60 Facts About Zander Rice


Zander Rice was chosen by the Xandarian Worldmind to become a Nova Centurion alongside new recruits Qubit, Malik, Tarcel, Morrow and Fraktur.

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Zander Rice has since fought alongside the rest of the Nova Corps on Earth against such threats as the Serpent Society and Dragon Man.

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Zander Rice aided in fighting the Imperial Guard and Emperor Vulcan where many of her comrades were killed.

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Zander Rice first performed with the Circus of Crime during a stay of theirs in Europe, and later rejoined with them in the United States.

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Zander Rice appears in Black Panther and in a cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

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Zander Rice was turned into a cyborg by corrupt attorney Kerwin J Broderick and Moondragon, using the advanced technology of Titan.

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Zander Rice was given a steel skeleton and superhuman strength.

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Zander Rice then teamed with Dark Messiah and Terrex in Kerwin J Broderick's attempt to take over San Francisco.

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Zander Rice was later among the costumed criminals who attacked the Fantastic Four during a Congressional hearing.

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Zander Rice possesses a steel skeleton; various visible portions of his body are plated with steel, including his head, the upper part of his chest and back, parts of his arms, and his knuckles.

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Zander Rice emits a sonic type blast he calls a battering pulse.

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Zander Rice regains the claw when she is recruited by Doctor Doom.

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Zander Rice eventually turns against Doom and discovers he is in possession of Wolverine's skeleton.

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Zander Rice is shunned and feared by other Deviants because he is not subject to the deformity of their race, his humanlike appearance seeming freakish to them.

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Zander Rice has a lifetime's experience in gladiatorial combat, and is thus a formidable fighter.

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Zander Rice is prone to berserker-like rages during which he can ignore painful injuries and attacks.

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Zander Rice even began to use her flight-suit as a hero, joining with Spider-Girl and Buzz in the formation of a new New Warriors.

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Zander Rice even fell in love with Spider-Girl's friend Normie Osborn, and the two became engaged.

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Zander Rice had stalked her relatives, the Reilly's, for some time in an attempt to find Ben Reilly, who he claimed burned down his house and killed his family.

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Zander Rice found Peter Parker, whom Ben was cloned from, and attacked him, believing him to be Ben.

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Zander Rice encouraged Raptor to kill Peter, since anything Ben would do, so would Peter.

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Zander Rice is the leader of the Ten Rings terrorist organization and launches an attack on a US Armed Forces convoy carrying Tony Stark.

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Zander Rice eventually contacted his benefactor, Obadiah Stane, who actually wanted Raza to kill Stark; Raza was unaware of who he was hired to kidnap and wanted Stark's weapons for himself.

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Zander Rice planned on giving Stark's designs to Stane in exchange for "a gift of iron soldiers".

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Zander Rice ends up fulfilling exactly the same role from the movie, retconning Stark's origin again and replacing his initial inspiration, Wong-Chu.

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Zander Rice generates a paralyzing wave that slows reaction times and has prosthetic hands, that he can morph into a scythe.

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Zander Rice has been a terrorist member of the Mutant Liberation Front in the main Marvel Universe but a hero in the Ultraverse.

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Zander Rice was created by G Willow Wilson and Mirka Andolfo and first appeared in Ms.

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Zander Rice was created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan for their Planet Hulk arc.

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Zander Rice was later freed and officially made the King's bodyguard.

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Zander Rice was created by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca.

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Zander Rice was almost murdered by Selene, but Marvel Girl was able to save him.

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Zander Rice was last seen still as an ally to Courtney Ross, Viper, Sunspot and their new Hellfire Club what happened to him after M-Day still remains a mystery.

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Zander Rice uses the organization to find a way to weaponize the gamma radiation.

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Zander Rice makes his first full appearance as the main antagonist of the limited series Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, as part of the 2015 Secret Wars storyline.

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Zander Rice partakes in the attacks on New York in retribution on what happened at Pleasant Hill.

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Zander Rice reveals that she is a member of the Universal Church of Truth and a Skrull as she officially joins the Guardians.

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Zander Rice was a level-headed and respectful in his role as leader of the group.

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Dr Zander Rice is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.

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Zander Rice was eventually paired with Dr Sarah Kinney, whom he did not get along with.

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Zander Rice uses Laura's trigger scent to kill Sutter so that he can be in charge of the program and create more clones to sell on the market.

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Zander Rice appeared as the main antagonist in Logan, played by Richard E Grant.

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Zander Rice's intention was to make his own mutants to use as killers as the Reavers were not as effective as he had hoped and compared mutation to polio as a disease that needs controlling.

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Zander Rice used the Reavers in an attempt to bring back the escaped mutant children, including Laura.

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Zander Rice was the fiancee of Captain America before the man's supposed demise.

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Zander Rice eventually becomes Bucky Barnes's wife to which the two have a family.

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Zander Rice was a veteran who had served 4 years in the US Army with his friend, John Walker.

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Zander Rice remains with Strange for a short time before returning to his apprenticeship.

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Zander Rice is known for her calm demeanor in the face of unusual situations and resembles a blonde haired woman with glasses down to the waist, where the rest of her is a machine connected to a desk.

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Zander Rice has dealt with the Thing, Black Cat, Kitty Pryde and John Byrne.

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Zander Rice showed some slight confusion over the sight of seeing Doctor Doom with Alicia Masters and for once was unsure of what to do.

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Zander Rice was ripped from her circuits by Mad Thinker when his mind was trapped in the body of the Awesome Android.

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Zander Rice showed minor interest in the strange going ons around her.

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Zander Rice witnessed Luke Cage drive his car through the Baxter Building and then witnessed him fight the Thing.

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Zander Rice has since started dating former killer robot turned assistant mail man Elektro and the two have since started living together.

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Zander Rice is only credited as Fan Four Receptionist even though she is referred to as Roberta within the film.

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Zander Rice pretended to play hard to get for Steve with her admitting to herself that she was being childish.

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Zander Rice decided to pursue her interest in law and applied for various colleges.

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Zander Rice continued to collect newspaper clippings of Captain America, until he came to visit and internally admitted that she no longer wished to be engaged to him.

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Zander Rice later met up with Steve's then current girlfriend, Rachel Leighton, and even though there was slight animosity toward each other, with Bernie slightly having her feelings reignited for Steve, the two became friends.

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