77 Facts About Tolkien family


Tolkien family is an English family of German descent whose best-known member is JR R Tolkien, Oxford academic and author of the fantasy books The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion.

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JR R Tolkien suggested the name was derived from the German adjective tollkuhn, meaning foolhardy.

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Tolkien family originated in the East Prussian town Kreuzburg near Konigsberg, where the Tolkien name is attested since the 16th century.

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The verified paternal line of JR R Tolkien starts with Michel Tolkien, born around 1620 in Kreuzburg.

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Michel's son Christianus Tolkien family was a wealthy miller in Kreuzburg.

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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien family CBE was an English philologist, writer and professor at the University of Oxford.

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Much of Tolkien family's published fiction is a connected body of tales, fictional histories, invented languages, and literary essays about an imagined world called Arda, and Middle-earth in particular, loosely identified as an "alternative" remote past of our own world.

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Tolkien family applied the word legendarium to the totality of these writings.

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Tolkien family was the eldest child of John Benjamin Tolkien and Mary Jane Stow, who had married on 16 February 1856 in All Saints Parish Church, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

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Tolkien family's father had been a piano teacher and tuner, as well as a music seller, but he had gone bankrupt in 1877, when he was described as "John Benjamin Tolkien, of High-street, Birmingham, in the county of Warwick, Pianoforte and Music Seller".

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Mabel Tolkien family felt the English climate would be better for the boys' health and returned to England with them in 1895.

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Tolkien family is buried in President Brand Cemetery, on the corner of Church and Rhodes Avenues, Bloemfontein.

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The Suffield Tolkien family had a business in a building called Lamb House since 1812.

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Tolkien family taught him a great deal of botany, and she awakened in her son the enjoyment of the look and feel of plants.

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Tolkien family taught him how to write, and her ornate script influenced her son's handwriting in his later life.

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Mabel Tolkien converted to Catholicism in 1900 despite vehement protests by her Baptist family who then stopped all financial assistance to her.

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Tolkien family died of acute complications of diabetes in 1904, when Tolkien was twelve, at Fern Cottage in Rednal, which they were then renting.

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Tolkien family served as the inspiration for his fictional character Luthien Tinuviel, an Elven princess and the most beautiful of all the Children of Iluvatar.

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Tolkien family once chased Ronald for plucking mushrooms from his farm.

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In 1902, the Tolkien family moved to 26 Oliver Road in Edgbaston, Birmingham and later they both joined St Philip's School in Birmingham.

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In late September 1914, JR R Tolkien stayed with his aunt and brother at the farm for a few days.

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Tolkien family was educated at the Dragon School, Oxford, and The Oratory School in Caversham, Berkshire, where in his final year he decided to become a priest.

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Tolkien family was parish priest at Knutton Roman Catholic Church from 1957 to 1966.

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Tolkien family held the position until 1987 and there oversaw the building of a new school.

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Tolkien family was chairman of governors at Bishop Bright School, chaplain to the North Staffordshire Catholic Teachers Association and area chaplain to the Young Christian Students.

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Tolkien family moved back to Oxford in 1987, settling in Eynsham, where he was the parish priest at St Peter's Catholic Church until his retirement in 1994.

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Father Tolkien family served in parishes in Oxford, Birmingham, and Warwickshire.

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In 1992, they released a book titled The Tolkien Family Album containing photographs and memories of the Tolkien family and giving an account of their father's life to celebrate the centenary birth anniversary of JR R Tolkien.

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Michael Hilary Reuel Tolkien family was a British teacher.

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Tolkien family was JR R Tolkien's second son and was named after JR R Tolkien's brother Hilary.

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In 1941, Michael Hilary Tolkien family served in an anti-aircraft role during the Battle of Britain for which he was awarded the George Medal.

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Tolkien family met a nurse named Joan Audrey Griffith whom he married the same year.

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In 1973, Michael Tolkien published an article about his father in The Sunday Telegraph: "JR R Tolkien – The Wizard Father".

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Tolkien family is best known as his father's literary executor; he is the editor of much of his father's posthumously published work.

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Tolkien family said he did not disapprove of the movies, definitely not "to the point of thinking ill" of those with whom he might disagree.

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Tolkien family last lived in France with his second wife, Baillie Tolkien.

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Tolkien family produced a bust of JR R Tolkien that is displayed in the English Faculty Library at Oxford University.

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Faulconbridge, whom JR R Tolkien knew as a fellow student from King Edward's School, Birmingham.

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Tolkien family received her B A degree from St Anne's College, Oxford, in 1950 and later studied sculpture-making from Oxford Art School.

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Tolkien family was initially known for portrait heads in bronze, some of which she presented in the Royal Academy in 1958.

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Tolkien family made a bust of her father-in-law which the English faculty at Oxford presented to him on his retirement in 1959.

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Tolkien family had it cast in bronze and in 1966 it was placed at the English Faculty Library.

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Tolkien family separated from Christopher in 1964 and divorced from him in 1967.

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Tolkien family was born in Winnipeg to Dr Alan Klass and his wife Helen.

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Tolkien family received her M A from St Hilda's College, Oxford, in 1964.

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Tolkien family's first husband was Brian Knapheis, a Rhodes Scholar from Winnipeg, to whom she was briefly married.

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Priscilla Mary Anne Reuel Tolkien was born on 18 June 1929, died 28 February 2022 and was the fourth and youngest child of JR R Tolkien, his only daughter.

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Tolkien family took an active part in production of The Lord of the Rings by typing out some early chapters for her father at the age of fourteen.

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Tolkien family completed her B A degree in English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford in 1951.

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Tolkien family accompanied her father to a two-week holiday in Italy from late July to mid-August 1955.

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Tolkien family was, until her death, the honorary vice-president of the Tolkien Society.

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Tolkien family wrote an article titled "My Father the Artist" in December 1976 for Amon Hen, the bulletin of the Tolkien Society.

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In 1992, she and John published the book The Tolkien Family Album containing pictures of the Tolkien family to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of their father.

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Tolkien family launched the special Tolkien edition Royal Mail stamps commemorating her father's works in February 2004.

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Michael George Reuel Tolkien family was born on 1943 and is a British poet.

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Michael Tolkien family was educated at The Oratory School in Oxford and then Ampleforth College.

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Tolkien family studied English and Classics at St Andrews University and later a B Phil.

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Tolkien family taught as Head of English at Uppingham School until 1992.

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Michael Tolkien family has two daughters, Catherine, born in 1969 and Ruth, born in 1982.

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Simon Mario Reuel Tolkien family was born on 1959 and is a British barrister and novelist.

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Tolkien family is the only son of Christopher Tolkien and his first wife, Faith Faulconbridge.

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Simon Tolkien family was educated at the Dragon School in Oxford and then Downside School.

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Tolkien family has published several books on vintage clothing and jewellery.

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Tolkien family's second published work, The Inheritance, was published in 2010.

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Simon Tolkien family notably disagreed with the policy of his grandfather's estate in regard to The Lord of the Rings films.

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Royd Allan Reuel Tolkien is a great-grandson of JR R Tolkien.

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Tolkien family was born on 16 July 1969 to Joan Tolkien and Hugh Baker.

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Royd Tolkien family produced a film titled Pimp, wherein he plays himself.

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Tolkien family co-produced a mockumentary video film titled Tontine or possibly Tontine Massacre.

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Tolkien family had a brother, Michael "Mike" Baker, who was born in 1975 and suffered from motor neurone disease.

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Tolkien family appears during a scene in which Beorn and Gandalf are discussing the catacombs where the Nazgul were buried.

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Ruth Mary Reuel Tolkien is a great-granddaughter of JR R Tolkien.

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Ruth Tolkien family is registered blind and is believed to be the only blind fencer competing against sighted opponents in British Fencing events.

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Timothy Tolkien was born on October 1962 and is the great-nephew of JR R Tolkien and the grandson of Hilary Tolkien.

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Tolkien family is a sculptor who has designed several monumental sculptures, including the award-winning Sentinel.

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Tolkien family has a public art and metal sculpture business at Cradley Heath, West Midlands.

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Tolkien family is a bass player and member of the band Klangstorm, founded in 1996.

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