53 Facts About Alan Scott


Alan Scott is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, and the first character to bear the name Green Lantern.

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Alan Scott was created after Nodell became inspired by the characters from Greek, Norse, and Middle Eastern myths and tales, including Aladdin from One Thousand and One Nights, and sought to create a popular entertainment character who fought evil with the aid of a magic ring that grants him a variety of supernatural powers.

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Later, DC revisited Alan Scott, establishing that Alan and Hal were Green Lanterns on two different parallel worlds, with Alan residing on Earth-Two and Hal on Earth-One.

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Later stories set on Earth-Two depicted Alan Scott becoming the father to the superheroes Obsidian and Jade, each with powers somewhat like his own.

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In 2011, DC's New 52 introduced a new Multiverse, depicting a young Earth-2 version of Alan Scott who was an out gay man.

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The "original" version of Alan Scott is brought back into the mainstream continuity following the 2016 DC Rebirth initiative, and in 2020, comes out to his children as gay, retroactively establishing this incarnation of Alan Scott as the first gay superhero.

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Nodell chose the name "Alan Scott" by flipping through New York telephone books until he got two names he liked.

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Alan Scott's villains tended to be ordinary humans, but he did have a few paranormal ones, such as the immortal Vandal Savage and the zombie Solomon Grundy.

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In 1941, Alan Scott was paired with a sidekick named Doiby Dickles, a rotund Brooklyn taxi driver, who would appear on a regular basis until 1949.

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Alan Scott remained out of publication for 12 years, and even after his revival he never got another solo series.

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Alan Scott's powers were similar to Alan's but he was otherwise completely unrelated—Alan Scott never existed as far as the new stories were concerned.

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For most of the 1960s and 1970s, Alan Scott made guest appearances in books belonging to Silver Age characters, visiting their universe through magical or technological means.

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Alan Scott was a regular character in JSA and Justice Society of America.

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In 2011, DC Comics again rebooted their fictional properties, and their new version of Alan Scott exists on Earth-2, where Hal Jordan and his Green Lantern Corps do not exist.

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The new Alan Scott is no longer a grizzled veteran of World War II, but a fresh young superhero.

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Alan Scott adopts a colorful costume of red, purple, brown, yellow, and green.

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Alan Scott becomes a crimefighter in his first adventure, defeating the crooks who caused the accident.

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Alan Scott discovers his powers' weakness to wood when he is bludgeoned with a club.

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Alan Scott is a founding member of the Justice Society of America, and is its second chairman.

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Alan Scott uses his ring to fly, walk through solid objects by "moving through the fourth dimension", paralyze or blind people temporarily, hypnotize them, create rays of energy, melt metal as with a blowtorch, and cause dangerous objects to glow, among other things.

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The events of that incident led Alan Scott, who had failed to save the victim from whom the energy was stolen, to take a leave of absence from the JSA, explaining why the character vanished from the roster for a time.

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Alan Scott was a member of the Justice Society of America in 1951 when the team was investigated by the "Joint Congressional Un-American Activities Committee, " a fictional organization based on the real-life House Un-American Activities Committee.

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Alan Scott's body burned in the atmosphere, becoming the green metallic meteorite that ultimately became Alan Scott's lantern.

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Alan Scott follows Guy Gardner and a small group of heroes to investigate a mysterious distress from Oa, only to be defeated by Hal Jordan, who now calls himself Parallax, having been driven mad after the destruction of his home, Coast City.

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Alan Scott enters the demonic realm, with help from entities such as the Phantom Stranger and Zatanna, and, with Kyle Rayner's aid, manages to win Molly's soul back, reuniting Molly's essence with her soulless being.

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Alan Scott has since been physically altered again so that he more closely resembles his true chronological age.

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Alan Scott continues to fight crime in his original costumed identity, rebuilding a ring and serving as an elder statesman to the Justice Society of America and to the superhero community in general.

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Alan Scott is increasingly physically weakened due to Parallax's failed attempts to control him as it did with Jordan, Stewart, Gardner, and Kilowog, so it decides to kill him instead.

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In Week 5, Alan Scott goes to the wife and daughter of Animal Man to tell them that Animal Man is missing in space.

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Alan Scott soon finds himself in a moral conflict with Black Queen Sasha Bordeaux over the violent nature of Checkmate, particularly after Bordeaux and her team slaughter dozens of Kobra operatives during a raid on a facility.

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Alan Scott's body possessed, Alan flies off with his JSA teammates in hot pursuit, eventually led the team to Germany.

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Starman is sent into space to search for Alan Scott, and finds that Alan Scott has constructed a massive fortress on the surface of the moon.

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Mister Miracle arrives and informs the team that Alan Scott has most likely installed Fourth World defenses in his base and offers to use his knowledge of such technology to guide them through the fortress.

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Doctor Mid-Nite discovers that the injuries Alan Scott sustained have rendered him paralyzed, and that any attempt to heal himself could break his constant concentration, which could result in the Starheart regaining control of his body.

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The JSA tells Alan Scott that unleashing the Starheart is the only way to destroy D'arken.

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On July 16 of 1940, Alan Scott was riding on a train over a collapsing bridge, but he survived by grabbing onto the lantern.

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Alan Scott continues his life, eventually "sitting at a round table wearing a mask" and later testifying before the House Un-American Activities Committee but refusing to implicate anyone in his employ.

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On July 16 of 1940 again, Doctor Manhattan moves the lantern six inches out of Alan Scott's reach so that Scott dies in the train accident and leaves no family behind, as the green lantern is passed through different locations thereafter.

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When Wonder Woman, Wally West, and Swamp Thing enter, Alan Scott unleashes a Cerberus construct on them as he asks for the password.

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Alan Scott is invited to join the Totality, a team of superheroes and villains dedicated to protecting Earth from any threats in the new multiverse, returning to the moniker of Sentinel.

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Alan Scott wields a magical ring that can produce a variety of effects.

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Alan Scott rarely used it as an actual weapon and preferred to fight with his fists like any other pulp-adventure hero would do.

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At the start of many stories, Alan Scott charged his ring by touching it to a green lantern, which would give him 24 hours of power .

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Alan Scott's constructs were now wreathed in green flame, highlighting their magical nature.

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Alan Scott physically merged with his lantern, meaning he no longer needed to recharge as Hal needed to.

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Alan Scott was reintroduced in issue 1 of Earth 2 as the young dynamic head of GBC productions on Earth 2 .

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In issue 3, Alan Scott is revealed to have a boyfriend named Sam Zhao, to whom he intends to propose while on vacation in China.

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The grief-stricken Alan Scott is then told that he will be given the power to avenge his love and protect the world.

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Alan Scott was later reunited with Sam who has become an avatar for the White.

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Alan Scott didn't know it yet, but Sam's spirit was still with him.

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Alan Scott makes a cameo appearance in the opening credits of Justice League: The New Frontier, wherein he is forced out of heroics by the government.

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Alan Scott appears in DC Universe Online, voiced by Jason Phelps.

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In 2010, Alan Scott was released in Wave 14 of Mattel's DC Universe Classics toyline.

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