other friends from Liverpool who went on to work at Apple, and was a trusted confidant to each of the band members.

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Terry Doran is often cited as the inspiration behind the line "Meeting a man from the motor trade" in the Beatles' 1967 song "She's Leaving Home", although Paul McCartney later denied the story.

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Terry Doran was the second of four children, and had three sisters.

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Terry Doran met Brian Epstein, who was then managing the Epstein family's NEMS record stores, in a Liverpool pub in 1959 and the pair became close friends.

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Terry Doran met the Beatles in the early 1960s, shortly after Epstein had become the band's manager.

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In exchange for the reasonable terms offered by Terry Doran, Harrison agreed to pose with his bandmates John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and the car, in an advertisement for Hawthorne.

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Terry Doran then supplied the band – who were soon to fire Pete Best as their drummer and probably lose Best's van as their means of transportion to gigs – with an eight-seater Ford Thames van, which NEMS purchased on the group's behalf.

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In 1963, Terry Doran moved to London when Epstein relocated NEMS there, following the Beatles' national breakthrough.

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Terry Doran co-owned and ran the car dealership Brydor, based in Hounslow, west of London.

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Terry Doran name was an amalgamation of Epstein's first name and Doran's surname.

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Terry Doran's customers included the Beatles, who acquired their Minis through Brydor.

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Terry Doran supplied the group with luxury cars as the band members showed an increasing interest in expensive automobiles.

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Terry Doran fulfilled this order by having the car delivered to Heathrow Airport as Epstein and the Beatles returned to England after the group's highly successful first American tour.

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Terry Doran was the first appointee and worked out of the original Apple Music headquarters, above the Apple Boutique at 94 Baker Street, before the organisation's expansion necessitated a move to larger premises.

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In early 1970, Terry Doran became estate manager at Harrison's new property, Friar Park, in Oxfordshire.

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Terry Doran assisted Harrison in renovating the Victorian-era house and gardens, much of which was dilapidated.

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Terry Doran worked at Harrison's company Oops Publishing until resigning in February 1975.

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Terry Doran later returned to car sales, working at a dealership on London's Park Lane.

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Terry Doran was a friend to each of bandmates and a trusted confidant.

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Terry Doran was initially closest to Lennon and was a regular companion in the latter's drug-taking and exploration of the Swinging London scene.

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Terry Doran was depicted in Hunter Davies' 1968 authorised biography The Beatles as equally adored by Lennon's wife Cynthia and their young son Julian.

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Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Terry Doran joined Beatles aides Mal Evans and Neil Aspinall in contributing percussion to the song "Strawberry Fields Forever".

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Terry Doran supplied Lennon with the verb that had eluded him in the line "Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall", from "A Day in the Life".

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Terry Doran is often cited as the "man from the motor trade" mentioned in another Sgt.

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When Derek Taylor, the Beatles' former press officer, returned from California shortly before the album's release, he and his wife Joan were surprised to be met at the airport by Lennon, Harrison and Terry Doran all transformed in their hippie clothes and preaching an ethos of universal love.

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Terry Doran began working for Harrison and Boyd at their house in Surrey.

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Terry Doran's affability endeared him to artists outside the Beatles' circle.

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Terry Doran was represented in a Krishna-inspired painting that Tom Wilkes designed as an insert poster for All Things Must Pass, although the poster was ultimately not used.

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Boyd said that Terry Doran was a welcome ally as Harrison insisted on letting families from the Hare Krishna movement live on the estate.

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Terry Doran felt isolated when Harrison consulted only Doran about plans for the grounds, and similarly that he shared his apprehension about embarking on a solo career with Doran and former Apple assistant Chris O'Dell, but not her.

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Terry Doran took the photos of Harrison used in the artwork of his 1974 album Dark Horse.

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Terry Doran suffered from poor health and was afflicted with Parkinson's disease.

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Terry Doran spent his final years living in a nursing home in north London.

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Terry Doran was a major part of my life at Friar Park and he was very close to George.

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