14 Facts About VLSI Technology


VLSI Technology, Inc, was an American company that designed and manufactured custom and semi-custom integrated circuits.

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VLSI Technology was based in Silicon Valley, with headquarters at 1109 McKay Drive in San Jose.

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Subsequently VLSI Technology built its first fab in San Jose; eventually a second fab was built in San Antonio, Texas.

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VLSI Technology had its initial public offering on February 23,1983, in which 4,000,000 shares were sold at $13 a share.

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VLSI Technology was acquired in 1999 by Philips for $21 a share, and survives to this day as part of NXP Semiconductors.

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Thanks to its Caltech and UC Berkeley students, VLSI Technology was an important pioneer in the electronic design automation industry.

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In March 1991, VLSI Technology spun off its IC design tools group into a wholly owned subsidiary, Compass Design Automation.

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Meanwhile, VLSI entered the merchant high speed static RAM market as they needed a product to drive the semiconductor process technology development.

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VLSI Technology eventually ceded the chipset market to Intel because Intel was able to package-sell its processors, chipsets, and even board-level products together.

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VLSI Technology had an early partnership with PMC, a design group that had been nurtured of British Columbia Bell.

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When PMC wanted to divest its semiconductor intellectual property venture, VLSI Technology's bid was beaten by a creative deal by Sierra Semiconductor.

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VLSI Technology maintained operations throughout the USA, and in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

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VLSI Technology was the only manufacturer of chips using ARM cores at that time, as well as the only designer of ASICs using ARM.

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In 1997, VLSI Technology offered the first ARM chipset for Set-top box vendors for the cable and satellite TV industries named VISTA.

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