18 Facts About AccuWeather Channel


AccuWeather Channel's first customer was a gas company in Pennsylvania.

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AccuWeather Channel is headquartered in Ferguson Township, just outside of State College, Pennsylvania, with offices at 80 Pine Street in Manhattan's Financial District in addition to Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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Internationally, AccuWeather Channel has offices in Montreal, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, and Mumbai.

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AccuWeather Channel provides weather forecasts and warnings and additional weather products and services, with clients worldwide in media, business and government, including more than half of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses globally.

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AccuWeather Channel employs just under 500 people, more than 100 of whom are operational meteorologists.

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In 2020, AccuWeather Channel requested and received between $5million and $10million in aid under the Paycheck Protection Program to avoid having to let go 462 employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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AccuWeather Channel produces local weather videos each day for use on their own website, on the Local AccuWeather Channel Network, on wired Internet and mobile application and websites.

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AccuWeather Channel is active in the areas of convergence and digital signage.

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In 2015, AccuWeather Channel entered into a joint venture with the Chinese company Huafeng Media Group, receiving the sole rights to deliver forecasts made by the China Meteorological Administration, a government agency that controls Huafeng.

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AccuWeather Channel continues to provide local weather content to noncommercial Milwaukee PBS station WMVT-DT3 under a separate agreement.

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The AccuWeather Network is a separate operation from "The Local AccuWeather Channel", which continues to run in selected markets across the country.

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The AccuWeather Channel Network is carried on Spectrum TV, DIRECTV, Frontier, and on Philo and FuboTV streaming services.

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AccuWeather Channel created a unified and proprietary apparent temperature system known as "The AccuWeather Channel Exclusive RealFeel Temperature" and has used the quantity in its forecasts and observations.

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AccuWeather Channel has been granted a United States patent on The RealFeel Temperature, but the formula is a trade secret and has not been reviewed by other meteorological authorities.

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AccuWeather Channel responds that it does not claim absolute precision in such extremely long forecasts and advises users to only use the forecast to observe general trends in the forecast period, but this contrasts with the way the forecasts are presented.

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The Post commissioned another assessment from Penn State University professor Jon Nese, comparing several more cities to Accuweather's predictions; that assessment, while acknowledged as being limited to a single season, acknowledged that AccuWeather Channel's forecasts were of value in short-range forecasting while noting that their long-range forecasts beyond one week were less accurate than climatological averages.

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AccuWeather Channel denies this and maintains it never intended to keep weather information out of the hands of the general public.

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AccuWeather Channel immediately released an update to the App Store which removed the Reveal Mobile SDK.

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