55 Facts About Vice Media


Vice Media Group LLC is an American-Canadian digital media and broadcasting company.

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In 2006, on the advice of creative director Spike Jonze, Vice Media began expanding into digital video, launching new video service VBS.

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Additionally, Vice Media launched Virtue Worldwide, a creative services agency, to expand their capabilities for work around their platforms.

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Vice Media later co-founded Rooster, an advertising agency and became a far-right activist, founding the Proud Boys.

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In 2012, Vice Media continued to expand its coverage focused around news and current events.

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In 2013 Vice Media premiered a new 30-minute news program for HBO titled Vice, executive produced by Bill Maher.

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In 2014, Vice Media launched its news channel, Vice News, which almost immediately gained global attention for its coverage of protests and conflict in Ukraine and Venezuela.

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Vice Media has routinely advocated for their "immersionist" brand of journalism in the pursuit of more authentic and interesting stories.

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On 2 July 2014, Vice Media announced that it would be relocating into a warehouse space in Williamsburg that had been occupied by the independent arts spaces and concert venues 285 Kent, Death by Audio, and Glasslands, among others.

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Vice Media spent US$20 million to renovate the 60,000-square-foot building as part of an eight-year lease, facilitating the establishment of new production facilities with full broadcast capabilities, and received an offer of US$6.

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On 14 March 2017, Vice Media announced an expanded original programming deal with Snap Inc The new deal builds on VICE's previous deal to serve as a 2015 global launch partner on the Snapchat Discover platform.

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Also in March 2017, Vice Media announced a wide range of content deals which would make its programming available in more than 80 territories by the end of 2017.

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Vice Media remarks being oriented to swear more while on camera.

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On 20 August 2018, Vice's Munchies and Fremantle Media signed a deal with Triple Five Group to gain control of the food hall at American Dream Meadowlands.

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In March 2019, it was reported that Vice Media was looking to raise another $200 million in funding.

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On 3 May 2019, Vice Media announced that it raised $250 million in debt from George Soros and other investors.

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In May 2020, Vice media announced they were laying off more than 150 staff due to financial difficulties.

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In June 2020, Vice Media launched an investigation into allegations of subsidiary Refinery29's toxic work environment.

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On 2 October 2020, Vice Media Group appointed Nadja Bellan-White as the global CMO, to be in charge of worldwide branding, communications and promotions.

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In March 2020, Vice Media organised the Azimuth music festival in Saudi Arabia, less than two years after Vice paused all work in Saudi Arabia following the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.

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Vice Media's brand was not used on marketing material, and contractors had to sign to sign non-disclosure agreements regarding Vice Media's involvement.

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Vice Media opened a commercial and creative office in Riyadh in 2022.

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In March 2021, it was claimed that "VICE Media Group is the world's largest independent youth media company", with offices in 35 cities across the world.

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VICE Media operates a range of digital and offline entities, a live music venue and other enterprises.

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Vice Media is a print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics.

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Vice Media News creates content daily, distributing written articles and video on its website and YouTube channel.

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Vice Media on TV is a cable television network operated by Vice Media primarily featuring documentary-style programs targeted toward millennials.

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Since 2007, Vice Media has released documentaries through the Vice Films label.

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Vice Media Films released its first narrative feature, "Fishing Without Nets, " in 2014.

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On 8 December 2014,20th Century Fox and Vice Media announced they would collaborate to finance, produce, distribute, market, and acquire narrative films under the Vice Films brand.

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Documentaries and features from Vice Media Films have been recognized by major US and international film festivals.

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Vice Media Films released 2008's feature length rockumentary "Heavy Metal in Baghdad, " which followed the thrash metal band Acrassicauda in Iraq.

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MTV series The Vice Media Guide to Everything, which premiered in December 2010, was a weekly news magazine featuring short video segments on various global issues, hosted by Shane Smith and roster of correspondents.

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Vice Media has steadily acquired media properties and firms and closed deals in order to expand its global operations.

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On 30 October 2014, Vice Media announced a CDN$100 million joint venture with Rogers Communications that to facilitate the construction of production facilities in Toronto, as well as the introduction of a Vice-branded television network and digital properties in Canada in 2015.

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In November 2014, Vice Media announced that Alyssa Mastromonaco, who formerly worked in the Obama administration, would come on board as the company's chief operating officer in January 2015, and that James Schwab, who had previously advised Vice and DreamWorks on media deals, would be joining as co-president.

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In June 2016, at the Cannes Lions Awards, the company announced its planned expansion into over 50 countries, including partnerships with The Times of India Group and Moby that will see Vice Media enter the India and Middle East markets with digital, mobile, and linear operations.

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In late 2016, Vice Media announced a news and content expansion into the Indonesian market, with the goal of reaching the country's roughly 100 million young adults aged between 18 and 34 years.

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On 1 March 2017 at Mobile World Congress, Vice Media announced new content deals with mobile operators in multiple regions, including an extensive Asia Pacific expansion and renewed partnership with Verizon's Go90 branch.

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On 22 March 2017, Vice Media finalized a deal with French digital media studio Blackpills for the creation of a line-up of original short-form programming, set to premiere on Vice's digital video hub, video.

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Vice Media launched Vice India as well as their agency business, Virtue.

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In November 2017, Vice Media announced the launch of a new Asia Pacific office with a dedicated CEO to oversee programming and business operations in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere in the region.

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In 2004 Vice Media acquired a pub and music venue in Shoreditch, East London named The Old Blue Last, in which a live music program entitled "Live at the Old Blue Last" is filmed.

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In March 2016, Vice Media acquired controlling stake in UK television and film production company Pulse Films, to bolster its original programming efforts.

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Vice Media acquired UK magazine Garage in July 2017 to expand its foothold in the youth market and announced plans to launch a digital channel focused on art, fashion and literature.

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In May 2018 Vice Media announced the acquisition of experiential events company Villain at its NewFronts presentation, but didn't reveal what they paid for it.

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Vice Media maintains the separation between the production of branded and hard news content, while some critics contend that their operation "blurs the line between editorial and sponsorship".

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However, some advertisers have been controversial; Edition Worldwide, a subsidiary of Vice Media UK, was called "highly irresponsible" by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and other anti-smoking groups for their work producing content for tobacco giant Philip Morris International.

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In March 2019, Vice Media accepted £5M from Philip Morris to promote e-cigarettes to young people.

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On 7 August 2015, the roughly 70-person writing staff of Vice Media US voted to unionize, joining the Writers Guild of America, East.

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On 2 May 2017, Vice Media ratified a three-year collective bargaining agreement with 170 employees of the company's Canadian division who had joined the Canadian Media Guild union in 2016.

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In February 2016, staff members at Vice Media UK called for unionization with an officially recognised trade union by the National Union of Journalists.

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That the NUJ and its 30,000 members – including those at Vice Media – are not used to the reality of a digital workforce is laughable and shows it's the company who are out of date with 21st century trade unions.

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NUJ officials and reps at Vice Media will continue with the push for recognition and if the company wants that to be gained through the law forcing their hand rather than through sensible engagement with their staff, so be it.

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In July 2014, Vice Media announced it would be moving its headquarters to a new building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where their New York office had been since 1999.

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